Top 10 Best Hair Dryers of 2020

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Best Hair Dryers 2020: Questions & Answers

What is the benefit of infrared heat?

Far-infrared heat, or just infrared heat, is an electromagnet ray that provides even, consistent heating to all areas of your hair. Since a blow dryer is essentially an exposed heater, it is possible to lose heat and have temperature fluctuations throughout the drying process, leading to longer drying times and overheating on some sections of your hair. Infrared heat does not lose temperature, so you can ensure an even heating on all sections of your hair.

What are the benefits of ionic hairdryers?

Ionic blow dryers work by creating negative ions. Negative ions neutralize damaging positive ions that are already present in the hair follicle. Positive ions are the leading cause of dryness, frizz, breaking, and split ends. Ionic hairdryers also seal the cuticle, so it retains more moisture and looks sleeker, shinier, and healthier.

What are the benefits of ceramic blow dryers?

Ceramic hair dryers are among the best models for even heat distribution so all of your hair gets the same treatment, leading to less dry spots. Ceramic hair dryers will either have ceramic-coated internal mechanisms, a ceramic heater, a ceramic body, or some combination of the three.

What are the benefits of tourmaline?

Tourmaline, a semi-precious stone, creates the highest concentration of ions and infrared heat. Tourmaline blow dryers will help your hair dry quicker, with less exposure to heat, because it specifically targets the water droplets, not just blowing hot air onto your hair.

What is a cool shot button?

A cool shot button delivers a blast of cool air to your hair. The cool hair helps your hair “set” in the style you desire, and also add an extra sheen and slick look to your hair. A cool shot button will help your hair stay how you want it for longer by sealing off the hair cuticle.

What is the difference between a professional and a regular hair dryer?

A regular hair dryer is just a heater and a motor that blows warm air onto your hair to evaporate moisture. A regular hair dryer might include speed or temperature settings, but that’s usually it. A professional blow dryer will include at least one material or technology that actively adds to your hair health during the drying process, and often gives you more options in terms of styling your hair.

Should I invest in a professional hair dryer?

If you have chemically treated hair, fine hair, damaged hair, curly hair, or thick hair, a professional blow dryer might be the best investment for your hair health. Regular hair dryers are fine for someone who only blow dries their hair on occasion, or who has exceptionally healthy hair, but professional hair dryers will give you salon-quality performance in the comfort of your own home, and help your hair recover from frequent heat treatments.

What is a diffuser?

A diffuser on a hairdryer lifts and separates your hair as it dries. Instead of blowing straight against your hair, which can change your hair’s natural flow, diffusers enhance the natural style of your hair. It helps hair look more natural, smooth, and healthy while preventing frizz. Diffusers are especially important for users who have curly hair.

What is high air flow?

High air flow is a must for anyone with very thick hair; it means almost exactly what it sounds like. High air flow simply means that it pumps out a lot of hair at one time, giving you more coverage and reaching more of your hair at one time. It also helps you reach the inner hair that is blocked by the hair on top.

What wattage do I need for my hair?

For thick and curly hair, you will want to choose a hairdryer with 1600-2000 watts; for medium or normal hair, you’ll want to look in the 1300-1800 wattage range; for fine, thin, or damaged hair look for hair dryers with 1200-1500 watts.

What heat setting should I use for my hair?

Some hair dryers don’t include heat settings and will only provide one temperature; usually, this temperature is sufficient for even thick, curly hair. However, if you have fine, thin, damaged hair, you will want to invest in a hair dryer that has multiple heat settings and always blow dry your hair on the lowest of these settings to prevent further damage.

What features should I look for in a professional hair dryer?

Good features of a professional blow dryer include concentrators, removable air filters, swivel cords, and quiet motors. A concentrator is an optional attachment that helps you control the airflow coming out of the blow dryer so you can focus on certain parts of your hair that may be thicker than others. Concentrators are also helpful for styling your hair. Removable air filters are important to the health of your hair and longevity of your hairdryer; an air filter should be cleaned regularly to prolong the life of your hairdryer. A swivel cord is very handy for styling purposes, as it allows you to maneuver the dryer around in awkward positions to get at hard-to-reach spots and allows greater mobility. A quiet motor is not a necessity, but many blow dryers available today have quiet motors that can help make drying your hair more comfortable and pleasant.

Should I blow dry my hair every day?

Even the most high-tech, hair-safe blow dryer is still exposing your hair to high heat and air, so it’s not recommended that you use a hairdryer every day.

Is there anything I can do to enhance my hair’s health if I plan on blow drying often?

There are lots of products available that are specifically designed to keep your hair healthy during heat treatments. There are mousses, conditioners, masks, oils, and creams you can use on your hair that will keep it healthy; some products are even heat-activated to start working as soon as you begin blow drying your hair.

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