Top 30 Interior Design Blogs

Coming home to a clean and beautifully organized house is just one of the many solutions to relax after a long day’s work. If you haven’t started organizing your space, then it’s time to get some design inspiration with the help of interior design blogs.

These blogs were chosen for their creative execution, enticing content and above all, the power to motivate you in sparking new ideas for making the home a more beautiful living space to come home to every day.

Here are 30 of the best must-read interior design blogs:

  1. The Design Sheppard

Blogger: Stacey J. Sheppard

The Design Sheppard is run by British freelance writer and blogger Stacey J. Sheppard. The award-winning blog focuses on interior design-related topics ranging from lighting, flooring, kitchens, bathrooms and wall coverings, The Design Sheppard has it. The blog features informative articles including reviews, makeover design ideas, useful decorating tips and more.

  1. Keybunch Decor Blog

Blogger: Sharon Dsouza

The Keybunch Decor Blog mixes blogger Sharon Dsouza’s passion for decor, food, and travel. The blog features home design tours, useful tips, color palette ideas, decorating tips, and more. Apart from the design aspect of the blog, Dsouza’s blog also has instructional do-it-yourself projects, and food recipes you can try at home.

  1. Smartstyle Interiors

Blogger: Phoebe Oldrey

Smartstyle Interiors is an interior design company headed by Phoebe Oldrey. The company takes pride in fine details and produce work that is sleek, refined, and natural. Smartstyle Interiors’ blog features articles that will help to satisfy any curiosities or spark new ideas on interior decorating, as well as useful tips that would be useful for professionals and hobbyists alike.

  1. Interiors by Jacquin

Blogger: Jacquin Milhouse-Headen

Interior designers with a very prominent flair for design and art will definitely enjoy reading through Jacquin Milhouse-Headen’s blog, Interiors by Jacquin. The nicely laid out website offers not only design ideas, but also takes some time to appreciate beautiful art pieces that can help to turn your home into a stylish and chic abode.

  1. Authentic Interior

Blogger: Aida Sniraite

With a focus to help you create your dream home, Authentic Interior by Aida Sniraite is an international interior design studio that offers virtual designs, consults and full-service interiors. The blog puts front and center patterns, design stays, interesting homes and curated objects that will help to inspire other interior designers. There’s samples of Aida’s work, as well as features on inspiring home tours.

  1. Fresh Design Blog

Blogger: Rachel Newcombe

Anyone who has redesigned a home will know that it can be a costly endeavor. The Fresh Design Blog run by Rachel Newcombe zeroes in on bargain buys, special offers and creative ways on how to decorate and accessorize your home while staying on a budget. The blog features affordable products and aspirational pieces worth keeping. Intended for shopping and interior addicts, the blog includes plenty of product ideas from high street stores to up-and-coming designers.

  1. Hello Lovely Studio

Blogger: Michele Ranard

Ideal for homemakers and those with a passion for interior decorating, Michele Ranard’s Hello Lovely Studio is the perfect blog to visit to gather some design inspiration. The blog features decor inspiration such as seasonal decorating ideas and home tours; farmhouse style for rustic but chic decorating ideas; and DIY projects that you can try out including how-to demos and recipes.

  1. Sarah Baynes

Blogger: Sarah Baynes

Blogger and interior designer Sarah Baynes believes that fashion and interior decorating should go hand-in-hand. Her blog aims to inspire men and women to decorate their homes with confidence. The blog features fashion articles with an interior design twist, as well as sale finds that you can include in your decorating wish list.

  1. Design Addict Mom

Blogger: Stacey Ann Blake

Mom of two and army wife, Stacey Ann Blake runs the Design Addict Mom blog. In it, Stacey documents the latest news and trends in interior design, as well as her very own interior design projects. The blog also has plenty of useful tips such as topics on gardening, as well as features on different colorful spaces that would help to inspire other designers by playfully using colors.

  1. Flipping the Flip

Blogger: Becky Marshall

Flipping the Flip is a do-it-yourself and interior design blog run by Becky Marshall. She specializes in not just interior design but also home improvement. In the blog, Becky shares her step-by-step home improvement projects she’s made into her own home and hopes it could motivate readers to do their own projects.

  1. South Shore Decorating Blog

Blogger: Stacy Curran

South Shore Decorating Blog entices readers with carefully curated photos that feature every decorating style imaginable. This includes traditional, transitional, French, rustic, modern and contemporary to even shabby chic and vintage. The blog offers interior design and decorating ideas and easy do-it-yourself projects.

  1. Carrie’s Design Musings

Blogger: Carrie Leskowitz

If you’re on the lookout for new design ideas, Carrie’s Design Musings might be the interior design blog for you. The blog run by interior designer and transformational life coach Carrie Lesowkitz offers informative articles on topics such as antiques, design concepts, and much more.

  1. It’s Great to Be Home

Home design smarts and chic fashion ideas come together on It’s Great to Be Home, a blog run by house flipper Liz. The blog documents ongoing house projects including layouts that could help designers plan out their next home. Not only that, the blog also has fashion styling articles that aim to inspire readers to have fun with their wardrobe.

  1. My Sweet Savannah

Blogger: Melanie Thompson

If you have the passion for interior design and do-it-yourself projects, then My Sweet Savannah is the blog you need to be reading. It features a home tour of blogger Melanie Thompson who runs My Sweet Savannah, as well as recipes, easy to create DIY projects, and a section on interior decorating projects you can do that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

  1. Erin Williamson Design

Blogger: Erin Williamson

Erin Williamson Design is a firm that offers residential and boutique commercial design service. The blog is run by interior designer Erin Williamson who features beautifully composed photos of different living spaces together with informative content. It’s no wonder why this blog is also a three-time winner in design for the Best of Houzz awards.

