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Kathy Martin

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Best Gardening Blogs

Best Gardening Blogs

Apart from beautifying homes, gardens create a relaxing environment for dwellers to enjoy. But if you have little knowledge on gardening or even where to start, there are plenty of helpful blogs that can help you to get started whether you have a green thumb or not.

Landscape Architects Network
If you’re interested in doing landscape projects or if you are a student in architecture, take some time to visit the Landscape Architects Network. The website specializes in showcasing the various outdoor landscapes from around the world. The website’s blog features various articles that provide useful information and delivers the latest trends in outdoor landscaping. With plenty of topics to choose from, these new and fresh ideas could help spark the creativity of budding landscapers and seasoned ones alike. Overall, the website aims to build a solid and lasting appreciation for the environment, whether manmade or natural.

Alistair Cruikshank

Aberdeen Gardening
Anyone with a keen interest in plants will enjoy browsing through Aberdeen Gardening. The site profiles the plants personally grown by the site’s owner, Alistair Cruikshank at his Aberdeen garden in Northern Scotland and in Cheshire. While Cruikshank considers himself an “enthusiastic amateur” gardener, the blog thoroughly documents the perennials, shrubs and trees that he grows and are neatly classified from A to W. Each plant profile features detailed photos and a brief description of each. Moreover, those who are wondering or want to gain inspiration on how these varieties of plants come together are documented in a gallery album.

Anne Roberts

My Urban Garden Deco Guide
While the original content from My Urban Garden Deco Guide is no longer available, there are several useful resources that urban gardeners could use as a reference. Among these are a list of alternative websites to visit, news, urban gardening personalities to watch out for and additional links that can be useful for those who are looking into urban gardening as a means to spruce up the home.

The Garden Central
Those who are looking for a general guide on gardening can log on to The Garden Central for information and tips on the subject. The website features articles on gardening care, flower garden, plant garden, tree garden, vegetable garden, herb garden and tools and equipment needed and much more. Aside from these, the site also offers various planting tips and care or maintenance advice for plants. Overall, The Garden Central is a good resource for gardeners who are looking for specific information that is delivered through informative articles.

The Diligent Gardener
Whether you have an outdoor garden, an allotment or a balcony, The Diligent Gardener is here to help with your gardening needs. The blog features gardening ideas, tips and advice that will allow you to create a beautiful and satisfying space that is great for unwinding in. Apart from these, the blog also covers other topic areas that contribute to a beautiful garden such as keeping koi fish, puppies , cats, and design ideas. Moreover, if you’re looking to check out new gardening blogs, The Diligent Gardener also has a number of articles from guest bloggers that are worth reading.

Emma Cooper

The Unconventional Gardener
Those who are interested in growing plants for consumption can browse through the many informative articles on The Unconventional Gardener. Run by author and ethnobotanist Emma Cooper, the blog specializes in edible and useful plants. The blog features articles on harvesting plants, tips and book reviews to name a few. Apart from the blog, Cooper is also an author, having published several books on gardening that touches on subjects such as gardening with kids, maintaining an allotment and growing unusual but edible plants.

Jane Scorer

Hoe Hoe Grow
Run by freelance garden writer Jane Scorer, Hoe Hoe Grow documents the author’s adventures in sprucing up her garden. Located in Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom, Scorer’s garden size is about half an acre which she has maintained in the last 30 years. The garden consists of a wildlife pond, a wildflower area, and a mini orchard with about half a dozen fruit trees. Scorer’s garden features a variety of plants such as vegetables, flowers, exotics and an English garden with roses and perennials. These are documented in photos and various blog entries that will inspire those with a small patch of green space at home to do some garden work.

Darren Sheriff

The Citrus Guy
If you want to know more about growing and harvesting fruit bearing trees, The Citrus Guy may be just the blog that you are looking for. Run by SCNLA Certified Professional Nurseryman and gardener Darren Sheriff, he considers himself to be an expert in the cultivation of citrus plants. Currently, the North Charleston, South Carolina blogger has over 55 kinds of fruit trees in his yard. The blog features plenty of articles on keeping a garden and useful maintenance tips that will hopefully educate and inspire gardeners.

