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Best Food Processors 2020: Questions & Answers

What sort of controls should I look for in a food processor?

Most food processors offer a limited number of controls. There is generally a low and a high speed setting, as well as settings for grating and chopping. Some very basic food processors will only have an on/off setting and an optional “pulse” setting. Generally, these are all the control you’ll need in a food processor.

Are straight or sloping sides better for a food processor?

Whether the food processor has straight sides or sloping sides on the bowl will affect the quality of the food processor’s performance. Look for models with sloping sides, which will chop food more evenly and reduce the chance of food getting stuck to the sides of the bowl during processing.

How big of a food processor do I need?

Food processors can generally hold between 7 to 14 cups of dry ingredients; how big of a food processor you need will depend on how many people you plan to be feeding with it. If you plan on hosting large parties and like to cook big meals, get one of the larger models with between 11 and 14 cups; for a typical family or small household, 7 cups should be fine. Some Breville models offer both large and small processing areas so you can use as much or as little space as you need. If you want to use your food processor mainly for small tasks like chopping onions, consider getting a small chopper which generally hold between 3 to 5 cups of dry ingredients.

What are some good features to look for in a food processor?

Some good features to look for in a food processor include a wide feeding tube, interchangeable blades, touchpad controls, a cream attachment, automatic scrapers, and a clearly marked fill line.

What are the benefits of a wide feeding tube?

Having a wide feeding tube can save you a lot of prep time; you won’t need to cut up larger, bulkier foods like potatoes, tomatoes, and onions before chopping them.

What are the benefits of having interchangeable blades?

The more interchangeable blades your food processor comes with, the more you can tailor the experience to your needs. Usually, food processors come standard with a slicing blade and a chopping blade. However, high-end models will offer many different blade types such as a French Fry cutting blade, a julienne blade, a shredding blade, and a whipping blade. Because different types of food require different types of blades, having a large variety of options makes it easy to chop, puree, and blend food like nuts, meat, garlic, herbs, cheese and other food items.

Do I need touchpad controls?

While touchpad controls aren’t a necessity, they do increase how user-friendly a food processor is and make clean-up easy because you can just wipe a wet towel or rag over the front to clear any debris or grease, instead of having to worry about getting into nooks and crannies.

What does a cream attachment do?

A cream attachment, available on many Braun models, makes it easy to whip your favorite foods so you can make whipped cream, whipped butter, mousse, whipped yogurt, and other light, airy foods.

What is an automatic scraper, and why is it beneficial?

Because a food processor works using high-powered circular motions, a lot of food can get flung to the sides of the bowl and won’t be blended or chopped as well as the food that remains in the center. If you have an automatic scraper, it will clear the sides of the bowl, forcing the food back to the center; otherwise, you’ll have to stop periodically and use a spatula to clear the sides. Automatic scrapers are available on some Hamilton Beach models, among others.

What is a fill line, and why is it beneficial?

A fill line gives you an exact measurement of how much food you can put in your food processor without overfilling it or creating spillage; it’s especially helpful when it comes to liquids, which can be hard to estimate how much a processor will be able to mix or whip without spilling.

Can I use my food processor as a juicer?

Depends. Some models come with a juicer attachment that turns your food processor into a multi-function appliance capable of juicing fruits and vegetables.

Can a food processor knead dough?

Certain high-end food processors are capable of kneading dough and will even have special blades and attachments specifically for dough, include duller blades and dough hooks. Breville and Cuisinart both make food processors that can knead dough.

How much space does a food processor take up?

How much space your food processor will occupy in your kitchen will depend on the model you buy; if you don’t have much space, opt for a smaller 7-cup model rather than the larger, bulkier 14-cup models. If you live in an apartment or have an extremely small kitchen, consider getting a small, portable chopper.

Is a food processor loud?

A food processor can be very loud depending on the model; some are loud enough to disturb conversation in the next room. However, you generally only need a few seconds for most tasks like chopping and slicing so it won’t be a prolonged disturbance. Also, some higher-end, more expensive models offer quieter operation that will reduce the noise level significantly. The noise level is also dependent on the speed and blade you are using; chopping garlic will be louder than kneading dough, for example.

How is clean-up?

Clean-up on most modern juicers is very easy. Look for models made of stainless steel for easy cleaning, and look for dishwasher safe bowls, blades, and attachments.

Does wattage matter?

