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Best Snow Blowers 2020: Questions & Answers

Why is a snow blower a good investment?

A snow blower is a great tool for anyone who lives in cold, snowy areas. Shoveling snow manually is not only extremely arduous, it can also be dangerous, especially for older people. You can throw out your back or strain a muscle shoveling snow by hand; it also takes a lot longer, so you are exposed to the cold for extended periods of time, making you susceptible to hypothermia or frostbite. A snow blower makes removing snow painless and quick, so you can get it over with quickly and without worrying about hurting yourself.

How does a snow blower work?

Regardless of the type of snow blower, all snow blowers utilize the same basic concepts for removing snow. Basically, the engine powers a spinning, metal auger that throws snow from underneath the engine through a chute, which then propels the snow far away. An auger will usually be made from stainless steel or some other highly-durable metal, and some are rubber-tipped for additional safety during use. Snowblowers have tires that make them easy to walk down your driveway or sidewalk.

What types of snow blowers are there?

There are multiple types of snow blowers available today. Snow blowers come in one or two stages, and either in electric or gas powered models.

What is the difference between single- and two-stage snow blowers?

Single stage snow blowers are ideal for clearing smaller spaces for a few months each year. They don’t usually have tires, so you will have to lift and drag them from place to place. They are usually the same size as your average lawn mower. A single-stage snow blower is great for driveways and sidewalks, but tend to underperform on hilly or highly slanted surfaces. Two-stage snow blowers are better for snow blowing in gravelly areas or slanted surfaces. The main difference is that two-stage snow blowers have an additional fan impeller that helps to disperse snow as it is thrown to the side. Two-stage snow blowers can handle much larger spaces and areas, as well. However, they are more expensive and are a lot heavier; plus, they require more maintenance than single-stage blowers.

What is the difference between gas and electric snow blowers?

Despite the obvious difference that electric snow blowers are powered by electricity, and gas snow blowers are powered by gasoline, they also offer different results. Electric snow blowers are lighter, smaller, quieter, and easier to handle than gas snow blowers. However, the way they are designed makes removing snow a slower and harder process; you will need to go over the same area twice, most likely. Also, because you need a power cord, you have less mobility and range. Gas snow blowers offer more power and make for an easier cleaning experience, and since there’s no cord, you have full range of mobility. In general gas snow blowers can clear a wider path than electric snow blowers. Gas snow plows also require more maintenance and tend to be more difficult to start.

How much power should I look for in a snow blower?

Snow blower power can be measured in amps on electric models or horsepower in gas models. What sort of power you’ll need depends on how you plan to use your snow blower; for example, the 7.5 amp motor on the Snow Joe 322P is suitable for lighter snowfall and can throw 300 pounds of snow per minute, while the more powerful 13.5 amp motor on the Snow Joe SJ621 can throw up to 650 pounds of snow per minute.

How much electricity do electric snow blowers require?

How much electricity a snow blower will use up depends on how powerful its motor is; the larger the amps, the more electricity. If you’re concerned about conserving electricity, consider buying an eco-friendly model from GreenWorks.

How much snow can I clear with my snow blower?

How much snow can be cleared at one time with a snow blower depends on many factors like whether it is gas or electric, one- or two-stage, and the brand. For example, a Toro electric blower can clear between 12-18 inches of snow at a time, while a Craftsmen gas model can clear between 20-28 inches at a time

What features should I look for in a snow blower?

Some good features to look for in a snow blower include a dead-man control, a long handle, a headlight, electric starters, and heated hand grips.

What is a dead-man control?

A dead-man control is a vital safety feature that will stop all of the snow blower’s mechanical motions when the handlebar grips are released; this keeps you safer during operation because it means that if something should cause you to slip or fall, you won’t be caught in the snow blower’s path.

Why is a long handle beneficial?

A long handle makes it easy for you to alter the height of the snow blower, as well as the direction, during use. If you are looking at two-stage models, a long joystick will be beneficial as well.

Why is an electric starter useful?

Even if you decide to go with a gas-powered model, an electric starter can make a huge difference in your ease of use. Electric-starting snow blowers take away the strain and hassle of pull-cord models that don’t always start right away in the cold weather.

Why should I look for a snow blower with a headlight?

A headlight is a great feature if you live in a snowy area and want to get a head start on snow removal by working at night.

What are heated hand grips?

Heated hand grips are like seat warmers that you might have in your car, except they are built into the handlebars of your snow blower. Heated hand grips are very useful because you’ll be outside in the cold, and even with gloves your hands can be susceptible to frostbite or general discomfort.

What safety precautions should I know before using a snow blower?

Like any heavy machinery, snow blowers can pose a threat if not used properly. The most common injury when using a snow blower is a finger injury, so always be cautious near the machine’s moving parts, and never try to clear a chute or auger using your hand; use either a broom or the clearing tool that comes with the snow blower. Also, be wary of flying gravel or other small objects that can be picked up and thrown by the snow blower; keep your pets and family inside or away from the snow blowers trajectory during use. If you have an electric snow blower, be careful of the cord and don’t let it get too close to the machinery. If your snow blower seems very loud, use hearing protection.

What sort of maintenance do snow blowers require?

Snow blowers do require some simply regular and yearly maintenance. You’ll want to change the spark plug and oil on a gas-powered blower every year, and you should use a fuel stabilizer between uses to keep your gas stable. You’ll also want to keep an eye on the tightness of nuts and bolts, which can become loose during operation.

