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Best Garbage Disposals 2020: Questions & Answers

What are the benefits of buying a garbage disposal for my kitchen?

A garbage disposal can reduce the presence of bugs and flies in your kitchen which can be attracted to food scraps and other garbage. A garbage disposal also saves your waste food from ending up in a landfill; instead your food will go to wastewater treatment plants where it can be better recycled into the environment. It also reduces odor and garbage build-up in your home.

How does a garbage disposal work?

Garbage disposals grind food up into miniscule particles so they can be easily washed down the drain. Garbage disposals do not use blades; instead, they grate food like a high-powered, spinning cheese grater but rotating food waste at a high speed around a shredder.

What types of garbage disposals are there?

There are two main types of garbage disposals: continuous-feed models and batch-feed models. Continuous-feed models are very simple to use; all you need to do is add new food as the old food is processed and washed away. However, they are more dangerous, especially in homes with children, because they have exposed filler necks, and food can be flung out of the disposal during use. You’ll also probably need to have it professional installed. Batch-feed models are safer because they only run when you flick the switch, so you can dump all the food in at once and remove your hands before turning it on. They also tend not to require professional installation. However, they are more expensive and aren’t as quick to use.

What types of food can I put in my garbage disposal?

Depending on the horse power and model, you can grind and flush away anything from soft scraps like bread and peas to harder scraps like chicken or fish bones and celery or stems.

What horse power should I look for in a garbage disposal?

Garbage disposals generally come in four horse power options: 1/3 horsepower, ½ horse power, ¾ horse power, and 1 horse power. 1/3 horse power models are the lowest powered and most budget-friendly, and are only suitable for small amounts of soft foods. They jam easily, so do not overstuff them. ½ horse power models are suitable for minimal home use, providing more power and less chance of being jammed than 1/3 horse power models and still being affordable; they are also best suited for soft foods. ¾ horse power models can stand up to harder foods like celery and potato peels and do not jam easily, but are larger and may not fit all kitchen sinks. 1 horse power models pack the most punch and can grind chicken bones and other tough, hard foods. They are the most expensive and largest models, but are good for heavy home or professional use.

What features should I look for in a garbage disposal?

Some good features to look for in a garbage disposal include auto-reverse or blade-oscillating features, a safety cover, stainless-steel grinders, anti-bacterial features, and a removable splash guard.

What are auto-reverse or blade-oscillating features?

When food gets jammed in a garbage disposal, it is unpleasant and dangerous to try and manually remove it. Auto-reverse or blade-oscillating features will automatically reverse the motion to unstick any jammed food during use, so you can keep your hands out of the disposal and out of harm’s way.

What is a safety cover, and why is it beneficial?

A safety cover is a great feature, especially if you have children in the home. It will stop anyone from turning the garbage disposal on until the cover is on so there’s no risk of stray hands or figures getting trapped. It’s available on many InSinkErator models.

Why are stainless-steel grinders beneficial?

Stainless-steel grinders and grinder chambers offer faster, finer grinding and have less chance of food sticking to the chamber and rotting within the garbage disposal. They are also more durable than models made with lower-quality materials because they will not rust or corrode.

What are anti-bacterial features, and why are they beneficial?

Anti-bacterial or anti-microbial features, available on Commodore models, include antiseptic coatings and treatments that make your garbage disposal resistant to odor-causing bacteria and microbes that can grow on small food particles that may get stuck in your garbage disposal.

Why is a removable splash guard beneficial?

A removable splash guard can help make cleaning out your garbage disposal easy. A splash guard is designed to keep food from flying out of the disposal, but food can get stuck to it – removable splash guards make it easy to rinse away food particles in your sink.

How loud is a garbage disposal?

A garbage disposal can be quite loud depending on the horsepower and model. Suprisingly, unlike most devices, more horsepower does not necessarily mean that the disposal will be louder. ½ horse power models tend to be the loudest; ¾ and 1 horse power models tend to have built-in noise protection that make them quieter to use. Many models, including many Commodore models, offer superior noise protection to make them very quiet when in use.

Is there anything I should know before buying a garbage disposal?

