Best Fitness Blogs

Kathy Martin

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Best Fitness Blogs

One of the best trends that has been making waves is to stay fit and healthy. It’s good for you for a number of reasons. First, by keeping an active lifestyle, you get to be fit and even lose weight the right way. Second, being conscious about what you put in your body can have tremendous benefits that compliments weight loss. Third, a healthy and active lifestyle puts you in a more positive disposition and outlook on life. Finally, it’s one of the best things you can give yourself as it helps to empower and challenge you at the same time.

Since the trend in health and fitness is on the rise, one of the best avenues to get advice and tips is through fitness blogs. Here are 40 of the best fitness blogs that you should be reading this year.

Reddit: /r/Fitness

Do you have the most pressing questions on fitness? Then this subreddit on the popular social site Reddit may be the go-to place for you. The site offers plenty of links on the latest diet trends, weight loss or muscle training advice, and even questions posted by everyday individuals who are looking to gain new insights on exercise, diet, and a lot more.

About The Blog: A subreddit on all things about fitness.

Train Strong Live Strong

Achieve peak performance and resilience with an athlete’s mindset. The Train Strong Live Strong blog offers free workout tutorials, running event coverages, and wellness articles like how to ease workplace stress and why you should be keeping a food diary. The blog’s owner, Timea, a certified personal trainer, also offers services for a fee, should you find the blog’s content to your liking.

Location: London, United Kingdom

Blogger Name: Timea

About The Blog: A blog about all things fitness, peak performance at work and in your chosen sport, developing resilience and helping you grow strong inside-out.

Wildcat Fitness

The winner of the Best Fitness Blog category at the Health Blog Awards 2016, Wildcat Fitness centers on the personal fitness and weight loss story of Lisa-Jane Holmes. Holmes offers workout tips and healthy recipe ideas, as well as honest reviews on products, clothing, and venues.

Location: London, United Kingdom

Blogger Name: Lisa-Jane Holmes

About The Blog: Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor based in West London offering Bespoke Personal Training, Group Fitness classes and Online Nutritional coaching.

Chuze Fitness

Founded in 1998 in San Diego, California, Chuze Fitness is a family-owned gym that offers services like strength training, cardio equipment as well as team classes such as yoga, Zumba, and barre. The gym’s blog offers useful articles that cover wellness tips, recipes, workouts, and more.

Location: San Diego, California, USA

Blogger Name: Chuze Fitness Blog

About The Blog: The blog of a family-owned business with spotless facilities, a great atmosphere, a dedication to member needs, and low-cost memberships!

Johnson Fitness

Johnson Fitness offers useful tips on how to buy exercise equipment and offer personal fitness training. The company’s blog covers advice on topics like rehab after an injury and HIIT exercises, among many others. Moreover, the blog has its own section that is suited for those who are starting out with fitness and it provides plenty of useful links such as how to develop a good running technique, or what to do train for a half-marathon.

Location: Fitchburg, Wisconsin, USA

Blogger Name: Johnson Fitness

About The Blog: A fitness equipment company that promotes good health and positive well-being.


Cuckoolemon is a fitness blog run by Nicole Haber, an avid runner who’s run two half-marathons. Haber admits to not being perfect but aims to set a new personal record and even stand on the podium. The blog takes the reader through her many adventures such as hiking on a glacier in Iceland, her favorite studios and classes in New York, and her personal diary on training for the prestigious New York Marathon.

Location: New York, USA

Blogger Name: Nicole Haber

About The Blog: A goofy gal’s fitness blog: join me as I run, bike and try new classes and fitness trends all around New York City (and beyond!)

Nits Fitness Mantra

Nits Fitness Mantra is run by personal trainer Nitin Chaudhary who believes that to be able to achieve any fitness goal, one must have the scientific knowledge to get consistent results. The blog covers topics on fitness such as weight training advice and tips on how to boost metabolism. Another topic that the blog covers are on nutrition which can go very well with the topics on fitness.