The Sunday GardenerCarol Jackson

The Sunday Gardener
If you’re on the lookout for something specific when it comes to gardening topics, Carol Jackson’s The Sunday Gardener may be the blog that you need to read. Each month, the blog highlights a specific plant, vegetable and shrub that is best to plant or harvest at a specific time. For instance, garlic and onions are best to harvest at the end of August, or Russian Sage and Japanese Anemone are best at this month. Apart from putting the spotlight on specific plants, the blog offers a wide variety of articles that can prove useful to readers. These include topics on flowering and scented plants, climbing plants, bushes or shrubs, growing your own vegetables and interesting garden ideas. Moreover, there’s also a monthly suggestion section that readers could refer to when it comes to what’s best to plant. Overall, The Sunday Gardener offers more than just tips and advice, it also works around the seasons as well.

Garden Furniture Land

Garden Furniture Land
United Kingdom-based Garden Furniture Land markets a variety of sustainable outdoor wooden furniture ranging from dining sets and tables, swings and seats, arbors, climbing and planter support and arches and pergolas. Aside from being an online store, the Garden Furniture Land blog offers a wealth of articles on the practical tips and advice in terms of garden decorating, landscaping, interior design, remodeling ideas, home improvement.

Gaia’s Organic Gardens
Gaia’s Organic Gardens takes its name from the Greek mythological goddess of earth, Gaia. The Australian website is an online store that offers gardening services like organic vegetable gardens, eco landscaping, a “Garden Doctor” and workshops and coaching. Meanwhile, another feature of the website is its gardening blog. In it, potential clients and readers can discover plenty of food and organic skincare recipes, and helpful how-to guides such as on topics like composting. These articles help to inspire would-be gardeners into caring for their own useable plants while enjoying the healthy benefits that these could bring.

Jeanne Grunert

Home Garden Joy
Home Garden Joy is the work of Jeanne Grunert, a columnist at the Virginia Gardener Magazine. A published author of gardening books and a gardening workshop teacher, Grunert specializes in writing about how to grow organic food, plant-based medicine and healthy living. With a large working space on a 17-acre farm in Virginia in the United States, Grunert shares through her blog the joy of recipes and seeing the positive effects of the healing benefits of plants. Neatly organized for a pleasant reading experience are helpful gardening guides and growing tips and advice using herbs to use as natural remedies.

Helen and Sarah Battersby

Toronto Gardens
Toronto Gardens is a blog by Toronto, Canada-based sisters Helen and Sarah Battersby. The blog has numerous of awards under its belt, the latest being a silver medalist at the GWA Media Awards for Digital Media and a Writing/Blog Category for Helen. The minimalist design of the blog takes you to several categories that include gardens and design, plants and care, how-to articles and reviews and the common insects found in today’s gardens. The blog beautifully presents these informative articles with original photos and engaging text that aims to inspire a lot of gardeners.

Pith and Vigor

Rochelle Greayer
If you’re looking for Pinterest-worthy photos that come with informative content to boot, look no further with PITH + VIGOR. The blog is the handiwork of Rochelle Greayer who started the blog in 2014. PITH + VIGOR covers gardening ideas and tips that aim to inspire, travel articles that feature various green spaces, creativity features that will let you think out of the box, and gardening must-try gardening trends, among others. Apart from this, the blog also offers original publications for sale. Moreover, scroll down to the bottom of the page to check out some of Rochelle’s inspiring Instagram photos for more eye candy.

Jean McWeeney

Dig, Grow, Compost
Behind Dig, Grow, Compost is Jean McWeeney who has over 35 years of gardening experience. The blog documents McWeeney’s adventures in gardening as well informative blog posts on garden tours, event coverages of garden bloggers meetups and her various projects around the garden. Outside of blogging, McWeeney also provides her services as a garden coach, wherein she provides pruning technique, landscaping and more.

Savvy Gardening

Amy Andrychowicz, Jessica Walliser, Niki Jabbour, Tara Nolan

Savvy Gardening is run by four garden writers from two different countries. The blog is a great resource for those who want to know more about gardening basics and the site clearly divides these various topics for ease of reading. If you would like to garden for healthier food choices, there’s a section on food gardening; if you’re more interested in using plants for decoration, there is also a section on ornamentals; and if you are looking to collect seeds, there’s also a section which thoroughly discusses this. Apart from these, the website also offers tips and advice on projects that you could do at home as well as gardening techniques to ensure that you have a healthy patch of green to enjoy. All these articles are fun to read as they also come with enticing photos that will want you to get started with gardening in no time.

