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Best Handheld Vacuums 2020: Questions & Answers

Why is a handheld vacuum a good tool to have in my home?

A handheld vacuum is a great cleaning device that allows you to clean up small messes and get into awkward spaces that regular vacuums can’t reach. Instead of having to drag around a big upright vacuum just to vacuum up a spill, a handheld vacuum is lightweight and easy to use at any time in any area.

Can a handheld vacuum be used on both bare wood and carpet?

Generally, yes. Many handheld vacuums are suitable for use on either surface; some models, such as many offered by Eureka, have special brushes and settings for either carpet or bare wood that provide optimal performance on either.

Which is better, corded or cordless handheld vacuums?

Corded handheld vacuums will generally offer more suction and power since they don’t ever lose their charge. However, cordless vacuums are easy to maneuver and can often be used in places that you can’t reach with a corded model.

Can a handheld vacuum clean up wet spills?

Depends. Most handheld vacuums are primarily for dry dirt and debris, but there are wet/dry models available that can handle wet spills as well.

What is cyclonic technology?

Cyclonic technology is offered on many higher-end handheld vacuums like Dyson and Black and Decker. It essentially works like a cyclone, as its name would suggest. It uses high-speed rotations and airflow to create centrifugal force within the model; dirt and debris are automatically dispersed to the sides of the chamber and then sucked into the dirt cup. This technology is more thorough for picking up small particles and the filter remains cleaner. Cyclonic technology is something you should seriously consider if allergens are a concern for you, because it allows the vacuum to pick up invisible allergy-causing particles and debris in the air.

Should I buy a handheld vacuum with an air filter?

Without an air filter, miniscule and microscopic debris can pass through the vacuum and be released back into your home through the vacuum’s vents. If you’re not looking for super cleaning action and just need a vacuum for the occasional spill or to get into cracks and crevices in your home, an air filter might not be necessary. However, if you’re concerned about allergens and air pollution in your living space, you will probably want to invest in a model that has an air filter.

What sort of air filters are there?

A handheld vacuum might offer electrostatic, micron, or HEPA filters. Any of these would be sufficient to trap pollen, mold spores, dander, and other tiny allergens, but a HEPA filter is the most technologically advanced and effective. Some units, especially higher-end Dyson models, will offer two or more filtration systems, like a pre-filter, an exhaust filter, and a HEPA filter. The pre-filter catches large particles, preserving the life of the more sensitive HEPA filters, while the exhaust filter prevents any small particles from escaping back into the air. If clean air is your priority, look for a model that offers multiple filtration systems.

Will I have to replace my filters?

Depends. Many filters are washable, and some Black and Decker models are even dishwasher friendly. Other filters need to be replaced entirely over the course of 6 months to 2 years, depending on the filter. Factor in the cost of replacement filters when you are considering a model that needs them.

What features should I look for in a handheld vacuum?

Some top-grade features to keep an eye out for in a handheld vacuum include having a stretch hose, a bagless dirt cup, and crevice or upholstery brush attachments.

What are the benefits of having a stretch hose?

A stretch hose can help you reach difficult areas easily, and can make vacuuming stairs or your car easy. A stretch hose gives you extra mobility on any sort of handheld vacuum, but especially on a corded unit. Since a stretch hose is flexible, it’s very easy to clean between your couch cushions or between furniture where the actual vacuum might not be able to fit.

What is a bagless dirt cup?

When a vacuum catches dirt and debris in a bag, it means you have to take the bag out and shake it over the trash or outside to release the particles. You might have to use your hands to clean out dust bunnies and other dirt that sticks to the bag, and it can cause the debris to fly everywhere. A dirt cup doesn’t use a bag, and can easily be removed and emptied simply by emptying it into the trash. Since there’s no fabric for dust or dirt to stick to, it’s much easier to clean and can be done in seconds.

What are the benefits of crevice and upholstery brush attachments?

Crevice and upholstery brush attachments give you a bigger range for cleaning. An upholstery brush will help get stubborn messes and dust out of carpets, sofas, and other fabrics, while a crevice attachment allows you to get a deep clean between your floorboards or in very, very small spaces. Both are especially useful if you plan on using your handheld vacuum to clean out your car.

