Top 10 Best Infrared Grills of 2020

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Best Infrared Grills 2020: Questions & Answers

What is infrared technology?

Infrared technology is the use of infrared heat in grills, as opposed to radiation or convection. Infrared heat is not completely unique to infrared technology, however – the hotter the grill, the more infrared heat there is. When a grill is specifically designed with infrared technology, the amount of infrared is way higher than in normal grills. It works by reducing the amount of hot air that is responsible for drying out food, and reducing flare-ups. TEC Infrared Grills, who made the technology famous, puts a gas burner underneath layers of stainless steel emitters so all the heat is infrared. Other companies use similar techniques, like ceramic tiles instead of steel emitters. Basically, infrared grills consist of a burner heating up a box where the food cooks.

What are the advantages of infrared?

The key advantage of infrared grills is their high temperature. Like sun reflecting off the surface of water, the heat that radiates off the metal from the burner is extremely hot. This creates a cooking surface perfect for foods like tuna steaks, which needs to be cooked on very high temps very quickly. You can also adjust the heat using standard grill features like precision control settings, so it is possible to cook on lower temps as well. Speed is another advantage. An infrared grill can get upwards of 700 ℉ in 7 minutes. This means less time grilling and more time eating. In general, infrared heat halves the time meats take to get fully cooked, so a chicken breast only takes about ten minutes. The last main advantage is that because the distribution of hot air is limited, your food doesn’t get dried out by the high temperature of the grill. The infrared heat doesn’t break the food’s moisture barrier like non-infrared heat does on gas or charcoal grills, so the juices stay sealed inside.

What are some common weaknesses?

The main complaint with infrared gas grills was also one of its strength: its high temperature. Because it’s so hot, delicate foods like fish and veggies are harder to master with an infrared grill’s intensity. Getting a perfect sear can also be tricky, because the definition of a sear is when the outside of a steak is caramelized at around 300-500 ℉. An infrared grill just cooks really fast. You might also have trouble figuring out an infrared grill works best and not get great food as a result. One tip is to cook food at a very high temp for a short time and then reduce the heat.

Which infrared gas grills are easy to transport?

You have several great options when it comes to portable infrared gas grills. With these, you get the great heat of infrared with the convenience of portability. The Char-Broil 14601897 TRU infrared patio bistro 180 is a one-burner grill that’s very small and easy to transport to places like the campsite, beach, or a boat. It’s ideal for cooking for two people. Another grill, the Char-Broil Grill 2 Go Ice Real Tree Edition TRU infrared grill, has a built-in cart and extendable legs that essentially transform the grill into a rolling suitcase. A third grill for travel, the Solaire Anywhere portable infrared propane grill, comes with a bag and spring-locked lid latches so the grill won’t fly open when you’re moving it around.

Which are the fastest in terms of cooking time?

All infrared grills are very fast, but some are faster than others. To determine which grill heats up fastest, look at the burner power and the size of the cooking area. In general, the smaller the cooking area and the more powerful the burner, the faster the grill reaches its highest temperatures. It is important to look at both. As an example, the Char-Broil Grill 2 Go has a very hot burner, but a large cooking surface. The Solaire Anywhere is very speedy and has a burner of 14,000 BTU, which is as powerful as a full-sized grill. It also has a smaller grilling surface so it heats up quick. The Char-Broil 14601832 TRU-infrared patio bistro 360 is another good grill option for quick grillers; it has two burners that total 21,000 over 360-square inches.

Which grills have the most cooking space?

Cooking space is a primary concern when it comes to grills of any type. For infrared gas grills, you have several options for large cooking areas that can grill lots of food for a crowd. The Grill 2 Go has 290-square inches of primary cooking space, while the Char-Broil 12601578 patio bistro electric grill has 320-square inches. That’s enough room to cook 12 hamburgers at once. Another Char-Broil, the patio bistro 360, has 360-square inches, which is more than enough for a family or friend party. For a two-burner grill option, the Char-Broil TRU infrared urban gas grill has a powerful primary burner and warming rack for versatile cooking.

What kind of grills would work in limited space?

If you don’t have a lot of space and need a smaller grill for your patio or deck, you have several options for infrared grills. Two Char-Broil infrared grills (Char-Broil 14601832 TRU Infrared Patio Bistro 360 and the 180 version) are small enough for most spaces, but still have lots of burner space for grilling lots of food. The Char-Broil 12601578 Patio Bistro Tru-Infrared electric grill is conveniently-sized and also a great alternative if your space forbids gas and charcoal grills.

What kind of maintenance does an infrared grill require?

Like all grills, infrared grills require care. When you’re grilling a lot, it’s important to wipe down the grates frequently so burned-off bits of food and grease don’t stick. Before cleaning, turn on the grill for a little while to burn off the remaining bits. If the burners are ceramic, you need to be more careful when cleaning it. Keep both the plates and burner grates clean.

What is the price point of infrared grills?

Infrared grills are typically pretty expensive, though they have been getting more affordable as the technology becomes more common. As with typical grills, the more features a grill has, the more expensive it will be. A lower-priced, basic infrared grill is about $200. They tend to be compact for easy portability. The more expensive infrared gas grills can be between $400-$500 and are closer to full-sized.

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