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Best Juicers 2020: Questions & Answers

What are the health benefits of juicing?

Juicing allows you to take advantage of all the healthy, vital nutrients in fruits and vegetables without needing to switch to an all-produce diet. Instead of eating an entire cucumber, four apples, and a whole head of kale, which would be taxing, you can simply juice them and get all the same nutritional benefits. Juicing also helps the vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial properties of fruits and vegetables be incorporated into your body faster and with less energy because they are already broken down. Having a diet high in fruits and vegetables can help reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, and obesity, as well as boost your immune system so you are sick less often. Juicing allows you to supplement all the nutritional benefits of vegetables without having to eat a salad for every meal; even if you already have a very healthy, produce-rich diet, juicing is a great way to boost your energy throughout the day and get even more from your diet.

What types of juicers are there?

The two main types of juicers you will encounter are centrifugal juicers and masticating juicers.

How do centrifugal juicers work, and what are the benefits?

Centrifugal juicers have a metal basket full of grating that spins at high speeds to separate the juice from the pulp. They’re great for beginners or anyone new to juicing because they’re super easy to use. They’re also very quick, and tend to be cheaper than other types. On the other hand, they generally have a hard time juicing specialty items like hard leafy greens and nuts.

How do masticating juicers work, and what are the benefits?

Masticating juicers, also known as cold press, act similarly to your teeth in that they grind the food down to a pulp and then squeeze the pulp to release its juices. Masticating juicers are more suited for people who juice regularly, because they tend to create more wholesome, nutritious juices and can juice nuts, cranberries, and other tough foods. They can even be used to make baby food and sorbets, depending on the model. However, they are tougher to clean and take more time to juice, including prep time, and tend to be less user-friendly.

Do I need a juicer with multiple speeds?

Depends. For many casual users, one speed is sufficient. However, fruits and veggies are all different, so buying a juice with multiple speeds can give you more wholesome, nutritious juices. For example, softer fruits and vegetables will do best on a slower speed, which tough, fibrous foods do better on a fast speed. Multi-speed options are available in many high-quality Breville models, which can offer up to five adjustable speeds.

How easy is it to use a juicer?

Depends. Most quality juicers will be very user-friendly and shouldn’t be difficult to learn how to use. The premise itself is very simple: put food in the feeder, and juice comes out. Too much more technology or settings can just confuse you, so look for a juicer that has minimal settings if you’re worried about usability. For example, Tribest offers a one-touch juicer that only requires you to turn it on and it does the rest of the work for you, as does Black and Decker.

How do I know if my juicer is working well?

The pulp produced by your juicer should tell you how well your juicer is working. Your pulp should be mostly dry; if you are getting a lot of plump, moist pulp, that means that your juicer isn’t really getting most of the nutrients out of the food.

What sorts of food can I juice?

You can juice just about any sort of fruit or vegetable. From kale to chard to apples and pears, almost anything that comes from the earth is suitable for juicing. Try exciting fruit juices like pineapple-orange, or wholesome, nutrition-packed green juices like cucumber and spinach.

What are some features I should look for in a juicer?

Some good features to look for in a juicer include an external pulp ejector, a wide feeding tube,

What are the benefits of an external pulp ejector?

Some juicers have a cup or bag built into the juicer that captures pulp, while other send the pulp down a chute or tube and you collect it in a bowl or bag. The latter gives you the ability to juice as much as you want at one time, without needing to empty the pulp catcher when it gets full.

Why should I look for a juicer with a wide feeding tube?

If your juicer can’t fit most large pieces, you will spend a lot of time chopping up your fruits and veggies into parts small enough to fit. You can save yourself a lot of time by buying a juicer that can accommodate a whole carrot at once, or half an apple. Extra wide feeding tubes are available on many Hamilton Beach and Omega models.

How loud is a juicer?

In general, the less expensive the juicer, the louder it will be. Some juicers can be very loud during operation, loud enough to interrupt conversation in the next room. Others are fairly quiet; for example, Jack LaLanne produces a line of whisper-quiet juicers.