What power levels should I look for in a handheld vacuum?

You’ll want to purchase a model that offers at least 15 volts of motor power to effectively clean large particles and messes. The more volts, the more suction and the better cleaning power. However, keep in mind if you decide to purchase a cordless vacuum that higher energy models will use up their battery life quicker; the upside is that they also tend to perform quicker, so you don’t need to use them for as long.

What are the differences between lithium, NiCad, and NiMH batteries?

Lithium, or lithium ion, batteries offer the most lightweight and long-lasting battery life for your handheld vacuum. They charge quickly and tend to have very long lifespans, so you shouldn’t need to worry about replacing it. NiMH (nickel-metal-hydride) batteries are fairly lightweight and offer a good amount of power, and they can be re-charged even when they are partially charged. NiCad (nickel-cadmium) batteries are the heaviest battery type, and the battery should be fully depleted before recharging. You also have to be careful not to overcharge NiCad batteries because it could damage the battery’s lifespan and ability to hold a charge.

What sort of battery time should I look for in a cordless vacuum?

Battery times can vary greatly. Some cordless vacuum cleaners work for as little as 10 minutes, while others can run for a full hour. Obviously, the longer the battery life the better, but don’t necessarily trade quality suction for battery life. After all, a powerful motor will take up more energy but can get the job done quicker. Look for a model that gives you at least 20 minutes of battery life per charge.

What about cleaning my handheld vacuum?

Cleaning a handheld vacuums should be very easy. Most units can be cleaned by popping off the dirt cup or bag and simply throwing away the dirt and debris. If you have a model with various brushes, you might want to occasionally clean out the brushes, as well.

How heavy are handheld vacuums?

Lightweight is an important quality of handheld vacuums because you will want to be able to use once comfortably without your arm getting tired. A handheld vacuum can weight under 3 pounds or as many as 6 pounds. Heavier models sometimes offer more features and technology that help keep your home clean.

Will a handheld vacuum help me get rid of pet hair?

While any vacuum you purchase should give you adequate suction to clean up pet hair in your home, you might consider purchasing a model that is specifically for pet hair, which is available on many Hoover models. If pet hair is your main concern, buying a dedicated pet vacuum can help a lot.