Blogger Name: Nitin Chaudhary

About The Blog: Blog run by Nitin Chaudhary, a certified personal trainer and ACE Certified Sports Conditioning and Orthopaedic Specialist.

Comeback Momma

Ideal for women who need fitness inspiration, Comeback Momma is a blog owned by Jenn Mitchell, a mom of two who successfully lost 50 pounds after giving birth and coming back from postpartum depression. Mitchell experienced depression but rebounded and made a comeback. The blog covers topics that help to inspire women to live a full, well-rounded lifestyle that includes health, fitness, family, entertainment, food, travel, and beauty.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Blogger Name: Jenn Mitchell

About The Blog: Sharing real-life stories on the author’s quest to be healthy, fit, stylish, and happy and hopes to inspire other moms who have encountered setbacks and make a comeback of their own.

Fit Girl’s Diary

The Fit Girl’s Diary covers a well-balanced mix of fitness and wellness articles to help you start your journey to a better lifestyle. The blog features fitness articles on exercise, workout tips, motivation, and health and nutrition; while the healthy recipes section provides plenty of food ideas from breakfast to dessert; as well as a workout program that caters to weight loss, toning, and building muscle mass.

Blogger Name: Monica May

About The Blog: Fitness blog run by coach, instructor and nutritionist Monica May.


Blogilates is run by Cassey Ho, an award-winning fitness instructor, and entrepreneur. The blog features fun and engaging videos suited for target areas such as abs, arms, and legs or thighs; as well as quick workout series including the blogger’s own POP Pilates exercise. Apart from these features, there are also free printable exercise routines that target different parts of the body.

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Blogger Name: Cassey Ho

About The Blog: Pilates instructor, YouTube Fitness Guru, healthy living blogger.

The Fitnessista

If you’re looking for quick and effective workouts and a healthy post-workout recipe to go compliment your path to weight loss, The Fitnessista should be your go-to blog. Content such as healthy recipes are featured, as well as DIY beauty and skincare, and fitness articles that include barre, HIIT, and treadmill workouts.

Blogger Name: Gina

About The Blog: The blog’s mission is to demonstrate that fitness and healthy eating doesn’t have to be blah and boring. It can be a fun adventure- ALL women can find their inner Fitnessista.

Workout Nirvana

Workout Nirvana helps to make women feel empowered from the weight room and beyond. The blog zeroes in on workouts that target strength training through well-discussed blog posts that provide valuable advice and more. There are also tips on how to stay fit while traveling, as well as different techniques to help achieve your fitness goals.

Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

Blogger Name: Suzanne Digre

About The Blog: Physical challenges in the environment you love create your own workout nirvana! The blog focuses on weightlifting, hiking, cycling, and being outdoors so you feel centered, peaceful, and empowered.

Purely Twins

Run by twin sisters Lori and Michelle, Purely Twins offers short home workouts, as well as gluten-free and grain-free recipes for you to follow. The blog aims to help you create a life and body that you love all while finding the balanced lifestyle that is suited for you. The blog contains articles like free pregnancy workouts and plenty of lifestyle articles.

Blogger Name: Lori & Michelle

About The Blog: Aimed at inspiring you to love your body through fitness, nutrition, and self-love.

Run to the Finish

If you’re a beginner runner or want to improve your running technique, Run to the Finish is the right place to get all the information you need to run faster and better. There are plenty of tips including how to enjoy your first marathon, running technique tips, and even runner’s top dilemmas and what to do to avoid injuries.

Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

Blogger Name: Amanda Brooks

About The Blog: Research-based articles for runners.

Fit Bottomed Girls 

Fit Bottomed Girls is a blog that wants to remind its readers not to take fitness too seriously. Regular girls talk about their adventures and hurdles in order to stay fit. The blog touches on a variety of topics such as fitness, motivation, nutrition, body fat analysis, reviews, music and other useful resources.