What about clean up?

Clean up after juicing can be a big deal; depending on the type of model you purchase, you’ll have to clean out the pulp container, grater, blades, and juice catcher after each use. There’s nothing worse than having gross food residue contaminating your juicer, so making sure that you remove all the offending elements is very important. Some models, such as many in the Waring line, are stainless steel and dishwasher friendly, so it’ll be a lot easier for you to keep your juicer clean between uses. Omega also produces a self-cleaning juicer; you should still clean it regularly, but this can help cut down on your cleaning time immensely. Many models also include cleaning brushes that can make clean-up quicker and easier.

How much should I spend on a juicer?

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can spend as little as $30 or as much as $300 for a juicer. If you’re serious about juicing, expect to spend between $100-150 on a juicer; if you want to start slowly, go for a low-tech model which are available in the price range between 30 and 60 dollar. That way, you can get a good feel for juicing before shelling out the big bucks.

How can I incorporate juicing into my diet?

Incorporating juicing into your diet is very easy: simply prepare a juice with your regular meals, or in between meals as a snack. You might find that a mid-day juice really ups your productivity for the rest of the day, or that drinking a wholesome, vegetable-based juice with your evening meal helps you eat less.

What should I do with my pulp?

Many people use the pulp from their juicer to make smoothies, which allows you to take advantage of the fiber that juice lacks. You can also make fun baked goods like zucchini, carrot, or banana bread. There are lots of creative uses for pulp: you can put it in mac and cheese for a fiber-full comfort food, or even make dog treats. It’s also great for composting if you have a compost pile.

