Best Coffee Blogs

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Best Coffee Blogs

Love of Coffee

For some people, starting the day with a cup of coffee is essential to have a productive workday ahead. But did you ever think about the many different factors that go into your daily cup of java? These blogs aim to inspire, spark new ideas and to promote the coffee industry and all the fun it takes into roasting beans and brewing your favorite coffee concoctions.

CoffeeMuseum by Gugga
For anyone who loves a good story about coffee, the CoffeeMuseum will certainly deliver just that. The website’s concept is that it works like a physical museum wherein permanent and temporary exhibitions are presented that creates an online experience to feel coffee in a different light. A look into the various stories in the website lets readers travel to a different place with engaging text and beautiful photos that capture how coffee travels from bean to cup. Moreover, the website also features what it calls a Coffee ba, which in Japanese, “ba” translates to a shared space for emerging relationships. That part of the site features different coffee brands, coffee houses, suppliers, influencers, researchers and more to connect with.
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Mommee Coffee
Created for moms in all stages of motherhood – conception, pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond – Mommee Coffee is the ideal go-to site for mothers who love coffee. The website originally markets specialty coffee aimed at giving mothers various options during the early stages of motherhood. Available for purchase as an individual bag or as a subscription are decaf, quarter caf, half calf and full caf bags of coffee that are low acid, organic, fair trade and water processed. Moreover, the website also contains information on coffee drinking at stages such as conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Moms can also find a wealth of information beyond coffee such as tips on motherhood and natural baby food recipes, among others.
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Drew Moody

Corner of the cafe
Run by former barista and writer, Drew Moody, A Table in the Corner of the Cafe features specialty cof-fee and cafe reviews. The blog features other craft beverages like beer, spirits, soda and tea. The coffee reviewed on the blog goes through a lengthy process of cupping by observing tastes and aroma, and a standard brewing evaluation by means of different devices. In this way, the blog presents reviews that are informative and detailed, making it an ideal go-to site for coffee drinkers who are looking to try new and exciting kinds of coffee.
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Transcend Coffee and Roastery
Based in Canada, Transcend Coffee and Roastery sells everything you need to make the perfect brew. From coffee sourced all over the world to equipment needed for brewing to even courses, Transcend Coffee and Roastery could very well be your one-stop shop. Aside from the shop, Transcend Coffee and Roastery also offers some helpful Brewing Guide videos so you can properly enjoy your coffee. Meanwhile, the company’s blog features the latest updates and news on what’s going on with the coffee brand.
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The Coffeetographer

The Coffeetographer
An ideal website for the coffee-loving culture vulture, The Coffeetographer is an independent webzine that covers, curates and documents the culture of specialty coffee. Contained within the pages are plenty of articles to browse through that details coffee consumption, photojournalism portraits of people in the coffee culture, artworks displayed in coffee houses, mixtapes of music played in coffee houses, and film and lifestyle. What makes this blog a good addition to your daily reading routine is that all the photos are original and captured in a beautiful, almost dream-like way.
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Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club
For those inclined to travel, the Atlas Coffee Club markets a monthly subscription service for globally curated coffee. A subscription includes one bag of coffee, a postcard, flavor notes and brewing rec-ommendations. Apart from this, the Atlas Coffee Club also offers a brewing guide and other must-know information on storing coffee or making cold brew. The website’s blog also contains useful tips like how to make cold brew using a French press and even the do’s and dont’s of brewing coffee.
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Nick Usborne

Coffee Detective
Written by writer and coffee enthusiast Nick Usborne, the Coffee Detective offers a handy guide for those exploring the wonderful world of coffee outside their drip coffee maker. Usborne details the vari-ous brewing methods to use that will suit your needs, tips on how to make the perfect gourmet coffee, coffee-based recipes and of course, the many health benefits that come with enjoying coffee. Apart from these already filling content, Usborne also expertly reviews coffee maker and different coffee beans.
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Claudia Looi

If travel is in the horizon and you’re looking for the best places in the world to enjoy a cup of coffee, read Claudia Looi’s CoffeeSphere blog. The main highlight of the coffee-themed blog is its list of coffee shops around the world. It includes cafe suggestions in locales such as Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia, Reykjavik in Iceland, Germany, the Trans Mongolian Railway, Lake Baikal, Mongolia and even South America. Moreover, the blog also contains a useful A to Z guide on coffee which discusses the various preparations for it.
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Maria Teresa Mancuso

Coffee Me!

