17 Best Recipes You Didn’t Know You Could Waffle

Here are some of the most original (and strange) recipes to make with a waffle iron from around the internet. If you’re like most people, you have a waffle iron that you end up digging out of the cabinet a few times a year when you’re in the mood for a breakfast that comes with a sugar rush so monumental that it will be impossible to do anything else productive that day. Check out these alternatives:

Click on the headings to go to the recipes. Have fun!

1. Cake Mix Waffle Cake (click for recipe)

If you’re wanting to make a cake mix look more like a cake made from scratch, disguise it by cooking it into the shape of a waffle.  Well, okay, maybe it won’t look more like it’s made from scratch.  But it will look more like a waffle, and that’s really better isn’t it?


2. Waffle Cookies (click for recipe)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to eat a cookie shaped like a waffle? No?  Well, start thinking about it, because waffle cookies are about to rock your world.  You don’t have to heat up the oven.  You don’t have to make a large batch.  You’ll have cookies in minutes and the kids can easily help.


You Need:  Cookie dough (any cookie dough will work), cooking spray

3. Waffle Dogs (click for recipe)

Do you not have any hot dog buns on hand and also wish your hot dog came with built in tiny squares to put your mustard into?  If your answer is “yes” – you’re in luck!  If your answer is, “well, yes, but I prefer ketchup” – gross, but you’re still in luck!  You can waffle your hot dog.

Cooked waffle dogs on waffle iron

You Need: Hot dogs, slices of bread, a little bit of waffle batter, mustard (or ketchup I guess)

4. Fluffiest Scrambled Eggs

You know how the waffle iron takes waffle batter and turns into plump, fluffy waffles?  It does the same thing for eggs.  You can even add some chopped tomatoes, spinach or peppers if you’re feeling really wild. Just pour the whisked eggs over a greased waffle iron and watch as they turn into fluffy deliciousness, complete with squares for precise hot sauce application.

You Need: Eggs, cooking spray, salt and pepper.

Check out How to Make Scrambled Eggs With a Waffle Maker by Danika LoCicero on Snapguide.

5. Not A Coincidence Quesadillas

Have you ever noticed that a circular waffle iron is the same size as a tortilla?  It is.  And I am going to assume that this was intentional – the waffle iron industry knew that eventually we would all evolve past waffles and decide that we had to make a quesadilla on the waffle iron.  Try it, you will not be sorry.

You Need: Two tortillas coated in butter, shredded cheese (the more the better), garnishes of your choice such as shredded chicken, salsa, refried beans, sour cream and guacamole.

6. Finally! French Toast Waffles

You know how the syrup fills the little waffle squares? Or the way you can pull of each little square and eat them one at a time?  Isn’t that what makes waffles so much better than pancakes and French toast?  The squares are the key to it all.  Finally, someone hooked French toast up with squares.  Oh yes, it happened.  Bonus tip – add the syrup to the wet mixture before you dip the bread and you can eat it on the go without making a mess.

You Need:  All the stuff you usually need for French toast, a big appetite.

7. Waffle Burger

It’s hip to be a square. Or a burger with a lot of little squares branded into your bun.  It’s even hipper to eat said burger.  The waffle iron is perfect for sizzling the ground beef to grilled perfection, and cooking a golden brown bun into the familiar waffle shape.

You Need: Homemade bun recipe, ground beef, all the fixing’s.

8. Mac & Cheese Waffles

This is the perfect solution to left over macaroni and cheese.  You need to bread chunks of macaroni and cheese and then pop it on the waffle iron.  The result is a crunchier version of your favorite comfort food, with dipping capability that your kids won’t be able to resist.

You Need: Leftover mac & cheese, cooking spray, breading ingredients and perhaps some olive oil to combat over-drying of noodles

9. Comforting Corn Bread

Corn bread is a classic comfort food.  It pairs well with chili, jalapeño peppers, and pretty much any stew you think of.  Plus it’s healthy!  What could make it even better?  You know the answer: waffle it.

You Need: A moist cornbread recipe, cooking spray

10. Perfect Panini

Craving a golden, toasted sandwich with melted cheese, savory meats and grilled veggies?  Of course you are.  Who isn’t?


Instead of buying a Panini machine to make your own delicious lunch at home – pull out that waffle iron.


You Need: Bread of your choice, butter to spread over the bread and grease the iron, cheese and meat of your choice and some delicious veggies like arugula or spinach.

11. Grilled Hash Browns

As if a waffle breakfast couldn’t get any better, now you know that it can. Add waffle hash browns.  Now, instead of having one waffle iron you use four times a year, you’re going to need two waffle irons, and you’ll be using them every day, friend. Hint: You can also squish leftover tater tots into your waffle iron and voila, hash browns.

You Need: Shredded potatoes, salt and pepper, cooking spray

12. Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls, yet another breakfast food that should probably be classified as a dessert, but no one cares.  Smother waffled cinnamon rolls in icing, it’s as much sugar as a cupcake but somehow still considered a perfectly acceptable way to start your day.  Am I complaining?  NO.

You Need: A can of refrigerated cinnamon rolls

13. Egg and Ham CroiSandwhich

Here’s proof that technology has finally reached an amazing pinnacle.  You can pour croissant dough into your waffle maker, top with ham and an egg and create the most amazing croisandwhich that ever existed.  This is a moment to remember in the history books.

You Need: Croissant dough recipe, ham, egg, cheese

14. Sausage Waffles

Why do meat and syrup go so well together?  You really wouldn’t think they would.  Yet somehow any time I eat sausage and waffles, my favorite part is dipping the sausage in the syrup and enjoying that one of a kind savory and sweet combination.  Now, you can actually make sausage waffles.  That’s what I call a good morning.

You Need: Sausage, waffle batter

15. Waffle Bacon

Were you just about to say “well, it looks like every breakfast food ever can be cooked on a waffle iron?”  Hold the phone.  Bacon.  Bacon can be cooked on a waffle iron.  I know, it’s amazing.  Really, it is.  And it makes putting syrup on your bacon even better.

You Need: Bacon

16. Bread Pudding of Destiny

Picture this: waffles, which are then waffled again with custard into a bread pudding.  I know.  Anytime a recipe says “waffle, and then waffle again,” it’s got to be good right?  I think so.  This would be a really decadent thing to do with leftover waffles.  Or, if you’re like me and you just said “what are leftover waffles?” then this is a good way to make waffles which you will then turn into even better waffles.

You Need: Waffle recipe or mix, custard mix (cream, half and half, eggs, brown sugar and salt)

17. The Pizza that Will Change the Way You Eat Pizza

You can essentially make a homemade pizza pocket at home using your waffle iron.  And because the good stuff (i.e. vegetables) are housed safely between two layers of crust, your kids can’t pick them all off and feed them to the dog when you’re not looking.

You Need:  A great dough recipe, pizza sauce and your favorite toppings