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Best Smith Machines 2020: Questions & Answers

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym provides a total body workout, with over 30 different strength exercises. This is a true multi gym, thanks to the fact that it has a built-in rowing machine that allows users to enjoy cardio as well as weight training. Complete with a weight bench, it offers between 5 and 210 pounds of resistance, satisfying the needs of beginners as well as those with some weight lifting experience. Triple-functioning hand grips provide leverage for lat pull-downs, and upholstered roller cushions make leg extensions and curls more comfortable. The rowing machine folds up when not in use, saving a bit of space in your workout area.


  • Unit offers users a wide variety of workout options. Reviewers note that the Bowflx Body Plan book is a useful reference that helps maximize benefits.
  • Lower impact than with free weights; users with old injuries appreciate this.
  • Easy to assemble, even with just one person.
  • Safe workouts for those who exercise alone; no spotter required.
  • Built-in rowing machine provides cardio workouts.


  • Takes up a little more space than some users thought it would; requires an area of about 8’ x 10’.
  • Very tall users (over 6’) find the range of motion is somewhat limiting.
  • Lower body workouts are less challenging than some advanced users preferred.
  • Aside from adding a weight block which can be purchased separately, it is not possible to upgrade weights or add resistance without voiding warranty.


The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym is best for the average person who wants to get in shape: It is designed to appeal to people who want to lose weight, sculpt muscles, or keep fit without having to spend money on a membership at a fitness club. Because resistance maxes out at 210 pounds, and since the weight bench has a 300-pound maximum user weight limit, the unit does not satisfy serious, heavy lifters or those who want to make massive gains.

Caribou III Power Rack

The Caribou III Power Rack by Yukon offers the convenience of a self-spotting home gym in an affordable package. More than just a squat rack, it is designed to accommodate a variety of free weight exercises as well as smith machine lifting. The smith machine body is well-built, and at a weight of 257 pounds, it offers good stability for tip-free performance. An integrated dip station mount and a chin-up bar are included for added workout versatility. The smith bar comes with Olympic adapters at no added charge. This power rack has a weight capacity of 800 pounds, allowing users to bring out their potential and take fitness to new levels.


  • Smith bar includes Olympic adapters, accommodating different types of weight plates.
  • Costs less than some other smith machines.
  • Simple rack allows users to customize their home gym. Equipment additions include optional accessory mounts, weight bench, and more.


  • Stock roller bearings need to be regularly lubricated with silicone spray to prevent binding.
  • Some users mention that plastic pulls on T-handle spring loaded pins strip out and prevent safety stops from working correctly.
  • Some users report minor manufacturing defects that require fixing and/or modification during the assembly process


Because it contains some plastic parts that can wear out quickly when subjected to excess stress, the Caribou III Power Rack is best for home use only. One reviewer purchased the unit for use at a firehouse gym, and quickly realized that it wasn’t designed for this purpose. Overall, users are pleased with its performance and the number of available workouts. Note that replacement parts are very easy to obtain from the manufacturer, and a bit more maintenance might be needed due to the presence of plastic parts rather than high-end ones found on some other, more expensive smith machines.

Deltech Fitness Linear Bearing Smith Machine

The Deltech Fitness Linear Bearing Smith Machine arrives ready for customization with the weight bench of the user’s choice. Equipped with the precision linear roller bearings and solid steel bars that Deltech Fitness gym equipment is famous for, this unit is equipped with an Olympic bar that holds up to 700 pounds. The rear supports are designed to hold weights when they’re not in use, helping users keep their workout areas well-organized and streamlining the process of adding and subtracting weight. A built-in pull-up bar is included, adding to the number and type of exercises that are possible with this machine.


  • There are no flimsy plastic or rubber parts that could break and cause an injury.
  • The Smith machine is designed for versatility and safe lifting, with hooks that allow users to self-spot if needed.
  • Smooth, even gliding action for effective lifting motions.
  • Solid, well-built fitness equipment that’s intended to last even with regular, heavy use.
  • There are many available exercises for this Smith Machine: Squat, do calf raises, shoulder shrugs, and chin-ups, or lie on your back for leg presses. Adding a weight bench increases versatility even more.


  • Olympic weights must be purchased separately
  • Many reviewers mention cosmetic issues with the packaging and some scratches on the paint, normally due to shippers having difficulty with the heavy weight.
  • Installation and setup can be challenging, particularly for users who attempt to assemble this weight lifting equipment alone.


The Deltech Fitness Linear Bearing Smith Machine is a bare-bones unit that’s best for experienced lifters who want to create their own exercise machines from the ground up. It offers safety even when self-spotting, yet it provides outstanding workout intensity similar to that of free weights. If you’re looking for a sturdy Smith Machine for your home gym, then this is one worth considering.