The higher wattage a food processor has, the more heavy-duty operations it can sustain and the faster it will work. Food processors generally range in wattage from around 400 watts to over 1,000 watts for very high-powered models. Low-powered models will not be suitable for jobs like kneading dough and chopping certain nuts or meats.

How much do food processors cost?

A food processor can cost as little as $30 or as much as $400. The more basic your needs, the less you can afford to spend; a basic $30 model won’t stand up to tough jobs and will probably have a shorter lifespan, but it will be fine for the occasional user who wants to chop vegetables quickly. More expensive models will offer a greater range of custom options and more power, as well as longer lifespans even with regular use.

What can I make with my food processor?

You can make guacamole, salsa, hummus, mayonnaise, or pie dough or filling. You can also chop or dice just about any sort of fruit, vegetable, or herb, and you can grate cheese. Soups, stews, dips, or just about any sort of recipe that requires blending or mixing can be done in a food processor. Look for food processors that come with recipe books, or look up recipes online to make the most of your food processor. Anyone on a raw diet will find that a food processor soon becomes their most important kitchen appliance, and anyone with arthritis will appreciate not having to chop vegetables. A food processor has so many uses that it’s a welcome addition in any kitchen.

Review: Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor
This Breville food processor comes in three colors ensuring that whatever the user chooses, this appliance will look good in any kitchen, regardless of its style. The versatile Sous Chef processor comes with five multi-functional discs and three blades, ensuring an efficient preparing process. With this appliance, precutting vegetables or fruits is not need anymore. It comes with a highly convenient 5.5 inches wide super-wide feeding chute which enables the use of uncut products such as whole apples. The spacious work bowl has a capacity of 16 cups, enabling the user to continuously process food without having to empty it mid-processing. For even more control over the food preparation process, this Breville processor is also equipped with a LCD display that provides information about the auto-timer.
Cuisinart DFP-14BCN 14-Cup Food Processor
This powerful 720 watts, large-capacity food processor features user-friendly intuitive buttons for on and off/pulse functions. The extra-large feed chute makes most of the precutting preparation routine of the products pretty much useless. The processor features three interchangeable blades for slicing, shredding and chopping. The blades are made out of high quality stainless steel which makes then extremely durable and easy to clean after every use. For even more cleaning convenience, the removable parts can be easily cleaned under running water as well as with the help of a dishwasher. The large 14-cup work bowl, made out of Lexan, allows the user to efficiently process large quantities of food in a short time. The processer is designed in accordance with the North American electric standards so it is only compatible with the 110v power source.
The Braun K650 Multiquick 600-watt Food Processor Reviewed
A wide range of accessories enable this Braun food processor to efficiently tackle kitchen-related challenges. The processor is equipped with a powerful 600 watt motor that can be easily controlled with the help of simplistic turn-knob control panel. Food can be processed at 14 different speeds to ensure optimal preparation according to the type of the ingredients that are being used. For an ensured safety use, the processor features a uniquely designed dual safety lock that does not allow the bowls to be opened while the unit is on. The high 9-cup capacity bowl, combined with the wide feed tube, allows for continuous food processing while at the same time eliminating the task of precutting the fruits or the vegetables to the proper sizes.
Review of the Cuisinart DLC-2007N Prep Food Processor
Due to its spacious 7-cup shatterproof Lexan work bowl, this Cuisinart food processor can take on even the harshest challenges in the kitchen. The incorporated stainless steel discs can accomplish different tasks in a highly effective way. The processor can be used for slicing, shredding, mixing or chopping as well as for kneading dough. For even more efficiency, this appliance automatically adjusts the processing speed to ensure an optimal kneading and dough consistency. For casual and professional cooks alike, the Cuisinart 2007N comes with a how-to DVD showing the basic operating techniques as well as various tips. There is no need for the painstaking process of precutting the fruits and vegetables since the processer features a wide feeding tube that can even accommodate whole products.
Cuisinart DFP-3 Handy Prep 3-Cup Food Processor
This Cuisinart electric food processor provides a lot of conveniently designed features. For instance, the patented ejector disc does a great job at efficiently directing ingredients through the feeding tube allowing for a continuous shredding or slicing experience. The gadget also comes with a 2-mm slicing disc, a stainless steel blade designed for chopping and mixing as well as a medium sized disc for shredding. For the enthusiastic users, this processor comes with a book filled with healthy, easily prepared recipes. The DFP3 is a great tool for processing a wide range of different foods for grownups as well as for babies. It can also be efficiently used for kneading dough and for preparing various kinds of butters and purees.
