Improve Your Skin Health with These Simple Tips

Good skin, while partially related to genetics, is really all about habits. It’s not just about the products we use, it’s about how consistent we are with them. It’s a combination of using the right thing, in the right way, and then doing it every day to maintain that lush quality and smooth, poreless look. Are you looking for a way to improve your own complexion and make it radiantly gorgeous? Then read on, because we’ve got a few simple tips that could transform you!

Drink water

Drinking water, and we mean a lot of water, has some genuinely stunning effects on our skin, especially if it’s constantly dry. It’s one of the easiest ways to help your skin stay youthful and plump, so pour yourself a few extra glasses and sip them through the day.

Try dry brushing

For smooth, delectably plush skin of your body, try dry brushing. It’s an easy technique that requires nothing more than a good body brush and a few minutes of your time before you step into the shower. Brush your body while it’s still dry and let the bristles remove the flaky bits and exfoliate gently, and then wash up. After you’re done, apply a creamy lotion to your skin to give it back some moisture.

Exfoliate the right way

When it comes to exfoliating your face, you need to bear in mind that anything more than two times a week is probably over-exfoliating. Don’t do it too often, and don’t use harsh scrubs (St Ives Apricot scrub is a nice choice). We know it feels good to slough away all that texture, but you could be creating microabrasions and damaging your skin, so stick to 1-2 times a week. Also, remember to wash away your scrub with a regular cleanser to prevent any residue.

Don’t forget your neck and your hands

You know, your neck is just as sensitive as your face and it’s one of the first places to show the signs of aging. We often forget about it completely until we see wrinkles starting to appear, so avoid that mistake by simply extending your skincare routine to your neck. Also, keep your hands soft and nourished, because they are the telltale sign of your health, and rough, dry hands speak of someone who doesn’t care much for their appearance.

Switch to organic products

This is a particularly good tip for anyone with sensitive, responsive skin that constantly keeps getting irritated. Organic products such as the ones from L’Occitane are usually formulated without parabens and made of natural ingredients, so they are very gentle and good for your skin. Organic products are really the future because they are made with the conscious effort to promote skin health and avoid any allergy-inducing ingredients. Pamper your skin with good products, because you’ll really be able to tell the difference.

Don’t use too much

You don’t need a giant glop the size of your fist to get all the benefits! If you drench your skin you’re likely to clog your own pores, so go easy and don’t give it more than it can handle. You’ll still get all the active ingredients from the product even when you use a small amount.

Use a vitamin C serum

This is one of the best things you can use to brighten your skin and prevent signs of aging. Vitamin C serums help prevent the breakdown of collagen, they can fade scarring, and they give you a healthy, plump glow. The Drunk Elephant C-Firma serum is one of the best on the market, but there are other options to choose from if this one is too expensive for you.

Stop poking your skin

Stop touching your skin unless you’re currently washing it or applying product on it. No pimple popping, no scratching, no poking! Your dirty hands and fingernails will only make it flare up.

Consider face oils

Oils are particularly good for dry skin, but interestingly enough, some people use them to get rid of acne. Diluted tea tree oil is said to contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and rosehip oil can fade your scars and keep your skin soft. We recommend that you find the one that suits your skin type and use it for a few weeks to see all the benefits.

Use sunscreen

You should use sunscreen absolutely every day because it’s the best way to not only prevent melanoma, but avoid wrinkles as well. Most of the signs of aging are actually a consequence of sun damage, so keep your skin safe by applying products that have high SPF in them.


And there you go, simple tips! Like we said before, the key to good skincare is in consistency, so be gentle and nourish your face and your body every day and you’ll be very happy with the results.

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