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Best Steam Mops 2020: Questions & Answers

How does a steam mop differ from a vacuum or a regular mop?

Unlike regular mops, which tend to push the same dirty water around without actually getting rid of the mess or grime, a steam mop absorbs whatever it is cleaning, leaving your floors looking shiny and new. The super high temperatures also are better at removing tough stains and sticky messes than regular mops. Steam mops also require no chemicals that could harm you or your children; it’s just hot water, so you won’t have a strong cleaning smell or have to worry about the chemicals in soap or other cleaning agents. Steam mops also leave your floors drier than regular mops, which can take a long time for the water to dissipate. A steam mop is an eco-friendly and fast-working cleaning solution for any home.

How does a steam mop work?

Steam mops work by superheating water until it vaporizes and turns to steam. The steam is released, either continuously or by a push-button system that releases bursts of steam at a time, and breaks down food particles and messes. Absorbent, dirt-catching pads on the base of the mop attract dirt and debris, getting them off your floor.

Where can I use my steam mop?

Most steam mops are built for use on tile, marble, vinyl, stone, laminate, or linoleum floors in your bathroom or kitchen. However, many models, including Bissel and Haan models, offer carpet attachments that allow you to steam clean your carpets or upholstery. Do not use a steam mop on unfinished hard wood floors, as it can damage the wood.

What sort of messes can I clean with a steam mop?

Liquid spills like ketchup, olive oil, and pasta sauce can be easily cleaned by a steam mop. Steam mops are also great for stubborn stains and sticky messes like gum and honey. If you purchase a model that includes a carpet attachment, you can steam out long-standing stains and gunk from your carpets.

Does the size of the water tank matter?

The short answer is yes. The larger the water tank, the more steam it can create, and for a longer period of time. Large water tanks can provide up to 45 minutes of steam cleaning, while smaller water tanks may only offer 10 minutes or so. A good thing to keep an eye out for when looking at steam mops is whether or not the water tank is removable; removable water tanks can make refilling the water tank much easier, as you don’t need to lift the whole mop into the sink.

How will I know when I need to add more water to my steam mop?

Some steam mops have see-through water tanks where you can actually see the water level at all times. Others offer an indicator light that will alert you when water is running low. Some don’t alert you at all and you will have to gauge for yourself during use whether or not more water needs to be added.

What features should I look for in a steam mop?

Some good features in a steam mop include variable steam controls, lightweight design, additional mop heads, a swivel head, and a dual tank system.

Why are variable steam controls beneficial?

Variable steam controls allow you to set the temperature and amount of steam the mop will release at one time. This is great because different messes require different treatment; having variable steam controls allows you to take care of light messes without wasting water, while also giving you the ability to tackle difficult messes with more steam and power.

What are the benefits of a lightweight steam mop?

You’ll want to make sure that your steam mop is lightweight so that you can use it comfortably. You may need to use additional pressure on more heavy-duty stains, so having a lightweight steam mop can make a big difference. A lightweight steam mop is easier to use in general and makes for a more pleasant cleaning experience.

Do I need additional mop heads?

While additional mop heads aren’t a necessity, they can help give you greater range in your home. For example, many Shark models offer a rectangular and a triangular mop head; the rectangular head is great for using on your whole floor, while the triangular head allows you to access corners and other hard-to-reach areas.

What are the benefits of having a swivel head?

A swiveling head that pivots can make it easy to maneuver your steam mop around the room. You don’t always have to clean at 90 degree angles, so you can move naturally around the floor. It can also help you scrub difficult messes from a variety of angles for optimal cleaning time.

What is a dual tank system?

A dual tank system, offered on many higher-end models in the Hoover line, gives you optimal hygiene when cleaning your floors. A dual tank system separates dirty water from clean water, so that you’re never using the dirty water to clean your floors. Unlike regular mops, which generally use the same water over and over again, a steam mop with a dual tank system ensures that you will always be using fresh, clean water during the cleaning process.

What sort of heating time should I look for in a steam mop?

Heating times (or, the speed at which the water can reach a temperature that will turn it to steam) can vary from model to model. Haan offers steam mops with heating times up to 20 seconds, while many Bissel models heat up in 30 seconds. Look for a steam mop that has 45 seconds or less of heating time.