Blogger Name: Jennipher Walters and Kristen Seymour

About The Blog: Fit Bottomed Girls don’t take anything too seriously—including fitness. Here, regular girls share their trials, tribulations, and adventures in staying fit to help you know what’s good and what’s whack when it comes to working out.

Running with Music

Need a good playlist as a pick-me-upper whenever you do your runs? Coach and product ambassador Rebecca Trachsel’s blog, Running with Music provides fellow runners and music lovers a wealth of artist suggestions to keep you going whether you’re out on your normal run or working towards that half-marathon goal. 

Blogger Name: Rebecca Trachsel

About The Blog: Mom, marathoner and music lover.

Runnergirl Training

Runnergirl Training is a blog that zeroes in on fitness, running and nutrition topics. Contained in the blog are product reviews, as well as useful tips and tricks to help you to run smoothly and without any pain. There are also helpful training drills with step-by-step pictures that you can replicate.

Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

About The Blog: Runner, personal trainer and fitness consultant that focuses on fitness, running and nutrition topics.

Shrinkinguy Fitness

Shrinkinguy Fitness documents the amazing weight loss journey of its author, Tim. The shift in his lifestyle yielded great results: Tim lost a total of 76 pounds in a span of just eight months. That journey led him to understand fitness more, from weight loss, exercise, eating, and everything else that would constitute living a happy and healthy life.

Location: Utah, USA

Blogger Name: Tim

About The Blog: Practical information and inspiration for achieving better health and fitness. Tips for weight loss, exercise, and healthy eating.

Half of Gabby

Half of Gabby aims to inspire women to know their worth and see how beautiful they are before they achieve their target weight. The inspiration for the blog came as the author began her weight loss journey eight years ago and lost 120 pounds in the process. The blog contains product reviews, recipes, and many more inspiring articles to get you to start moving.

Blogger Name: Gabby

About The Blog: Half of Gabby: A blog that’ll guide you along your journey with weight loss & fitness tips, recipes, workouts, motivating articles, funny stories, & more!

Jill Will Run

Jill Will Run is a running blog by distance runner and mom of three, Jill Whitaker. The blog is the author’s way of sharing her passion for running and health. Here, Jill tests and reviews new running, fitness and health products.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Blogger Name: Jill Whitaker

About The Blog: Chronicles Jill Whitaker’s running experiences, share information about running & health, review products and promote positive body image.

All Out Effort Blog

All Out Effort Blog focuses on the education and mindset of fitness. Run by martial artist and fitness and information “geek,” Sam Yang, the All Out Effort Blog covers the science and what you need to know about fitness. The blog provides an interesting look at the science which other blogs do not cover.

Blogger Name: Sam Yang

About The Blog: Mixing the best in sports science and nutrition, with the best in cognitive science, and Eastern philosophy.

Keep Life Simple

Run by menopause mentor and health, fitness and wellbeing coach, Annette Spanski, Keep Life Simple guides women to let them positively improve the way they age through health, fitness, and wellbeing. The blog touches on a variety of topics including fitness and women’s health issues such as menopause and hormones.

Blogger Name: Annette Spanski

About The Blog: Helping women to improve in the way in which they age through a healthy lifestyle.

Fitful Focus

Fitful Focus zeroes in on the holistic approach to fitness. The blog was inspired as its writer, Nicole Handler lost 20 pounds after challenging herself to live a healthier lifestyle. The blog explores brand new trends in fitness and more. A look around the website uncovers various workouts and healthy recipes to try.

Location: Austin, Texas, USA

Blogger Name: Nicole Handler

About The Blog: Fitful Focus explores new ways to get fit and eat whole food while staying focused for a happy, healthy life.

Tony Gentilcore

Those who want to start to learn how to do lifting, Tony Gentilcore is the guy for you. The renowned trainer offers a lot of helpful tips and advice with regards to lifting and other reading recommendations on books which is peppered throughout the blog. 

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Blogger Name: Tony Gentilcore

About The Blog: Tony Gentilcore writes about topics that relate to lifting.