The Cuisinart DLC-10S Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor Reviewed
This model is equipped with highly efficient stainless steel chopping and mixing blades as well as a shredding disc and a medium slicing 4mm disc. The processor can also be used for processing dough with ease, making this kitchen appliance even more convenient. The extra-large tube allows the user to insert uncut fruits and vegetables thus eliminating the often frustrating precutting routine. The working parts are easily detachable and they can be thoroughly cleaned under running water as well as in dishwashing machine. For those that love trying out new recipes, the processor comes with a how-to DVD and a book that contains lots of healthy easy-to-prepare recipes. Cuisinart’s DLC-10S is perfect for preparing stir-fries, salads, peanut butter and even bread.
The Hamilton Beach 10-Cup 500-Watt Food Processor Reviewed
This easy to store electric food processor presents itself as an very handy appliance since it has a compact design that is making it easily storable while at the same time being equipped with a powerful 500 watt motor. It can be efficiently used for chopping onions, mixing sauces, grating cheese or slicing salads in just seconds. A large feed tube adds even more convenience to this appliance, allowing the user to insert whole medium-sized products into the unit for faster and continuous processing. The processor comes with reversible discs to be used for slicing and shredding as well as a chopping blade. The parts, with the exception of the motor unit, are removable and can be effortlessly cleaned under running water or in the dishwasher.
Hamilton Beach 70670 525-Watt Food Processor
This full-sized 10-cup food processor is equipped with a powerful 525 watt motor for a highly convenient food processing experience. The Chef Prep comes with two versatile reversible discs for slicing and shredding and an efficient chopping blade made out of stainless steel. The processor can cut products at two different speeds for even more control over the process, while the built-in pulse button allows for more precision. Unlike other similar processors, this one features an oversized feeding chute that is perfect for those who do not fancy cutting fruits or vegetables into small pieces. The work bowl, the lid, as well as the blades and the discs can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher adding even more convenience to this already handy appliance.
The Black & Decker FP1600B 8-Cup Food Processor Reviewed
This sleek looking 450-watt food processor can slice, dice, chip, grate and much more. Its work bowl has a convenient capacity of 8-cup, allowing for larger quantities of food to be processed with a single use. For added efficiency, the processor comes with a wide feeding chute that is specially designed to allow the users to insert fruits and vegetables that are not previously cut to pieces. The built-in safety interlock system does not allow the working bowl to accidentally get opened while the motor unit is working. The stainless steel chipping blade and the reversible disc used for slicing or shredding, ensure a thorough cutting process of the products. Built-in suction-cups ensure a firm grip on the counter. For even more convenience, all the parts are dishwasher-friendly.
Review: Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor
This powerful 250-watt food processor comes in a wide range of differently colored designs, allowing the user to choose the model that best fits in the kitchen. Since it has a simplistic yet sleek-looking design and it can be easily operated with the help of the push-button control panel, this electric food processor presents itself as an extremely handy appliance to have at home. This neat gadget can take on various kitchen-related challenges such as grinding, pureeing, copping, emulsifying and even blending, making it extremely versatile. The processor also features a Pulse button-activated feature that gives even more control when preparing the desired meals. The work bowl, the cover and the blade can be easily cleaned under running water or on the first rack of the dishwasher.
Review of the Hamilton Beach 70730 Bowl Scraper Food Processor
Unlike most similar products, this simplistic sleek looking food processor has an integrated bowl scraper that eliminates the need of the traditional spatulas. The 450 watt motor can be set to work at two different speeds, depending on the type of food that is being prepared. The unit also features a pulse button for even more control over the slicing or chopping process. Even though it is not situated in the center of the cover, the feeding chute is still highly convenient since it is extremely wide thus eliminating the need of precutting the fruits of vegetables. For added convenience, the shredding/slicing disc and the mixing/chopping blade can be safely washed under running water as well as in the dishwasher.
The Hamilton Beach 70740 8-Cup Food Processor Reviewed
This sleek looking compact food processor is perfect for those that need to process onions, salads, cabbages, sauces and even cheese in a quick and effective manner. Even though it is smaller than other similar products on the market, this Hamilton Beach appliance is equipped with a powerful 450 watt motor. It comes with a stainless steel disc for shredding and slicing and a blade that is perfect for chopping. All the parts except from the motor unit are dishwasher-friendly making this processor extremely easy to clean and store. Since it has a small footprint and weighting just 5 pounds this food processor is perfect for any kind of kitchen, especially for those in which the counter space is a valuable resource.

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