Will a steam mop sanitize my floors?

Most steam mops include antibacterial properties in the pads that can kill germs and bacteria on your floors. Some models boast that they can destroy up to 99.99% of germs in your kitchen or bathroom. Since steam is heated at about 200 degrees, the heat itself will effectively kill off many viruses and bacteria.

Will I need to replace the mop pads and water filters on my steam mop?

Depends on the model. Some steam mops have replaceable mop pads that pop off and can be discarded, while others can be washed in your washing machine or under hot running water. Buying washable mop pads can save you money, but always having new mop pads ensures that your steam mop will work at peak efficiency each time you replace them, as opposed to the wear and tear of washing and use that can occur with non-replaceable mop pads. Of course, you can replace washable mop pads too if they begin to degrade. Water filters generally will need to be replaced and cost between $10 and $20.

Is there any sort of maintenance I need to perform on my steam mop to keep it working?

There’s very little maintenance involved with steam mops besides washing or changing the mop pads. You’ll want to rinse out the water tank once a month or so (depending on how often you use it) to get rid of any calcium deposits. Other than that, you need to do very little to keep your steam mop performing at optimal levels.

Can I add scents or fragrances to the water to help my home smell good?

Yes. Eucalyptus is a popular fragrance that works great with steam mops.

The Shark Professional S3601D Steam Pocket Mop Reviewed
For chemical –free cleaning of all of your sealed hard-surface floors, the Shark Professional Steam Pocket mop has many useful features that make cleaning fast and easy. The Shark professional provides 99.9 % sanitation to keep your home free from germs, bacteria, and dust mites. The two-sided steam pocket pad feature provides twice the cleaning area with a simple flip of the steam head. Easily select more or less steam depending on the toughness of the cleaning task at hand. Intelligent steam control allows you to choose from three steam settings that allow you to dust, mop, or scrub. With a 500ml water tank capacity, 30 second steam heat up time, intelligent steam control settings, the Shark Steam Pocket Mop makes light work of cleaning your floors. A rectangular mop head, 2 washable scrub pockets and a filling flask are included with the Shark Professional.
BISSELL Powerfresh Steam Mop 1940
The Bissell Powerfresh steam mop comes ready to clean those hard to reach spaces. With a scrubber that easily flips down, the Powerfresh scrubs deep into grout and crevices. A low-profile mop head allows the Bissell steam mop to slide under and into corners and edges. The smartest Steam Control allows the mop to be easily adjusted to tackle all kinds of cleaning jobs, from light to heavy. For an added clean scent, spring breeze fragrance discs are included with the Powerfresh stem mop. The removable water tank fills easily at the sink for ease of use every time you mop. A lightweight mop weighing in at 8.4 lbs, the Powerfresh measures 11.6 x 7.1 x 28.6 inches.
The Eureka Enviro Hard Surface Floor Steamer 313A Reviewed
An environmentally- friendly hard-surface floor cleaner, The Eureka Floor Steamer has an adjustable-height handle, a 12-1/2 inch cleaning head, and a lightweight design for simple, efficient clean up of all your hard-floor surfaces. The Eureka Enviro is designed to safely and effectively clean and sanitize all of your hard-surface floors and is safe on wood, granite, laminate, marble, and other hard, sealed surfaces. The steam action mop uses absolutely chemical free steam to clean your floors in a completely safe, and environmentally friendly way. Free from any harsh chemicals, the Eureka is also great for those with small children. The larger, 12 ½ inch cleaning head makes light and fast work of cleaning your floors as it covers a wider surface area in less time.
Review of the Bissell Steam Mop Hard-Floor Cleaner 1867-7
This versatile Steam-mop by Bissell comes equipped with many high-end, useful features. The Bissell hard-floor cleaner is an upright electronic mop with a 360-degree swivel head that thoroughly cleans hard to reach places. Not only does the Bissell steam mop clean floors well, it does so without the use of any harsh chemicals. In addition to the swivel head steam mop, you will receive two washable, reusable microfiber mop pads, a water filter, and a quick release cord wrap for fast and easy storage. Bissell’s low-profile mop head allows for easy glide cleaning under tables, chairs, counters, and other hard to reach areas. Steam mops are a hygienic, easy to use, and super fast drying way to clean and sanitize all of your hard-surface floors.