Brandon Richey Fitness

Brandon Richey Fitness is a blog that provides information on strength, conditioning, and fitness. It also features products and events, which are aimed at enhancing your physical development. There’s detailed information on stretches and kettlebell tips, among many other subject matters.

Location: Buford, Georgia, USA

Blogger Name: Brandon Richey

About The Blog: The #1 resource on the web for all things concerning strength, fitness, and the pursuit of happiness!

Strength and Fitness

Ideal for fitness lovers whose main focus is to build their strength and muscle mass, the Strength and Fitness blog is a good resource to get started or gather new information. The blog doesn’t just have entries in text, but also helpful instructional videos that you can follow while at the gym.

About The Blog: Fitness blog for strength training.

Fit Dad Nation

Afraid of achieving the dreaded “dad bod?” Then Fit Dad Nation just might be the blog that you’re looking for. Run by a fitness coach, certified personal trainer, and dad of two, Steve Roy, the blog has a lot of engaging articles that touch on topics like food and nutrition, apps to help you keep fit, and a lot more content.

Location: Maryland, USA

Blogger Name: Steve Roy

About The Blog: The Fit Dad Nation is a site dedicated to helping busy dads get and stay fit.


Ryan Schwantes

Sometimes, keeping on track to stay fit and healthy can become a challenge. Failure to get the results that you want can get spirits down. However, with Ryan Schwantes’ blog, not only do you get health and fitness advice, there are inspiration and motivational articles that can help keep you going.

Location: New York, USA

Blogger Name: Ryan Schwantes

About The Blog: Health and fitness, inspiration and motivational blog.


Inhale. Exhale. Read YogaDork. The blog delivers commentary on yoga culture as well as news on the industry that covers science, business, pop culture, opinions and of course, practice tips. YogaDork discusses all topics pertaining to yoga with wit and wisdom and intends to keep its readers glued for many more articles.

Location: New York, USA

About The Blog: YogaDork is your source for commentary on yoga culture and the latest yoga news delivered with wit, wisdom and cheeky candor. We’re talking science, yoga biz, practice tips, pop culture, yogopinions, yoga funnies and celebriyogi stuff. Inhale. Exhale.


Neghar Fonooni

Neghar Fonooni is a writer and fitness and lifestyle coach who aims to empower women by teaching them to love their bodies through her blog. Her posts are taken from a feminist point of view and it talks about mindfulness, fitness and social justice, among other things. Moreover, the blog has a feminine appeal to it, with some tasteful photography to appreciate.

Location: Venice Beach, California, USA

Blogger Name: Neghar Fonooni

About The Blog: Fitness, Intersectional Feminism, Witchy things, Social Justice, Mindfulness.

12 Minute Athlete

12 Minute Athlete is a blog run by Krysta Stryker. It specializes in High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT) workouts that consist of short but effective workouts based on calisthenics, cross-training, and functional fitness. If you’re totally new to HIIT workouts, the blog is a good resource to start researching as it includes information such as how many calories are burned in one session, how HIIT works if you’re a beginner, and so on.

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

Blogger Name: Krysta Stryker

About The Blog: 12 Minute Athlete is a HIIT workout regimen consisting of incredibly short, effective workouts based on calisthenics, cross-training and functional fitness. NO EXCUSES!

Hels Bels

Hels Bels is an award-winning fitness blog that documents the adventures of its 30-year-old Helen Tamblyn Saville. In the blog, Helen documents the races she has completed together with running advice and blog entries on her training sessions. The blog also features some of Helen’s travels around the U.K. The blog is a fun read for everyday women in their early who are starting thinking about taking up running as a hobby.

Location: London, United Kingdom

Blogger Name: Helen TamblynSaville

About The Blog: London / North Kent based running blog maintained by a very ordinary 30-year-old runner. Size 14, busty, believes anyone can run and size, shape and speed shouldn’t be barriers. Blogging about races, equipment reviews, fitness tips and thoughts, all served with a pint and a slice. Specialises in sports bras. Four marathons down and counting.

