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10 DIY Women Bloggers To Know About

Kathy Martin

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Popular social media sites like Pinterest highlight a lot of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects. From gardening, home improvement, organization, and a lot more, these projects help to inspire other homemakers and anyone who wants to breathe new life into their living spaces. Following this trend in DIY, Ratingle offers an excellent home improvement section that gives reviews on cordless drills, router tables and more tools which are ideal for DIY projects. To gather some DIY inspiration, we’ve rounded up the 10 best women bloggers in the category that will inspire you to start crafting your own DIY projects at home.

Michelle Shen

AM Dolce Vita
Based in Toronto, Canada, Michelle Shen documents the renovation and redesign of her custom-built home through her blog, AM Dolce Vita. By profession, Michelle is a software sales executive and is a design blogger by hobby. AM Dolce Vita features beautiful photographs of her design work as well as design boards that hope to inspire other readers in creating a theme for various spaces at home. She also has a DIY section where she features old pieces that were given a new life thanks to her tasteful DIY skills. Apart from her blog, Michelle can also be found on Pinterest.

Kate Riley

Centsational Girl
Based in Northern Carolina, U.S.A., Kate Riley’s website, Centsational Girl, focuses on DIY style for less. A lawyer by profession, she is now an established design blogger who concentrates on interior decorating and DIY projects. She specializes in giving new life to items found at discount retail shops, second-hand stores, and home improvement centers. Her website’s content is full of useful tutorials that offer step-by-step guides on how to refurbish items that you can do on your own. Not only that, she also features her talent on the beautiful styling of various spaces. Her mantra is “fabulous, for less,” and the blog captures that.

Dinah Wulf

DIY Inspired
Those who would like to learn how to start their own DIY projects that will not break the bank should look no further with Dinah Wulf’s DIY Inspired blog. Based in Southern California, Dinah is a stay-at-home mom who realized she had more time not just for the family but to do what she loves the most: affordable DIY crafting. Her blog features plenty of DIY project tutorials from recycling and upcycling different materials and a lot of crafting projects that are ideal for kids. There are also themed projects for every occasion as well as home and garden ideas. Apart from these, Dinah has been published in Real Simple and Parent’s Magazine and has been featured as one of Mashable’s Moms Full of Inspiring Advice.

Casey & Bridget

The DIY Playbook
Run by Chicago-based best friends Casey and Bridget, The DIY Playbook puts front and center the two ladies’ passion and creativity for DIY projects. Reading through the informative articles presented on The DIY Playbook’s minimalist but beautiful website promises creative inspiration. The blog focuses mainly on home styling tips and DIY crafts and tutorials, but it also offers sections such as features on lifestyle, beauty and fashion, and a home tour of the ladies’ homes. Moreover, there’s also a shop that allows visitors to purchase pieces curated by Casey and Bridget. You can also find The DIY Playbook on social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Carrie Waller

Dream Green DIY
Writer, stylist, and photographer Carrie Waller founded Dream Green DIY in 2011. The Virginia-based blogger features helpful guides on how to DIY furniture pieces, paper craftworks, accessories, food, and organizing tips that are presented in beautifully captivating photos. The blog also highlights the supplies needed and budget breakdown per project for money-conscious individuals. Moreover, Carrie’s style on DIY focuses on a mid-century modern theme. She also highlights her latest projects and updates on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Her work has been featured in Domino, Better Homes and Gardens, Design*Sponge, HGTV Magazine, Country Living, Rue Daily, Glitter Guide, and Apartment Therapy.

Beth Hunter

Home Stories A to Z
Blogger Beth Hunter moved around a lot in her younger years and this led her to redecorate her room every so often. However, it wasn’t until she worked as a designer for a short period that she discovered her love for decorating. Her blog, Home Stories A to Z offers a home tour of the inspiring spaces in her home. She also has DIY tips on redecorating, furniture makeovers, outdoor projects, food ideas, and crafting. Apart from blogging, Beth is also a brand ambassador for Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. On Facebook, Beth has over 71,000 followers who read up on her helpful tricks and tips on sprucing up a home.

Brittany Bailey

Pretty Handy Girl
If there is one lady who could really inspire beyond DIY crafting, it would be Brittany Bailey of Pretty Handy Girl. Brittany is on a mission to empower ladies who want to do things well, if not better, than guys. What makes Brittany’s blog stand out from others is her extensive know-how on the various power tools needed for big home improvement projects. Brittany says that her first real taste in renovating came in 2003 when a leaky pipe turned into a major kitchen renovation that she did on her own. Apart from this already cool fact, Brittany’s blog also offers tips on decorating, painting and antiquing techniques, arts and crafts and sewing.

KariAnne Wood

Thistlewood Farm
Behind Thistlewood Farm is KariAnne Wood. Based in Western Kentucky, KariAnne packed away her family’s city life to live in a renovated farmhouse. The blog documents KariAnne’s DIY projects and tips on refurbishing, crafting and even recipes which are ideal elements for creating your own cozy nook or even hosting a party. The blog also features an inspiring home tour of KariAnne’s home where visitors can take a look at some design inspiration. Not only that, KariAnne is also a published author with her upcoming book, “So Close To Amazing” and a public speaker as well. Find more information about “So Close To Amazing” on Thistlewood Farm Blog. Her inspiring work can be also found on Instagram and Facebook where she shares design ideas and much more.

Michelle Barneck

A Little Tipsy
Utah-based blogger and mom of four kids, Michelle Barneck is behind A Little Tipsy blog which specializes in DIY projects on a budget for anyone who is on-the-go. Before sharing her love for DIY on her blog, Michelle worked as a flight attendant and worked a few years in marketing and advertising. Today, her blog features plenty of her DIY projects that go beyond simple refurbishing. It also features themed party and decorating ideas, recipes, organization tips and tricks, and DIY fashion fixes. Moreover, Michelle can be found on social media. Her Pinterest page features her many DIY projects and crafts.

Brooke Ulrich

All Things Thrifty
Made for the typically busy American woman, All Things Thrifty is run by a mom of four, Brooke Ulrich. Her blog’s aim is to empower readers to confidently take on projects and her little corner of the internet provides useful tutorials, party ideas and even tricks and tips to help improve lives. The mom of four specializes in furniture refinishing, upholstery, and room decor. Her blog is divided into four parts: “All Things DIY,” where tutorials come in; “All Things Girly,” which includes party ideas and crafts; “All Things Delicious,” for recipes; and “All Things Us,” that relates to her family life.