Margaret Roach

A Way To Garden
A Way To Garden is one of the more established gardening blogs on this list. Run by Margaret Roach, the blog started 2008 and contains photographs of mostly the author’s garden in New York. With a background in writing about gardening for the last 25 years, A Way To Garden is filled with ideas and tips on how you can start your own organic garden. Apart from the helpful and informative articles on gardening such as how-to guides on topics like pest control to shade gardening, the blog also offers a weekly podcast on the matter. Moreover, the site also features plenty of healthy recipes that readers can try at home. Overall, A Way To Garden could be your next go-to site if you have any questions on gardening.

Barbie and Christine

The Gardening Blog
The work of Cape Town, South Africa-based friends Barbie and Christine, The Gardening Blog documents two of the ladies very different gardens. They consider themselves as novice gardeners, and the blog captures their work as their gardens bloom. Gardeners who go by different philosophies may very well relate to the two friends as Christine’s garden is situated on a medium-sized property, while Barbie’s garden consists of mostly vegetables, fruit trees and herbs. The blog covers relevant topics such as bugs and pests, products, designs, reviews and a compendium of the various kind of plants to know about and have in your garden.

Gayla Trail

You Grow Girl
It isn’t hard to see why this gardening blog has over 70,000 followers on Facebook alone. You Grow Girl has a pleasantly designed blog that not only caters to gardeners but to plant lovers, cooks and eaters and writers as well. Started by Gayla Trail in 2000, the well-thought out blog features plenty of articles that touch on healthy eating, creativity, and of course, helpful resources that could help green thumbs start a hobby in gardening. Apart from these features, You Grow Girl also features giveaways and a shop that sells ebooks and other merchandise.


Gardening Blog
With a goal to share the passion for gardening, the Gardening Blog details the first-hand experience of an urban gardener named Chris. Subdivided into categories like general gardening, edible greening, plant profiles, how-to tutorials plant guides, landscape design and reviews, the blog offers plenty of useful information and tidbits in the world of gardening. However, what could be the most useful to gardeners would be the site’s feature of an online blog that lets readers interact with other people that could lend a hand in gardening questions and more.

Todd Heft

Big Blog of Gardening
If you’re on the lookout for an organic gardening blog that has plenty of useful articles that can be applied to your gardening skills, head over to the Big Blog of Gardening. Written by Tom Heft, the Big Blog of Gardening specializes in garden care without using harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. An organic or sustainable blog of sorts, readers can browse through a wide selection of informative and well-researched articles on organic lawn care, environment, food, trees and garden photography.

Gardening Gone Wild
Gardening Gone Wild is a blog written through a collective effort by a group of gardening professionals. The blog is Ideal for those who are looking for design inspiration in terms of the creative aspect of gardening. The blog contains plenty of articles on garden design, garden photography tips, garden musings and tips and advice on planting succulents. Apart from this, the blog also features seasonal garden design advice and it also showcases various green spaces.

Shadae Zacker

Garden Aware
Garden Aware was started by elementary school teacher and mom, Shadae Zacker to share her passion for organic living. While the blog hasn’t been updated in some time, there’s plenty of articles for readers to enjoy. The blog is divided into four subcategories including Garden Grow, which highlights gardening tips; Garden Ideas for design inspiration; Organic Garden on growing plants; and a Power Tools section which details the tools you need in garden upkeep or management.

The Real Farmhouse
This family-oriented blog documents one family’s experience in farmhouse living. The family believes in the following three principles: homeschooling, gardening and farming. Under Farmhouse Garden, readers can find insightful pieces on making healthy food, tips on how to grow a garden for profit, and other helpful garden-related topics. On Farmhouse School, the section contains articles for parents on homeschooling. Meanwhile, the Farmhouse Life section focuses on the three things that matter most to this farming family: farming, family life and religion.

Stephanie Donaldson and Daniel

The Enduring Gardener
The Enduring Gardener is a great resource especially if you would like to know how to start a greenhouse in your own backyard. The blog a section on greenhouses, such as tips on picking a greenhouse and maintenance tips. On the other hand, the blog’s Garden section discusses composting, cottage gardens, and garden design and maintenance. Meanwhile, the blog’s section on plants is an informative part of the site that offers a variety of growing tips for the different kinds of plants you can keep in your garden.