Top 10 Best Hair Clippers of 2020

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Best Hair Clippers 2020: Questions & Answers

What are the benefits of having my own hair clipper?

Making a trip to the barber shop every few weeks or more can really add up financially. If you have sons, that cost is even more. Buying hair clippers for your home can save you a lot of money, and time. The one-time investment can save you years of paying for professional haircutting, and you’ll also save the time of going to the barber’s and waiting for a free chair. Learning how to clip your hair at home is easy and there are a lot of resources online and in books that can teach you how to style your hair like a pro in the comfort of your own bathroom.

How do hair clippers work?

Hair clippers have many small blades that oscillate from side-to-side when the motor is running. Most clippers have a straight, rectangular head. Some clippers, such as some Philips models, offer a rotating head that allows you to get a closer trim by giving you more control over the angle at which you clip you hair. Hair clippers generally have rotary motors, magnetic motors, or pivot motors.

What is the difference between rotary, magnetic, and pivot motors?

A rotatory motor will give you the most bang for buck, offering the speediest and most powerful way to cut your hair. A magnetic motor is also very fast, but generally can’t be used on wet hair because they have less power. A pivot motor is great for wet hair, but doesn’t work very quickly.

What speeds should I look for in a hair clipper?

Some hair clippers come with one, pre-set speed. Others, like many models in the Astin line, come with multiple speed settings. The most important thing to keep in mind when considering what speeds you need is how thick and coarse your hair is. Fine, thin hair will be easy to cut at any speed, but thick, coarse hair will require more powerful motors and speeds.

What materials are hair clipper blades made of?

Most of the time, the blades on your hair clipper will be made of stainless steel. However, you will also see some hair clippers made with ceramic blades. There is not much of a difference between stainless steel and ceramic blades; ceramic blades may need to be replaced over time whereas stainless steel is generally more sturdy and should not need replacement.

Which is better, a corded or cordless hair clipper?

Both have pros and cons. A corded clipper gives you a more powerful trimming experience, because it never loses power. However, it can be a big pain to try and maneuver the cord when you are clipping your own hair. Cordless hair clippers might lose power as they are used, but give you a much greater range of motion and can be quite powerful even without the cord. Some cordless clippers can also be used while plugged in, so you can clip your hair even if it’s not fully charged.

How long does a hair clipper last on a full charge?

Depends on the model. Some Philips Norelco clippers can last for an hour off the charger, while some Wahl clippers can last for 75 minutes on a full charge. You should aim for at least 60 minutes of running time on a full charge.

What sort of accessories should I look for with a hair clipper?

Many hair clippers come with a plethora of useful accessories, including cleaning brushes, manual trimmers, combs and guards.

What are the benefits of manual trimmers?

Manual trimmers, or shears, offer you more precision for your haircut. Manual trimmers can help you get at more hard-to-reach or difficult-to-clip hair, and allow you to trim sideburns and cowlicks with more control over their length.

What are the benefits of combs?

Combs give you the option to layer your hair, as well as helping you divide your hair into sections for more professional hair styling. They can also help you ensure that all your hair is cut to the same length because it’s easier to see which parts are longer than others when you can comb your hair out section-by-section.

Why should I buy a hair clipper with guards?

Guards are an integral part of getting a good hair cut with precise, even lengths. Guards ensure that you are clipping your hair evenly. They usually have specific measurements on a 1-10 scale, with 1 being the shortest possible length and 10 being the longest. The more guards your clipper comes with, the more versatile it is for all hair lengths and styling options.

Do I need guards if the trimmer has built-in length settings?

Many hair clippers come with length settings that can be adjusted right on the trimmer. In this case, you may not need to worry about how many guards the hair clipper comes with. However, guards generally offer more control and ensure a more precise length, so the best hair clippers will offer both built-in adjustments and guards.

Can I use my hair clipper on wet or dry hair?

Depends. Many models are available that can accommodate either wet or dry hair, particularly from brands like Oster. The versatility of a wet/dry clipper can be very handy for your hair care routine, but be aware that wet hair can sometimes appear longer than dry hair so you might want to clip wet hair with that in mind.

Will I need to replace the blades on my hair clipper?

Most clippers have self-sharpening blades that don’t require you to replace them, but some clippers do need to replace the blades occasionally. You should always use blade oil on your hair clipper, at least every two times you use it. Blade oil keeps your hair clipper run at its top performance even after years of use.

Do I need to clean my hair clipper?

Yes, you will want to clean your hair clipper after each and every use. If your hair clipper came with a cleaning brush, use that. Otherwise, run the blades under warm water to get rid of any stray hairs.

Can I trim my facial or body hair with a hair clipper?

Depends. Some models, like Andis or Wahl clippers, offer T-bars or other features that are good for trimming sideburns, mustaches, beards, and body hair.

Are there any tips and tricks available for clipping my own hair?

Make sure you have a good mirror set-up. Try having someone hold a hand-held mirror behind you while you stand in front of your bathroom mirror so you can see all of the angles on your hair. Always cut in the opposite direction from you hair’s natural growth. Go slow, taking your time, especially the first time you try to cut your hair at home. If you need to stop and refer to instructions, stop immediately. There are lots of videos and step-by-step guides available for you to learn from, so make use of them.

What kind of hair styles can I create with a hair clipper?

Hair clippers can give you any of the styles you can get at your neighborhood barber. You can go for a buzz-cut, a Mohawk or faux-hawk, a high-and-tight style, a James Dean cut, a Caesar cut, a bowl cut, flattop, or even a mullet. Check out some tutorials online to get the cut you want without paying big bucks.

Can I use a hair clipper for my pet’s hair?

Probably not. Depending on the type of fur your pet has, you’ll probably need clippers specifically built for your pet’s hair.

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