Launch by Maria Teresa Mancuso in Zürich in 2013 (formally coffeemezurich), specializes in coffee experience. It started with a main focus on developing an appreciation for espresso, due to the author’s Italian roots. As cafés are discovered, the coffee experience is shared and the espresso is reviewed and rated. features a coffee map with various coffee spots from around the world. The reviews include what you need to know about the cafe, espresso rating and useful information such as availability of amenities like free Wi-Fi. This blog could come in handy if you’re looking for new cafe suggestions from a round the world.

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Scotland Coffee Lovers

Coffee Lovers Blogspot
If you’re on the hunt for independent specialty coffee in Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland Coffee Lovers is the ideal place for you. The blog has been operational since 2008 and it reviews coffee from the perspective of “people-in-the-street” and the ratings are based only on the cups of coffee. Apart from the cafe reviews, the blog also features event updates such as coffee courses and interview fea-tures on local roasters, among others.
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Coffee Blog UK
Based in South Manchester in the United Kingdom, the Coffee Blog is the perfect resource for those who are broadening their horizons when it comes to coffee drinking or just traveling around the UK. The blog’s primary focus is on all things coffee, coffee machines, and independent coffee shops. Aside from this, the blog is also ar-ranged into sections that detail what you need to know about filter coffee and a helpful list on the coffee roasters found in the United Kingdom, among others. Moreover, the blog also features relevant topics on coffee and the society, like the effect of the Brexit on specialty coffee and listicles.
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Pure Coffee Blog
The Pure Coffee Blog is run by author, Bill who personally reviews the coffee and tea establishments and products featured on the site. What’s interesting to note is that the Pure Coffee Blog has a list of a num-ber of cafes in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom that the author has personally visited. Each cafe is arranged according to state or country and is thoroughly rated. This rating system offers a good resource on the best coffee establishments. Moreover, the site uses a rating system which is scored according to quality and appeal.
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Kevin Sinnott

Coffee Companion
If you’re looking to up your knowledge on coffee brewing, head over to the Coffee Companion. It is run by the nationally recognized coffee expert, Kevin Sinnott. Sinnott has been a sort of authority on coffee brewing and has authored three books and a video on brewing coffee. Likewise, he has also been fea-tured in various media outlets. The website offers plenty of informative reviews and news on the latest brewing machines and methods available in the market. Moreover, the website also has a section on CoffeeCon, the first all-consumer coffee festival.
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Coffee Cantata
Run by Dallas/Forth Worth-based freelance musician, Margaret, Coffee Cantata combines the author’s love for music and coffee. The blog is divided into several parts: Reviews by Region, which reviews dif-ferent roasts from Africa to Asia, as well as decaf, blends and cafes; Reviews by Brew Method, which includes AeroPress, Chemex, Espresso, French Press and Hario V60; and advice on Brewing and Equipment; and Coffee Musings among others. What’s great about the blog is that the reviews are in-formative and does not feel overwhelming, making the articles easy to digest and enjoy.
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Nathan Smith

Coffee Nate
If you’re just beginning have an appreciation for coffee, Coffee Nate is a great blog to start reading. The purpose of Coffee Nate is meant to be a resource for coffee drinkers on how to love coffee as the blog offers easy-to-follow video tutorials, commentary and product reviews. The author believes that you don’t need to have expensive equipment to develop a love for coffee, but an understanding of the prod-uct, roasting and brewing processes. The blog contains a wealth of articles including brewing guides, home coffee roasting methods, and for those who love to shop, various discount coupons to enjoy.
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Camano Island Coffee Roasters
The Enduring Gardener is a great resource especially if you would like to know how to start a greenhouse in your own backyard. The blog a section on greenhouses, such as tips on picking a greenhouse and maintenance tips. On the other hand, the blog’s Garden section discusses composting, cottage gardens, and garden design and maintenance. Meanwhile, the blog’s section on plants is an informative part of the site that offers a variety of growing tips for the different kinds of plants you can keep in your garden.
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Caffe Society