Third Shift Fit

Third Shift Fit is run by Rachel Marie, a registered nurse who is a health and fitness fanatic. In her blog, Rachel talks about her experience in working the night shift and how she can still maintain a healthy lifestyle, product reviews as well as recipes and workouts that she does.

Blogger Name: Rachel Marie

About The Blog: A healthy lifestyle with a hectic schedule

Bluegrass Bar-Belle

If you’re looking to get motivated to start a fit and healthy lifestyle, Bluegrass Bar-Belle is a worthy read. The blog features a number of guilt-free recipes, reviews, tips and tricks on diet and fitness. Apart from this, Emma has set aside space wherein she talks about her experience as a first-time bikini competitor.

Blogger Name: Emma

About The Blog: A fitness, healthy living and lifestyle blog

Healthy Living Happy

Ayah Allaham is not your typical 20-year-old. The certified personal trainer discovered her love for health and fitness at 16 after realizing that a healthy lifestyle is better for her health and future. Healthy Living Happy features various workouts including a full-body workout, upper body, core workouts, lower body and HIIT/cardio. The blog also features healthy vegan recipes you can try at home.

Location: Curacao

Blogger Name: Ayah Allaham

About The Blog: My mission is to help and educate people about healthy living and fitness.

Ali on the Run

Ali on the Run is the handiwork of Ali Feller, a freelance writer and editor based in New York. She started the blog in 2011 as she trained for her first marathon, the Hamptons Marathon. Since then the blog has grown into her other interests including SoulCycle and yoga. The blog features podcasts and race recaps.

Location: New York, USA

Blogger Name: Ali Feller

About The Blog: Blog that documents Ali Feller’s running career and more.


The RunnderDude is the brainchild of Thad McLaurin who works as a personal trainer and running coach. The blog has plenty of useful articles that include workouts, weekly workout suggestions, injury prevention advice, book reviews, exclusive interviews, gear reviews, running and fitness tips, and more.

Blogger Name: Thad McLaurin

About The Blog: Anything and everything about running

Ultra Runner Girl

Stephanie Case is behind the Ultra Runner Girl, a blog which is about ultrarunning. In the blog, she talks about her race experiences. If you enjoy long-form writing that includes great photos and wants to get inspired with trail running or ultramarathons, then this blog is a worthy read.

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Blogger Name: Stephanie Case

About The Blog: Writing about running, war zones, and everything in between

Happy Fit Mama

Happy Fit Mama is run by physiologist and running coach, Angela from New Hampshire. The blog documents her love for running, yoga and fitness. The blog contains workout suggestions such as tempo runs and mile speed runs and much more. Happy Fit Mama also contains healthy recipes. 

Location: Dover, New Hampshire, USA

Blogger Name: Angela

About The Blog: ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist and RRCA Running Coach, who has a love of all things running, yoga, and fitness. I like to experiment in the kitchen and share healthy recipes for the whole family. Join me as I navigate life as a Happy Fit Mama!


Get inspired with Susie, the woman behind Suzlyfe who shares that she does not suffer from Crohn’s Disease but has learned to live with it. Crohn’s did not stop her from living as she got more into fitness, healthy eating and distance running. The blog contains running advice, reviews, and recipes to ensure that you are not only healthy in body, but in mind as well.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Blogger Name: Susie

About The Blog: A fitness and lifestyle blog focused on finding the humor in life’s chaos via passions: running, cooking, and showing Crohn’s Disease what’s what.

Black Girls Run

Black Girls Run aims to inspire and empower black women who run and encourage more black women to run. Founded in 2009, the blog aimed to tackle the problem on obesity that affected the African-American community. The blog contains advice articles, empowerment articles and a podcast that you can listen to.

Blogger Name: Toni Carey and Ashley Hicks-Rocha

About the Blog: Black Girls RUN! provides a community and inspires black women who run and encourages more black women to run.