The WORX WG650 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower Reviewed
This Worx snow blower is designed for a convenient, frustration-free snow clearing routine. The 13 Amp motor provides efficient clearing power that can throw snow to up to 30 feet away and since it is fully electricity operated, it requires minimum maintenance. The thrower can easily clear up a 18 inches wide and 9 inches deep path through the snow built up on driveways, sidewalks as well as patios. Quick clamps allow for effortless and tool-less handlebar adjustment. The handlebar-mounted chute control handle enables the user to adjust the snow discharging stream directing it to the desired location. The lightweight design, combined with the compact wheels, provides high maneuverability and allows the user to easily store the snow thrower when it is not used.
The Snow Joe SJ620 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower Reviewed
This easy-to-use yet powerful snow thrower is extremely easy to maintain making it a highly convenient tool to have at home. The13.5 Amp electric motor ensures an environment friendly clearing routine while at the same time allowing the thrower to process up to 650 pounds of snow per minute. Five steel blades enable this thrower to cut through 10 inches deep snow in one pass while also providing an 18 inches wide clearing path. The adjustable built-in chute allows the user to control the direction of the 20-feet snow discharge. The corded electric design allows for an easy engine start even in the harshest winter conditions. This Snow Joe thrower model is perfect for clearing up medium sidewalks and walkways.
Review: GreenWorks 26032 Corded 20 inch Snow Thrower
This snow thrower comes in two different models: one with a 9 Amp electric powered motor and 16” clearing path and one equipped with a 12 Amp powered motor and a wider clearing path of 20”. Depending on the model, GreenWorks’ snow thrower has a clearing depth from 6” to 10”. Both versions are equipped with powerful motors that can discharge snow to up to 20 feet away and since it is powered up with electricity, there are no carbon emissions. The built-in directional chute can be rotated 180 degrees, allowing the user to direct the snow discharge towards the desired direction. This tool also features a cord-lock system to ensure that the extension cord does not get in the way. The blades are made out of either plastic or steel, depending on the model.
Review of the Power Smart DB5023 18-Inch Electric Snow Thrower
Featuring a powerful 13 Amp electric motor and a 18 inches wide blade, this electric snow thrower can easily cut through 9 inches of snow in a single pass. The rubber-tipped steel auger provides a snow discharge of up to 30 feet making this thrower perfect for clearing walkways as well as driveways. The 180-degree adjustable chute allows the user to fully control the discharge direction of the snow with the help of an oversized handle that is mounted on the handlebar. The hand grip is coated with foam for added convenience during cold-weather use. Since it can only be used while connected to a power source, this electric snow thrower is environment friendly with no carbon emissions at all.
Power Smart DB7651 24″ Gas 2-Stage Snow Thrower
This heavy duty snow blower can take on the hardest challenges. It has a 24 inches clearing width and can cut through 21 inches deep snow. The 12-inch serrated steel augers are powered by a 208 cc gas motor, making this tool useable even in the harshest conditions. Thanks to the electric push-button start, the users do not have to wrestle with the old fashioned recoil starters. For added convenience, the thrower features four forward and two reverse speed settings. They can be easily controlled with the help of the control lever that is conveniently placed on a panel between the two handles. The built-in adjustable skid shoes can be used for modifying the hight of the scraper so that this thrower can be safely used on different surfaces.
The Snow Joe 322P 12-Inch Electric Snow Thrower Reviewed
This compact and conveniently designed electric snow thrower is perfect for clearing patios, steps or sidewalks. It has a clearing path of 12 inches and can easily cut through 4-inch deep snow. The powerful 7.5 Amp motor allows this snow thrower to move up to 300 pounds of snow every minute discharging it to up to 20 feet away. Weighing only 12 pounds and featuring an adjustable handle, this tool is designed for a comfortable use, unlike other heavy snow blowers that put a lot of strain on the back. The thrower also features a key lock so that it cannot be used by someone else, if the user wishes so. With its 11 x 9 x 30 inches convenient dimensions, this thrower can be conveniently stored throughout the seasons.
Review of the Toro 38361 Power Shovel 1500 Electric Snow Thrower
Toro’s electric snow thrower is a perfect choice for taking care of the snowed-up sidewalks, walkways, and other residential areas. It can be used for effortlessly clearing up four inches of snow off a medium-sized driveway in about 20 minutes. Its powerful 7.5 Amp electric motor can process up to 300 pounds of snow per minute. It has a convenient 20-foot snow discharge. 12-inches wide and 6-inches deep clearing path allow for an efficient snow-clearing. Due to its compact design and weighting just 12.5 pounds, this Toro snow thrower can be easily maneuvered and stored. For added convenience, this model features a telescopic metal handle that is designed for suiting any user’s height. Since the motor uses only electricity, it can be easily maintained and it will always start on the first try.
The Toro 38381 Electric 1800 Curve Snow Blower Reviewed
This powerful Toro snow blower is equipped with an efficient 15 Amp electric motor that enables the user to move up to 700 pounds of snow every minute. With its 18 inches wide clearance and 12 inches high intake, this thrower is extremely efficient when used on walkways, patios and driveways. The Power Curve technology guarantees a down-to-the-pavement clearing and it also prevents the thrower from clogging. The handle is conveniently designed to offer a comfortable use even when using thick gloves and it can be easily folded for compact storage. Unlike other older model, this one has a built-in cord locking system that prevents the user from accidentally unplug the blower. The electric motor is highly costs-effective and it requires minimum maintenance.

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