20 Funny & Crazy Things That Sell Online

Revolutionary Bike Lighting System

Providing 360 degree light visibility, the Revolights CITYv2.0 Lighting System is truly, well, revolutionary. White light on the front, red light on the back and these lights will make sure you stay safe while riding your bike. Installation is made easy with a snap and attach system, plus a hotline to ensure that you get all the help possible to install it and get your bike and you on the road in no time.


The Dog Costume That Won’t Go Extinct

There is nothing ancient about this. The Stegosaurus Dog Costume is definitely in. Backed by the Animal Planet brand, this is the costume to end all costumes. Foam padded with a spiky back, you’ll be sure your beloved dog will be comfortable. People will love him, dogs will fear him for he will be the Shibasaurus! or Labrasaurus? The Caninesaurus! Name him anything you want, because he will be fierce.


Yellow Happiness LEGO Watch

There are at least 150,000 people who like LEGO, and out of those there’s got to be tons that would buy this watch in an instant. Owning up to its name, the LEGO Happiness Adult Watch comes with interchangeable parts that come in different colors to create your own unique look. Featuring a bright happy yellow dial, this makes a great conversation starter, as well as a fun way to look at the time! Just don’t step on it, you never know what’s going to happen.


Back To The Light Skateboard

It may not be Marty McFly’s hoverboard, but with its brightly colored lights, the Flexdex Light up Skateboard definitely feels out and into the future! Featuring Flexdex Trucks & ABEC5 Racing bearings, LED lights and translucent wheels, this longboard will make sure you get a smooth ride, while looking radiant – pun intended-. The longboard measures 29 x 11 x 6 inches and provides you with great shock absorbtion so you can shred and cruise all day and night.


No Place Like … Tahiti?

You think you need to be a millionaire to buy your own private island? Well, the truth is, yes, but with this awesome Tropical Tahiti Floating Island you can relax on your own piece of floating PVC heaven with up to six friends. Featuring 6 cup holders, cool mesh floors, 2 built-in coolers and 2 suntan loungers, this little Island will prove great and fun in summer’s warmer days. So lather on the sunscreen and gather up the drinks and enjoy yourself, you’ve earned it.


Light Up Tie

There’s not much that can be said about the Light Up Tie by Electric Styles except that you and I and everyone needs one. They come in all sort of colors and are definitely great conversation starters. Your date or mom will never lose sight of you even in the dark – especially in it -. Powered by a battery pack that is hidden on the back, this tie will sparkle and shine for as long as you want.


Circe du’ Pine Cone

Vita Lighting is a Danish company that brings us a lot of contemporary and modern fixtures for pretty affordable prices. One of these is this pine cone shaped lighting, “The Conia.” This lighting fixture is bound to turn some heads because of its elegant and stylish look. Very chic, clean and well designed, The Conia will definitely leave an impression on guests, making you the cool one in the group.


Workaholics Bear Coat

To bear or not to bear? This is no question! This awesomely fluffy and warm Bear Coat will make you feel like straight out of the Workaholics set. Officially licensed, this coat is made of cotton and polyester and provides great warmth and swag to anyone who wears it. If you wear it out of the house, it is bound to turn heads and even make compliments come your way.

Workaholics Official Bear Coat

Spin The Shot Drinking Game

This party game takes a whole new spin on the wildly popular Spin the Bottle game! In this one, you drink for shots! If you like to party and get wild, then this is the game for you. Pretty self explanatory: Arrow points to you, you drink your shot! Make it fun! Add a little tequila -or hot sauce- and get the party started!

Spin the shot

A Bed Fan For All

Because everybody likes to sleep at a nice cool temperature, Tompkins Research Inc brings you the Bed Fan. More effective than an AC, this Bed Fan cools between the sheets to bring you the optimal cooling experience. Sleep happy and comfortably without disturbing your partner. The Bed Fan is quiet and easy to install. Don’t want to get up to change the temperature? No problem. The Bed Pan comes with a nice small controller you can set anywhere you want for easy access. It weighs around 8lbs, which makes it easier to move and adjust as needed.


Glow In The Dark Nail Polish

Sexy by day, radiant by night, this Glow in the Dark Nail Polish set will have you glowing any time of day. Choose from any of the four beautiful colors and feel like a queen. Luxurious, salon-grade polish goes on your fingernails smoothly, leaving them feeling great and looking shiny during the day, but when they lights go off, they turn into their own show of luminescent color! For an even more intense look, try them under black light! If the glow starts fading, just recharge them easily by taking them out into the light.


Light Up Bra For The Bright Ones

What’s this doohickey!? A light up brassiere! Not for the faint of heart, this vertigo-inducing bra will make you the envy of the club. Choose from the settings Permanently On, Fast Blinking or Slow Blinking and heads will turn. This push-up bra is made of quality material, with the light spirals and battery hand-sewn tightly around the bra so that you can’t even feel they’re there! Be the queen of the festival, dance, have fun and know that you are the center of attention. Pair if up with the Sound Responsive battery pack and experience the light you hadn’t felt before.


