Best Sewing Blogs

Kathy Martin

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Whether it is your first time trying out sewing or have years of experience working behind the sewing wheel, this list of 23 best sewing blogs will not only inspire you to start crafting, they will also assist you in your sewing journey by providing you tips, tricks, and advice that you need along the way.

Hopefully, the great mix of blogs on this list will help empower you to try and be bold with sewing as you express your creativity through wearable and functional pieces.

  1. Diary of a Chain Stitcher

Blogger: Fiona Parker

Based in London in the United Kingdom is Fiona Parker, the writer behind the blog, Diary of a Chain Stitcher. As a professional, Parker works as a costume supervisor and buyer. At first, she began admiring the work of costume makers and decided to take on sewing herself. The blog documents her progress, projects, and ideas, and Parker hopes it will help aspiring dressmakers to start making their own clothes with her helpful entries on various styles of clothing.

  1. American Sewing Guild Blog

Blogger: Ramona

If you want to learn more about the technical side of sewing, the American Sewing Guild blog may be the site you are looking for. The blog is organized according to month, so it might be hard to navigate around the site if you are looking for something specific. However, the blog does make-up with its lengthy and informative posts which include photos that offer step-by-step guides on sewing.

  1. KnitWitsOwls

Blogger: Frankie Baldwin

KnitWitOwls is your one-stop blog for everything on sewing. Blogger Frankie Baldwin offers a selection of patterns and tutorials for you to follow and try which includes bibs, stuffed toys, bike bags, aprons, and more. Meanwhile, she also has galleries reserved for artworks, her handmade wardrobe, and quilting.

  1. This Blog Is not For You – A Dressmaking Blog

Blogger: Frankie

Get inspired to create new clothes with Frankie’s This Blog Is Not For You – A Dressmaking Blog. The site’s beautiful aesthetics and great photography will keep you glued for hours. Frankie offers great step-by-step guides on sewing not just clothes but accessories too and crafting projects to beautify the home. The blog also has a section on paid downloadable patterns that are mostly pieces that are a must-have in every woman’s closet.

  1. Sew Mama Sew

Sew Mama Sew is the perfect resource if you love sewing and on the lookout for new projects to try. The blog has plenty of projects that include quilts, bags, clothes, home decor and many more. The tutorials are very in-depth and has step-by-step instructions on how to execute. If you’re new to sewing, Sew Mama Sew is a great resource to learn and pick up techniques on the subject.

  1. City Stitching with Christine Haynes

Blogger: Christine Haynes

 Run by Brooklyn-based sewing teacher, author and pattern designer Christine Haynes, City Stitching offers all the advice and tips you will need for sewing. The blog has easy-to-follow guides on sewing, as well as sewalongs which are a set of guides and tutorials that are great for beginners.

  1. Running with a Glue Gun

Blogger: Katie King

Katie King promises to make crafting simple, fun and unique in her blog, Running with a Glue Gun. Crafters who have a flair for sewing will definitely enjoy the execution of Katie’s projects, more so the step-by-step guide on how to do them. The blog also does product reviews and crafting guides.

  1. Sew Sensational

Blogger: Louise

Sew Sensational is a blog that covers everything from sewing, stitching, and dressmaking. Run by Louise from the United Kingdom, the blog can give you new inspiration and design ideas to execute whether you like to do embroidery for home decor,  clothing, and more.

  1. Diary of a Sewing Fanatic

Blogger: Carolyn

Carolyn, the blogger behind Diary of a Sewing Fanatic describes herself as a plus-sized fashionista who is journeying into the world of sewing one clothing at a time. In her blog, Carolyn showcases her best creations and talks about her experiences as a sewist. It aims to inspire other plus-sized women to start sewing and creating.

  1. Idle Fancy

Blogger: Eva Marie Perry

Eva Marie Perry’s Idle Fancy blog showcases the blogger’s skills in creating fun, but functional clothing. Her blog features mostly dresses that she has created and it puts forth the blogger’s creativity and skill in sewing. Her blog also features helpful tutorials in areas such as fitting and sewing techniques.

  1. What Katie Sews

Blogger: Katie

Based in the United Kingdom, What Katie Sews is run by blogger Katie who chronicles her attempt at building a wearable everyday wardrobe. The blog features helpful tips and tutorials on sewing, patterns, planning, fabric choices, and more. In a separate section, Katie also showcases her impeccable style and sewing skills on clothes she has made in the past year.