Review of the Omega Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Low Speed Juicer
Unlike most juicers, this Omega model processes fruits and vegetables at just 80 rotations per minute, thus preventing oxidation while at the same time protecting the healthy enzymes in the juice. For even more efficiency, the juicer uses two processing stages: during the first one, the juice is extracted by crushing the fruit of vegetable, unlike other juicers that grind them. The second stage has the purpose of squeezing the pulp independently resulting in a higher quantity of juice. The hopper is conveniently on the top side of the main unit and it also comes with a pusher that enables the user to place the ingredients in the juicer in a safe manner. Omega VRT also features three settings: On, Off and Reverse.
Reviewed: Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer
The Omega J8006 is a juicer that uses the well-known masticating style to ensure the highest yield of juice. Operating at speeds as low as 85 rpm this juicer promises to protect the healthy enzymes in the juice, allowing for the final product to be stored for up to 72 hours without any risk of degradation. A low speed processing does not necessary mean a longer juicing time but a more efficient extraction. This Omega masticator can be used for more than extracting juice. It can also turn nuts into butter, opening a whole new frontier for preparing various kinds of baby food from natural and fresh ingredients. This model also features the dual stage technology, which reprocesses the pulp before it is ejected. This means that no juice goes to waste along with the used pulp.
Review of the Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Masticating Juicer
Using the masticating extraction technology, the Omega J8004 promises a high yield of juice even when processing very dry pulps. Since it is operating at low speeds of 80 rpm, there will be no clogging or foaming and the motor will never get overheated. This masticator can take on a wide range of kitchen-related challenges such as whipping up soy milk, extruding pasta or even preparing baby food out of natural ingredients. Due to its dual-stage feature that enables the extractor to reprocess the left over pulp, this masticator does a great job at preserving key nutrients that make the juice healthy and delicious. Since the system is designed to prevent foaming and oxidation the extracted juice can be safely stored for up to 72 hours.
The Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000W Juicer
The die-cast steel housing makes this juicer extremely durable while at the same time giving it a lot of personality. The heavy-duty 1000 watt motor, combined with the Nutri Disc titanium blades provides an effective juicing process, while the stainless steel mesh filter basket spins out the pulp ensuring a high yield of juiced with every use. The two speed settings are designed for optimal juice extraction. The low speed mode sets the motor at 6.500 rpm, a perfect processing speed for soft vegetables or fruits. When using harder foods like carrots or apples, the user should chose the high speed mode that makes the motor operate at a speed of 13.000 rpm. Most of the parts can be washed in a dishwasher, except for the mesh filter basket and the food pusher.
The Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain 900W Juicer
Equipped with a 900-watt motor and featuring a stainless steel design, this sleek-looking electric juicer can surely take on any challenge. Unlike other similar products, this Breville juicer features five different speed settings to ensure an efficient juice extraction process. Lower speeds are perfect for juicing softer foods while higher speeds maximize the extraction power from dense vegetables and fruits such as apples or carrots. The extra-wide feed chute allows the user to conveniently process fruits and vegetables with short preparation time. The blades are reinforced with a titanium coating as to remain sharp for an extended period of time. All the components can and should be cleaned under running water since the manufacturer does not recommend using a dishwasher.
Reviewed: Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain 850W Juicer
This conveniently designed juicing appliance features a 3 inches wide chute allowing the user to process fruits or vegetables without pre-cutting them. For even more efficiency, the Fountain Plus juicer is equipped with a 850-watt motor that enables the stainless steel cutting disc to extract as much juice as possible. The motor can be used at two different speeds, depending on the texture of the food. The low 6.500 rpm speed mode is perfect for soft products such as tomatoes while the 12.000 rpm power option can be used for efficiently extracting juice out of denser fruits or vegetables. The juicer comes with a large capacity container for the left-over pulp and a 1-liter juice jug that has a foam separator.
The Breville RM-JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850W Juicer
This simply operated convenient electric juicer operates at high speeds to ensure a thorough juicing process. The 850-watt motor features two different speed settings: a low speed 6.500 rpm mode for soft fruits and vegetables and a high speed mode for denser, harder to juice foods, that operates at 12.000 rpm. The patented 3” wide feeding chute makes the ordinary fruit pre-cutting unnecessary. This Breville model also features the Nutri Disc system with stainless steel blades that provide an efficient fruit cutting. The stainless steel mesh filter basket is designed to spin out the pulp, ensuring maximum extraction. The Overload Protection feature automatically shuts off the juicer if the motor gets overheated, preventing any damage that might occur when overloading the machine.
The Jack LaLanne’s PJESS Power Juicer Express
This professionally looking juicer has a relatively small foot print and since it can process uncut fruits and vegetables it presents itself as a handy appliance that can fit in any kitchen. This juicer comes in three different models: a sleek black design, a fancy white one and a model that is made out of stainless steel. The latter model is perfect for those who intend to use this juicer in a place where a plastic one could easily get dented or scratched, such as a bar. The blade is made out of surgical-quality stainless steel and it rotates at a speed of up to 3.6000 RPM for an efficient juice extraction, ensuring that no part of the fruit is wasted.