Cool Pool Bluetooh-Enabled Floating Speaker

There is nothing cooler than cooling in the pool to the sounds of your favorite song. This awesome waterproof floating speaker makes it even better. With a Bluetooth receiver that works with any Bluetooth-enabled media player, you can stream the music you want at the place you want to relax in. The gadget is designed in a way that the speaker is always pointing up, making sure the sound is never muffled by the water. Because of its color, it’s easy to find, plus it comes with this cool blue light to set the mood at any time of the day.


Space Saver Perfect Balcony Grill

If you are like the thousands of people who live in small apartments in a big city, then you know space can be quite a commodity and sometimes even a small change can make a difference. If you also are, like thousands of people, in love with the smell of a delicious barbecued meat, or in love with the smell of a succulent juicy burger fresh from the grill then THIS is the item for you. You don’t have to sacrifice space for flavor! With The Bruce Handrail Grill you can have both. You can concentrate more on enjoying your time preparing that delicious hot dog than worrying about things tumbling everywhere when you or your family come into the balcony to enjoy the sun.

The Sleeping Bear Bean Bag For All

Why go to Yellowstone, when you can have one right at your feet? Or under your bum? This cute Sleeping Grizzly Bear Bean Bag is comfortable as it is cute. You’ve always wanted to play with one, but they’re deadly so we would never recommend it. Knitted in coloured yarn, this is a pretty item to have because it is functional as it is decorative. Easy upkeep too: The cover comes off for easy cleaning.

Under The Aquarium Sink Sea

Some people seem to think fish aren’t pets. Well, at a price tag of $6,500 these better be more than that! This amazing Aquarium Sink comes fully equipped with a decorative Chrome or Wood stand, water pump, filter, lighting, and chrome fixtures. The creators of this thought about everything: It even has two side openings for feeding. It has two different decorative sand colors to choose from: Black of White. This will definitely stand out in any eclectic, stylish bathroom or garden. Your guests will never leave without complimenting your awesome nautical taste that never goes out of style.

The Vessel: Bathtub Of Space And Time

The Vessel is a beautiful bathtub made for even the most critical minds. It is sleek, elegant and hip, yet earthy at its core. A little unconventional, but friends and family will love the look of this alluring bathtub. The simple and futuristic design will stand the test of time as you engulf yourself as you escape in its waters while relaxing in harmony with the elements. At 2.7 meters long, you can share the experience. The Vessel comes in beautiful colors to match your taste such as black, red, blue, yellow, pink, bronze and pure silver.

The Hoodie To End All Hoodies

What is the Lonehood? Its a hoodie to match all. You want to wear your favorite shirt or blouse but can’t because its a little drizzly out? With the Lonehood now you can! This is a hoodie that detaches and attaches at your whim. The Lonehood attaches to any collared shirt or jacket to give you the most versatility possible to be able to adapt your look and comfort to the level you want. Made with 100% pre-shrunk cotton, now you don’t have to worry about how to wash it either! Hoodies are great for many things! They keep you warm, they keep you dry and they even do great to give you a place to rest your head on!

The Climbing Wall Treadmill

Now you can climb Mt. Everest in your own home! No, I’m not talking about a virtual reality climbing software -although, lets admit, that would be very cool,- I’m talking about a work out machine. This is just like a treadmill, except that instead of walking, it gives you the Climbing Wall. This treadwall is motorless and instead works in-sync with the climber’s weight, adjusting it so that people of all skills can work with it. You can even customize the holds to give you a personalized workout based on your preferences. Cardio or muscle-building, this is a unique workout machine. LED displays show how high you’ve climbed, time and calories burned like usual treadmills. Pick a moutain, look up its height and meet your goal! Then you’ll be able to brag to friends and family about it! Don’t worry, it’ll be our little secret.

Hot Dogs On The Water Front

It is summer, sun is shining bright and friends are coming over for a BBQ. The big surprise? They don’t know the BBQ will take place on a boat! Imagine their faces when they see your little number. The Barbecue Dining Boat comes fully equipped with a built-in barbecue grill surrounded by a table, an umbrella and a trolling motor that can go at a steady 2 – 2.5 miles per hour in calm water for up to 8 hours! Invite over up to 10 of your friends for a weekend of fun, water and hot dogs or burgers on the water where you can all enjoy and relax while marveling at your new toy.

Ukulele are the next big thing

This existing instrument has transformed from being an exotic new trend to mega culture phenomena it is today since it arrived on Hawaii 125 years ago, today it is it has really pick up and currently enjoying a revival. So if you’re looking to pick up a new hobby and would like to learn more about how to go about buying a ukulele, you can pay a visit to our buddies at ukulelemusicinfo.com.