You should call the sewer system authorities in your town or municipality if you are tapped into the municipal sewer system to make sure that garbage disposals are allowed in your area; some regions do not allow them due to worries about overtaxing the sewer system as well as the increased water usage that garbage disposals require, while other may require you to get a permit. You may also need to upgrade your septic tank if you choose to get a garbage disposal unit and your septic tank is too small to accommodate the extra waste. If you have a history of plumbing issues on your home, have a plumber take care of them before using a garbage disposal.

How much water does a garbage disposal use?

When used, garbage disposals use about 2.5 gallons of extra water per minute to run properly. This is why some drought-prone areas do not allow garbage disposals; it may also increase your water bill, so take that into consideration before installing a garbage disposal.

Is there anything I shouldn’t put down a garbage disposal?

Never put any sort of fat, greasy drippings, or oil of any sort down your garbage disposal. Also, do not put inorganic materials like metal or plastic down your garbage disposal. Even items like paper and cigarette butts, though they are organic, should not be put in your garbage disposal because they can cause clogs and reduce the lifespan of the unit. Do not use hot water when using your garbage disposal, as this can aggravate grease buildup. Also, do not put too many potato peels into the garbage disposal as the starches can damage the unit.

What safety precautions should I take when using a garbage disposal?

Never put your hand or fingers in, on, or near the disposal while it is in use. Keep small children away from the garbage disposal at all times. Wear safety gloves and unplug the unit if you need to retrieve lost items. When possible, use tongs or other clamping devices to retrieve lost items instead of your hand.

Can I install a garbage disposal myself?

This depends on your level of comfort as well as the model, here is a good tutorial on the installing process. If you’re not comfortable trying to install a garbage disposal yourself, you should not do it. However, some are fairly easy to install, especially certain Waste King and InkSinkErator models.

The Waste King A1SPC Knight 1-HP Garbage Disposal Reviewed
What makes this disposer different from other similar products is the fact that it is extremely quite since it is insulated with sound-proof material, the same material used in music studios. This Waste King disposer is equipped with a magnetic motor that enables the unit to grind through tough waste at speeds of up to 2.7000 rotations per minute. All the components, including the grinding chamber, are made out of corrosive-proof materials thus ensuring high efficiency even on the long run. The disposer is designed for a continuous grinding process, meaning that, unlike other disposers, it does not need to be turned on and off between every time the user feeds in the waste. The One-Pass technology eliminates the need for multi-stage grinding chambers.
The InSinkErator Badger 5 Food Waste Disposer Reviewed
This garbage disposer features a convenient 26 oz. grinding chamber, providing the user with the possibility to effectively dispose of large amounts of waste in a clean and timely manner. The 0.5 horsepower induction motor ensures a thorough grinding process regardless of how tough the food waste is. The working parts are made out of heavy duty galvanized steel, ensuring a prolonged lifetime and constant efficiency for the disposer but unfortunately the housing is made out of plastic that eventually develops cracks. Unlike other similar products, the Badger 5 is situated in a convenient pricing range and since it can effectively tackle various challenges just like any other higher priced units, it is a functional and cost-efficient choice.
Review: Commodore CD-5100 1/2 HP Economy Garbage Disposer
This ½ horsepower disposer features a ergonomic design, making it easy to install and use in any kitchen. A unique feature of this Commodore model is that its plastic components have an incorporated anti-microbial agent that prevents bacterial growth inside the grinding chamber, eliminating bad odors that might occur otherwise. All the parts that are needed for an effortless installation process are included in the pack that the unit comes in. The featured Torque Master technology enables the grinding system to work smoothly providing an efficient and quiet experience. Overall, the Commodore CD-5100 is a basic, heavy duty disposer that is situated in a convenient price range. Simplistic yet powerful, this food waste disposer presents itself as a handy, easy-to-use appliance.
The Whirlaway 191 1/3 Horsepower Garbage Disposal Reviewed
This affordable garbage disposer has a compact simplistic design with no often-useless fancy features. It is equipped with a 1/3 horsepower motor which makes the unit great at grinding modest amounts of waste. Unfortunately, a very simplistic design means that unit is poorly sound proofed, an aspect that could make some users disregard this product. For added convenience, this Whirlaway disposer is also compatible with a wide range of septic tanks, as long as they are properly sized. The Fast and Easy mounting system prevents any frustrating installation operations and it can be set up with the help of basic household tools. All in all, the Whirlaway 191 is a basic sturdy garbage disposer that does a great job for its price.

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