Review: Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000FL Flex Vacuum
This Black and Decker Flex Vacuum has powerful 20 volt lithium ion batteries for concentrated cleaning power. These lithium ion batteries have a no memory effect meaning long battery life and can hold a charge for up to eighteen months. It has a four foot long flexible hose which can be used to access various difficult to reach areas and wraps around the body of the Flex Vacuum for neat storage. The cyclonic, triple action filters can easily be rinsed out under a running tap, or in the dishwasher, helping to maintain peak power levels. The charging base has a charge indicator and is also where the tools are stored, while the dirt collection cylinder empties easily with a simple button press.
Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum
This Dyson DC-34 hand held vacuum is powered by the Dyson digital motor which runs up to three times faster than other electric motors for powerful cleaning efficiency. The 22.2 volt lithium ion battery, which charges up to three times faster than other batteries, delivers power at a constant, even rate for powerful cleaning with no drop off. The combination accessory tool features a wide nozzle for collection of larger debris and a brush attachment for delicate cleaning tasks and computer keyboards. Also included is a crevice tool attachment for narrow spaces. The patented cyclonic technology allows for bag less cleaning by throwing the dust and dirt out of the air cyclone for collection in the easy to empty cylinder.
The Black & Decker CHV1410L Dust Buster Hand Vac Reviewed
The sixteen volt Black and Decker Dust Buster Hand Vac features lithium battery technology bringing instant power at optimum levels with no fade off. The Smart charge feature helps protect the Hand Vac from damage from over charging and wasting electricity. The lithium batteries can hold a charge for up to eighteen months off the charger for instant, powerful cleaning. At just under four pounds, this Black and Decker Hand Vac is lightweight. The rotating, slimline nozzle has been designed to reach into small and hard to reach areas. Built in brush and crevice tools mean there is no likelihood of losing these accessories while you clean multiple surfaces from carpet to ceramic floor tiles. The cyclonic action sucks dirt away from the filter, ensuring no loss of suction.
Review of the Black & Decker FHV1200 Flex Vac Vacuum Cleaner
The flexible hose on this vacuum is four feet in length and has attachments for pet hair and a nozzle with brush for hard to reach areas. The triple action, cyclonic filtration system means the exhaust air is very clean and the reusable filter can be rinsed under running water or placed in the dishwasher for ease of cleaning and maintaining suction power. The Black and Decker cordless, ultra slim vacuum cleaner also has a handy caddy to store the versatile tools and an easy to empty dust cannister ensuring clean emptying to maintain power. The flexible hose wraps around the body of the machine for neat and easy storage, but can be unhooked for difficult to reach areas and cleaning drapes.
Review: Eureka RapidClean Step Handheld Corded Vacuum
The powerful, corded vacuum from Eureka has up to twenty eight feet of access with a twenty five foot power cord and three foot flexible cleaning hose for ease of cleaning stairs. The brush roll head can be switched on and off for cleaning of carpets and safe cleaning of hard floors. The Eureka RapidClean unit also features soft wheels which will not damage of cut hard floor surfaces. The bare floor brush flips down to clean non carpeted areas and then back up again to allow the brush roll to clean carpeted areas and upholstery. A crevice tool is included for those hard to reach areas and the whole unit weighs 6.8 pounds. The Eureka RapidClean vacuum can only be used in 120 volt outlets.
The Eureka EasyClean 71B Corded Handheld Vacuum Reviewed
This corded, hand held vacuum cleaner from Eureka comes with a 5.5 amp motor and can be used to clean cars, stairs and upholstery with ease. Featuring a powered rotating head and another motor to generate suction, the combination of two motors provides a powerful cleaning experience. The on board crevice tool also enhances the cleaning potential of this vacuum as does the Riser Visor which flips up and down to clean horizontally and vertically, especially for carpeted stairs. The twenty foot power cord allows for excellent reach and can be wrapped around the body of the machine for easy storage. The Eureka EasyClean Vacuum weighs in at around 6.7 pounds, making it easily portable and the dust collection bag is easy to empty.
The Black & Decker Dustbuster CHV1510 Cyclonic Hand Vac Reviewed
This Black and Decker Cordless, Cyclonic, Hand Vacuum has a rotating, slimline nozzle to access narrow, tight spaces. It features fifty percent greater reach than any previous Dustbuster design ensuring ease of reach and less bending while cleaning. The wide nozzle design can be used to pick up larger dirt and debris and the in built crevice and brush tools are easy to access and difficult to lose. The Hand Vacuum utilises cyclonic technology, keeping dirt away from the filter to keep power levels optimum. Featuring a transparent dust cylinder, it is easy to see when the Hand Vacuum is likely to need emptying which is an easy process in itself. The Black and Decker Hand Vacuum is lightweight at just 4.6 pounds.
The Dirt Devil Cordless Bagless Handheld Vacuum Reviewed
This Dirt Devil hand held vacuum cleaner comes in bright red and features a 15.6 volt battery with AccuCharge technology giving longer battery and double speed charging meaning you can use the vacuum more often between charges. This AccuCharge technology monitors the power levels in the battery while charging and switches to a trickle charge which uses seventy percent less power from the Energy Star battery charger. This can also help reduce household energy bills and reduce greenhouse gases helping to protect the environment. It has a wide nozzle with flip action crevice tool for ease of access to narrow spaces and the debris is collected in a rear mounted, easy to empty collection bag which dismounts from the unit to empty.
Review of the Hoover Platinum LiNX BH50030 Pet Handheld Vacuum
The Hoover pet hand held vacuum from the Platinum range comes complete with a powerful three blade head for ease of pet hair cleaning and a dusting brush for delicate cleaning jobs. The lithium ion battery provides constant power with no fade off and is interchangeable, giving twice the run time. With a brush roll which can be ejected for ease of cleaning, the LiNX power head grips pet hairs that are embedded in upholstery and has a 25 degree rotation for manoeuvrability, while the Deluxe Dusting Brush has two rows of soft bristles and can be used to clean delicate surfaces. The unit weighs 5.1 pounds and has a see through cylinder for ease of emptying.

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