Best Smith Machines 2017

What are the types of Smith Machines?

There are basically two types of Smith Machines, the Bushing and Linear Ball Bearing Smith. Some variations of each depend on the angle of the guide rods. They are typically linear, 5 degree and 7 degree angles.

How do they work?

Both types of Smith Machines work in the same way with the bar sliding up and down the guide rod as the user pushes up on it. The difference is whether the bar is sliding via bushings or ball bearings. Other top of the line models offer a variety of other features and functions.

What are the top 3 Linear Ball Bearing Smiths?

– Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with Linear Bearings: $1,235+
– Weilder PRO 8500 Smith Cage: $970+
– Inspire Fitness Ft2 Functional Trainer and Smith Station: $3,995+

Which type of Smith Machine is better?

If you are more budget conscious then going with a simple Bushing Smith is better as they are cheaper but require more maintenance. If you want to keep your Bushing Smith gliding smoothly then you would have to constantly lubricate the bushing. These machines also rarely come with other features and additional functions.

On the other hand, a Linear Ball Bearing Smith is much more durable, requires less maintenance, and the bar slides in a smooth, fluid motion thanks to the ball bearings. This is a more expensive option but if favoured because of the fluidity of the bar’s sliding movement. Most top of the line models that offer other features use ball bearing guides.

What are the most affordable Smiths?

– PowerLine PSM144X Smith Machine: $399+
– Valor Athletics Smith Machine: $902.34+
– Weilder PRO 8500 Smith Cage: $970+

What some additional features of Smith Machines?

Some top of the line models of Smith Machines often have attachments and other functions that help provide a better all-around workout. Some have a lat machine, cable crossovers, and adjustable benches. These allow you to do many other additional workouts aside from the basic squats and bench presses of a regular Smith Machine.

If you are looking for a machine where you can do a complete workout, check out some of the best Smith Machines around. Though it is good to remember that the more features it has, the higher the price will be.

What are the top 3 most feature packed Smith Machines?

– Inspire Fitness Ft2 Functional Trainer and Smith Station: $3,995+
– Body Solid Series 7 Smith Machine Package: $2,825+
– Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System with Linear Bearings: $1,235+

What is the Angle? Which angle is the best?

Smith machines have their bars angled in different measurements. Some are linear in which the bar slides straight up and down, some slide at a 5 degree angle and some at a 7 degree angle. There really is not better option to go with in terms of the angle as it all comes down to personal preference. Other times the machine you want will only come at a specific angle so you are left with no choice.

What are Olympic Specifications?

The weights used on the Smith Machine are placed on pegs at either end of the bar. These weights are set to specific sizes to meet Olympic standards so you can use any Olympic specific weight on your Smith Machines bar. If you already own a set of Olympic weights, getting a Smith that meets Olympic specifications will spare you the trouble of having to get another set of weight plates.

Is it important to check the quality?

Yes! These machines undergo heavy stress with all the movements and weight that they have to endure. That is why it is important to go with quality products rather than the cheapest option. It may mean spending a little more than what you intended, but having a machine that will not breakdown easily is better than a cheap one that does.

Is a Warranty Important?

Yes! Because of the wear and tear these machines will endure, having a good manufacturer’s warranty is important for any purchase. Most Smith Machines come with a 10 year warranty, just be sure to check before you make a purchase.

What is weight capacity?

What is a good weight capacity to have? Using Smith Machines usually means using them with weights. Weight capacity is the maximum amount of weight that you can place on the bars before it becomes unsafe to use. Most smith machines offer as much as 1,000 pound weight capacity and as low as a 600 pound one. A normal user would hardly ever lift 600 pounds so this really is not much of an issue.

What are other things to consider when purchasing a Smith Machine?

If this is the first piece of exercise equipment that you will purchase, it is important to know what other equipment come with it. Some Smiths do not include a bench and weights while some do. Benches can either be fixed flat or can be inclined or declined while the weights typically come in varying sizes such as 45 pound, 35 pound, 25 pound, 10 pound, 5 pound, and 2.5 pound plates

What Smith Machine should I get?

Before you take out your wallets and spend thousands of dollars on a machine that you might regret, take into consideration some details. If you do not have a lot of space in your home then going with a bulk machine may not be the best option. If you are working with a small budget then avoid the unnecessary features that add to the price. If you are looking for an all-around work out then a top of the line model with all the bells and whistles may be the way to go. It all depends on your preference, needs, and means. Try out different machines to see which type of Smith Machine feels best for you.

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