  1. Did You Make That?

Blogger: Karen Ball

Considered as one of the top sewing blogs in the United Kingdom, Did You Make That? By Karen Ball showcases the blogger’s creativity and taste in sewing unique clothes. Ball is also a published blogger on The Guardian and has helpful links to previous articles she has written. Among these are how-to guides on creating satchels, sewing summer dresses, and recommendations on the best free sewing patterns and fabric shops in the United Kingdom.

  1. Made by Rae

Blogger: Rae Hoekstra

Aspiring and seasoned sewing enthusiasts will enjoy browsing through Rae Hoekstra’s quirky Made by Rae blog. The Ann Arbor, Michigan-based blogger offers plenty of useful tutorials, basic patterns for women’s and children’s clothing, and a gallery on Hoekstra’s previous projects to inspire you to get sewing.

  1. Madalynne

Blogger: Madie

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to sew your own lingerie, then Madalynne is the blog for you. The tasteful and beautiful-to-look-at blog features sewing patterns and tutorials, and blog features. What’s more, if you would like to take home some lingerie or two, there is also an online store that shows off the perfectly crafted lingerie made by Madie.

  1. Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing

Blogger: Gretchen Hirsch

You’re in for something kitschy in Gretchen Hirsch’s Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing. The blog features patterns, tips and advice that you can use in sewing. These include how to make your own patterns, sewing techniques, and more. The posts will be extremely helpful as the techniques are well-detailed and easy to follow.

  1. Cashmerette

Blogger: Jenny Rushmore

Specializing in sewing ideal for curvy women, Cashmerette aims to inspire curvy sewists to design and sew their very own pieces of clothing. That being said, the sewing patterns featured on the blog are exclusively for sizes 12-28 and bust sizes C-H. The blog features sewalongs and tutorials to a lot of classic and modern styles of clothing to choose from.

  1. Oonaballoona

Blogger: Marcy Harriell

Actress, singer, and dancer Marcy Harriell is behind Oonaballoona, a sewing blog that provides tips and advice on the matter. Ideal for more experienced sewing enthusiasts, the blog shows off the author’s signature style that will definitely inspire you to dress up and create new pieces to wear.

  1. Erica Bunker

Blogger: Erica Bunker

If you’re looking for something on the luxurious side, Erica Bunker’s blog may be the place for you. The fashion sewing blogger aims to inspire home sewers to think outside the box of commercial patterns and to select fine fabrics all while growing a beautifully-curated home-sewn wardrobe. Inspired by luxury brands, the blog features helpful tutorials and a peek inside the blogger’s own sewing room.

  1. Tilly and the Buttons

Blogger: Tilly

Tilly and the Buttons is a great resource for sewing especially if you’re just beginning to learn how to make your own clothes. Run by Tilly from the United Kingdom, her blog covers topics such as sewalongs, fabric tips, sewing tools, design details, and the sewing business and lifestyle. In addition to this, Tilly also has plenty of sewing patterns to choose from, including maternity patterns.

  1. Made Everyday

Blogger: Dana

Made Everyday is a mom-friendly blog run by Texas-based blogger, Dana. The blog features plenty of tutorials on sewing, and arts and crafts projects suited for children. To make the tutorials more interesting, Dana also uploads videos on YouTube so you can follow the steps. Apart from these, Made Everyday also features a recipe section for you to try.

  1. Sallieoh

Blogger: Sallie Oleta Barbee

Blogger Sallie Oleta Barbee shows off her designing and sewing chops in her blog Sallieoh. The posts contained within the blog are detailed and she can wow you from showing you a period costume she created from scratch to dresses you can wear on a day out of town.

  1. Lucky Lucille

Blogger: Rochelle

New York-based Rochelle is the creative spirit behind Lucky Lucille. Describing herself as a maker of things, the blog features tutorials on different aspects of sewing. Among these are how-to guides on hem knits, pattern hacks, shirt tutorials and much more. On top of this, the blog is also a personal one as Rochelle shares her personal thoughts on subjects that matter to her.

  1. On the Cutting Floor

Blogger: Daniela

In 2014, former ESL teacher and volunteer firefighter Daniela started On the Cutting Floor. Ideal for those on the lookout for patterns to try out, On the Cutting Floor provides plenty of patterns to choose from and can be bought and downloaded as a PDF. She also offers tutorials and services such as patternmaking.