Amy Andrychowicz, Jessica Walliser, Niki Jabbour, Tara Nolan
Caffe Society
Based in Leeds in the United Kingdom, Caffe Society provides coffee and espresso machine products, barista training and coffee and tea drink options that are targeted towards food and beverage firms. The company’s blog contains useful information such as maintenance and servicing tips if you have an es-presso machine at home and articles that cover topics like coffee taste, afternoon tea, masala or flat white coffee and brewing methods.
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Kenneth Davids and Ron Walters

Coffee Review
The Coffee Review traces its roots to 1997 when founders Kenneth Davids and Ron Walters started con-ducting blind, expert cuppings of coffees which were then reported in 100-point reviews. Their aim was to educate readers on coffee through in-depth tasting reports and informed commentary. Since then, the Coffee Review has grown into the most read and influential coffee buying guide. The blog is divided into categories like coffee reviews, espresso reviews, tasting reports, the latest news in the coffee industry.
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Good Coffee
Based in Shibuya in Tokyo is Good Coffee, a blog that introduces specialty coffee in Japan and in the world. Travelers with a penchant for coffee can use Good Coffee as a resource in finding the best cafes in Japan by providing useful information such as operating hours, location, Wi-Fi availability and the like. Apart from these, the blog also delivers the latest news in the coffee industry in Japan with photo reports on events. In addition, the blog also features interviews with Japanese and foreign baristas based in Ja-pan as well as listicles on the best food and coffee shops per area in the country.
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Brian W. Jones

Dear Coffee I Love You
Seeking for some coffee inspiration? Read Dear Coffee I Love You, a blog that produces articles and reviews that center on coffee, culture, creativity and design. The site was started in 2009 and promotes high-quality coffee while encouraging readers to appreciate coffee farmers and their families. Articles featured in the beautifully designed blog include features on tasteful and unique designs on espresso machines and French press, the latest coffee events, cafes features, shopping guides and more. Read-ers will enjoy browsing through Dear Coffee I Love You as the site is designed in such a minimalist man-ner that the eye-catching photos and text stand out.
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The Coffee Concierge
Aspiring home baristas can find inspiration with The Coffee Concierge blog. It features learning re-sources such as brew guides, coffee experiments, recipes and a guide on how to do coffee cupping. Aside from this, the site also does informative reviews on whole bean coffee and ready-to-drink cold brew coffee and gear reviews that range from coffee makers and grinders, and other accessories. These site features will hopefully inspire home baristas to freely experiment and ultimately, make great coffee at home.
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Based in Vancouver in British Columbia, CoffeeGeek was launched in 2001 and is now the world’s most read independent and coffee and espresso resource. It is also made up of a large social network com-munity of 80,000 members who share their love for coffee. The site is divided into categories like opin-ions, consumer reviews, useful guides on coffee equipment and brewing methods, and CoffeeGeek re-views. These articles help to educate those who love coffee on how to do research, buy, source and use coffee and espresso equipment.
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The Coffee Compass
Helping readers to navigate through the world of craft coffee is beautifully designed The Coffee Com-pass. The blog features cafe reviews, interviews, product reviews, how-to instructions and more. What’s more the website also features a Coffee Map that pins to cafes in North America and Europe, along with their corresponding reviews. Entries found in the site are well-written and informative, making it an ideal go-to site for coffee enthusiasts and professionals.
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The Way to Coffee
Catering to those who are passionate about growing, roasting and brewing their own coffee, The Way to Coffee specializes in cafe reviews around the world. Featured on the website are cafe reviews in Asia, Europe and America. Photos are beautifully presented and the articles tell about the origins of coffee beans used in a cafe and what else can be found there. Moreover, the blog on specialty coffee also fea-tures interviews, notably of female baristas.
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Steve Agocs

KC Coffee Geek
The handiwork of Kansas City-based blogger, Steve Agocs, KC Coffee Geek features a wide variety of coffee reviews, cafes around Kansas City and brewing methods used by Steve to create his coffee re-views. Notably, the coffee reviews come from all over the United States, as well as brews from Canada, Costa Rica, India, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Japan, and Vietnam. Overall, the blog is a good resource if you’d like to explore different kinds of roasts to try at home.
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