The Breville BJE200XL 700W Juice Fountain Juicer
This sleekly designed compact juicer is perfect for processing large amounts of fruits and vegetables in a short time while ensuring the highest yield of juice possible. The extra-large 3 inches wide feeding tube allows the user to effortlessly insert uncut products into the machine. The powerful 700-watt motor allows the stainless steel micro-mesh filter to process fruits and vegetables at speeds of up to 14.000 rpm for effective extraction. All the parts can be safely washed in a dishwasher. The juicer also comes with a cleaning brush, so that the user can remove any remaining residue. Due to its convenient dimensions and small weight, this electric juicer is perfect for any kitchen, no matter how small or big it is.
The Hamilton Beach 67608 Big Mouth Juice Extractor
This Hamilton Beach juicer promises to yield 24% more juice than the regular extractors on the market. The 1.2 horsepower motor can easily extract juice even from dense products such as apples or carrots. With the help of the 3-inch wide chute, the user can process uncut fruits or vegetables for a more convenient juicing process. Its sleek stainless steel design gives it a delightful appearance, making it look amazing in any kitchen. The extra-large pulp collecting bin allows the user to juice for an extended period of time without having to stop and empty the container every once in a while. All the processing parts are easily removable and they can be easily cleaned using a dishwasher or under running water with the extra help of the cleaning brush.
Review of the Hamilton Beach 67601A Big Mouth Juice Extractor
Unlike other similar appliances, this Hamilton Beach juicer presents itself as being able to extract up to 24% more juice at every use. Its wide feeding tube makes the usual food precutting pretty much useless since the user can insert whole fruits or vegetables. With the help of its 800-watt motor, this mode can efficiently extract the juice out of any kind of produce. Even the harder ones such as carrots or apples can be easily processed using this juicer. This extractor also comes with an extra-large bin for collecting the juiced pulp, allow the user to process larger quantities of food, without having to empty the bin. The easily removable parts can be safely cleaned under running water or with the help of a dishwasher.
Reviewed: Waring Pro JEX328 Health Juice Extractor
This sleek looking electric juicer is equipped with a powerful 400-watt motor that ensures thorough and efficient juice extraction with every use. The brushed stainless steel housing is specifically designed to prevent it from getting stained over time, a perfect feature for those that enjoy drinking a lot of carrot juice. All the components are easily detachable and they can be safely washed using a dishwashing machine. The built-in chute allows the user to safely insert the ingredients into the unit but because it is rather small, the fruits have to be cut into thin pieces in order to fit through. The Waring Pro juicer is designed for the North American electric standards, making it incompatible with the 220v power sources.
The Tribest CS-1000 Citristar Citrus Juicer
With its simplistic design, the CitriStar juicer is perfect for those that are always on the run. The powerful motor enables it to process two halves of an orange in about 14 seconds, juicing them dry. Its convenient design also makes this appliance extremely easy to clean under running water since the components are easily detachable. The juicer can process citrus fruits of various sizes, from the smallest oranges to the biggest grapefruits. Unlike other similar products that collect the juice in a built-in container that constantly needs to be emptied, when using CitriStar, the juice is poured directly into the glass. For even more convenience the juicer features an easy-to-use one-touch operation technology making it a handy appliance for the whole family.
The Epica Stainless Steel Electric Citrus Juicer
Epica’s juice extractor is a compact appliance, perfect for those that are always in hurry. The small yet power 70 watt motor enables the user to prepare a healthy glass of juice in no time. The one-touch operating system makes this appliance extremely user-friendly. For even more convenience, during the extracting process, the juice is directly dispensed into the glass. Epica’s juicer also comes with two different interchangeable reamers that allow the user to process fruits of various sizes. Since it has a simplistic design, the juicer can be effortlessly cleaned after each use. The three main parts of the machine are easily removable and they can be safely cleaned under running water as well as in a dishwashing machine.
The Black & Decker JE2200B 400W Fruit & Veggie Juicer
Featuring a large, integrated pulp container, this ergonomic juice extractor has a small foot print, making it perfect for any type of kitchen. The whole system is easily controlled by an on/off switch that gives the user full control of the extracting process. The 400 watts motor works perfectly with the stainless steel cutter and strainer, extracting as much juice as possible. The easily detachable parts are dishwasher friendly and they require minimum maintenance. The juicer also comes with a custom pitcher that has a capacity of 300 milliliters. The conveniently designed easy-pour spout allows the juice to be easily transferred into glasses in a clean way. The remaining pulp can be either mixed with the juice or it can be used in various recipes.
Review of the Cuisinart CJE-1000 5-Speed Juice Extractor
Cuisinart’s ergonomically designed juicer includes a 2-liter pulp container as well as a 1-quart juice pitcher and a brush designed for cleaning. The 1000-watt motor operates at five selective speeds to ensure an optimal extraction process depending on the type of the fruits or vegetables that are being used. Due to its built-in chute, the machine can process whole fruits or vegetables in a blink of an eye thus eliminating the occasionally frustrating pre-cutting routine. Unlike various similar products, Cuisinart’s juicer features a filter basket that is designed to reduce the build-up of foam. For added convenience, all the removable components can be easily washed under running water or by using a dishwasher. The cleaning brush should be used for a more thoroughly cleaning.

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