Review: HAAN SI-60 Select Multi-Level Steamer
The HAAN steamer does double duty cleaning in your home. It not only cleans and sanitizes all of your hard-surface floors, it also comes with a carpet glide attachment that sanitizes and refreshes your carpet. Without the use of any harsh chemicals, the HAAN Multi Level Steamer kills up to 99.9 percent of germs, bacteria, and dust mites in your home with the use of it’s very own Smart Steam Technology. The machine-powered steam pump ensures that you get a consistent clean every time you mop. The swivel head and removable water tank that can easily be filled in the sink makes for easy cleaning every time. Along with the HAAN Steamer you will receive two reusable ultra-microfiber cleaning pads. The HAAN Multi-Level steamer provides one-step, economical, chemical-free cleaning for your home.
The Bissell Steam Mop 31N1 Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner Reviewed
A lightweight mop designed for cleaning and sanitizing hard-floor surfaces, this Bissell Home care international features an ergonomic handle, steam release trigger, convenient swivel head, and a hanging hook for easy storage. The 31N1 steam mop cleans hard-surface floors without chemicals, has a removable water tank, as well as a self-contained water purification system. The Bissell international is safe for almost all hard-floor surfaces including laminate, granite, marble, vinyl, and sealed hard wood. This versatile steam mop also features a carpet glide attachment for stain removal on carpeted surfaces, two extra microfiber cleaning pads, and eucalyptus fragrance water for a natural clean and fresh scent. This Bissell 31N1 steam mop measures approximately 6 x 11x 45 1/5 inches and weighs 9 lbs.
The Shark Steam Pocket Mop S3501 Reviewed
The Shark Steam Pocket Mop provides quick and easy cleaning and sanitation of all of your hard-surfaced floors. The two-sided pocket-cleaning feature allows for double the cleaning surface of single-sided mop heads. The Shark Steam Pocket has an extra large water capacity that makes for fewer trips to the sink to refill during cleaning. Swivel mop steering cleans hard to reach areas easily and quickly. Equipped with washable microfiber pads, the Shark Steam Pocket picks up dirt that other mop brands can leave behind during cleaning. The Pocket Mop achieves 99.9 % sanitation on all of your hard-surface wood areas throughout your home. Ready to go upon purchase, this Shark mp comes with a rectangular mop head, 2 Shark washable all purpose pocket pads, and a convenient tank-filling flask.
Review: Sienna Vibe Steam Mop
Simple and effective to use, the Sienna Vibe Steam mop deodorizes, sanitizes, and cleans all of the sealed hard-surface floors in your home. The Vibe Steam Mop uses absolutely no chemicals, only water, to provide an effective chemical-free clean finish on your floors. The Sienna Steam mop’s triangular head shape allows for advanced reach into tight and awkward corners and spaces. There is no wait time to start cleaning as the Sienna Mop heats up water to steam almost instantly. The added benefit of vibration in combination with Smart Steam makes the Sienna Steam Mop dig even deeper into your hard-surfaced floors to remove dirt and germs. For easy storage, the Vibe Steam Mop folds away into almost half it’s original size making it easy to store almost anywhere.
Shark Light & Easy Steam Mop S3101
Simple to control variable steam settings is only one of the many features of the Shark Light & Easy Steam Mop. Equipped with a head that provides a natural mopping motion, the Shark Light delivers super-heated steam in only 30 seconds and dries almost immediately after steaming. The Shark steam mop provides 99.9 percent sanitation for germs and bacteria in your home. The included cleaning pads are made of a washable micro-fiber that lift up and lock in dirt. Not only does the Shark Light & Easy mop clean and sanitize your hard-surface floors effectively, it is also one of the safest ways to clean and protect your floor’s surface. Weighing a feather-light 3 lbs, the Shark Light & Easy Steam Mop is easy to use and simple to store.

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