  1. Laura Trevey

Blogger: Laura Trevey

Blogger Laura Trevey runs her own self-named lifestyle brand that playfully mixes her artistic flair with vibrant watercolor designs in home decor products. The blog features plenty of articles that can help inspire those with a flair for home decorating, and if you want to take home a piece of Laura’s work, there’s also an online shop that sells paper products and home furniture.

  1. Living Vintage

Blogger: Kim

If you have a flair for vintage home design ideas, head to Living Vintage for some fresh inspiration. A common blog theme is “Friday Favorites,” which is a series of blog posts that pay attention to the finer details of design by sticking to a themed color palette. There’s also a section of the blog wherein you can tour the blogger’s own home that showcases the smart use of vintage pieces to create a shabby chic look.

  1. Our House Now a Home

Blogger: Emily Burmeister

Interior design projects shouldn’t be expensive. Emily Burmeister’s blog, Our House Now a Home proves this with suggestions on low-cost ideas, do-it-yourself projects, crafts and detailed home improvement ideas to help you get started on creating an aesthetically beautiful home. Moreover, there are also seasonal holiday projects for you to try that can put the mood in celebrating the spirit of these holidays.

  1. The Stylish Nest

The Stylish Nest explores do-it-yourself projects that focus on gardening, seasonal holidays, tech, pets and more. The blog also features local events, as well as book recommendations. There’s also home improvement projects and their before and after photos to inspire and spark new ideas for other aspiring interior decorators and home improvement buffs.

  1. Just a Girl with a Hammer

Oregon resident and blogger Heather documents the before-and-after transformation of her home that was built in the 1930s. Despite the many issues she has faced with the property, she happily documents the improvements she has made so far. The blog aims to inspire others who are facing issues on home improvement and that one little step at a time can mean progress into creating a comfortable home.

  1. Jungalow

Blogger: Justina Blakeney

This blog proves that creativity is all you need to get you started on having an amazing home. The beautifully designed blog contains plenty of articles that are divided into parts such as home decor, make, eat, entertain, make, and learn. Moreover, readers can get easily inspired with the Jungalow’s “inspogallery” that is subdivided into areas around the home such as the bedroom, workspace, and so on.

  1. The House That Lars Built

Blogger: Brittany W. Jepsen

Another beautifully designed blog on this list is The House That Lars Built by Brittany W. Jepsen. The blog focuses on interest areas such as projects, design, style, food, and party. Apart from the engaging posts, the blog’s clear focus is how to add style to different areas of your life that go beyond home improvement.

  1. Anita Yokota

Blogger: Anita Yokota

If you’re looking for effortless style, then head over to interior stylist and photographer Anita Yokota’s blog for some design inspiration. Anita is committed to providing the best on-trend design tips that can be applied to any home. The blog features useful articles on makeovers, tutorials, do-it-yourself projects, and more. Apart from this, there’s also a section that touches on a variety of stylish lifestyle topics.

  1. The Gold Hive

Join Ashley on The Gold Hive as she embarks on a journey of transforming her 100-year-old home in San Diego. The house needed a lot of work and through the blog, Ashley documents the slow but steady progress she and her husband have made. She also has a section in the blog where you can shop for the same or similar furniture pieces and accents that you can add to your home.

  1. My Scandinavian Home

Blogger: Niki Brantmark

CEO and art director Niki Brantmark is the woman behind My Scandinavian Home, a blog that aims to inspire other Scandinavian homeowners to seek fresh design approaches whether vintage or industrial. Enjoy browsing through the site’s selection of beautifully arranged spaces and the complementing pieces that gives personality to bedrooms, living rooms and more.

  1. Mad About the House

Blogger: Kate Watson Smyth

Interior design journalist Kate Watson Smyth is behind Mad About the House, an award-winning blog that features fresh design ideas as well as styling tips and tricks. Anyone who appreciates interior design and living spaces, in general, will want to get started on decorating and putting together a comfortable room thanks to the beautifully composed photos peppered throughout the site.

  1. Simply Grove

Blogger: Kirsten Grove

A hangout for like-minded creatives with a passion for interiors, Simply Grove is the interior design hub run by interior designer Kirsten Grove. The blog features beautiful and modern pieces as well as product features and reviews on home items such as designer sheets, tech, and more.

  1. Alice and Lois

Run by twin sisters Alice and Lois, this interior design blog offers plenty of design ideas and projects that you can try out at home. They feature easy do-it-yourself projects, as well as recipes suggestions and style features. What’s great about the blog is that their photos are not just well-composed, there are seasonal projects and ideas to try to make sure that you’re updated on the latest trends for the season.

  1. Toolbox Divas

Toolbox Divas will teach you how to get more hands-on with basic home repair and maintenance. The blog features instructional courses on the topic, as well as do-it-yourself projects. There’s also features on home improvement, general maintenance, and interior design. The blog is subdivided into several categories such as home improvement, decor, outdoors, car maintenance, and a workshop. These features will get you busy with your hands as you improve these newfound skills.

  1. Swiss Lark

Blogger: Lindsey McLean

The Swiss Lark chronicles the life of an American mother living in Zurich, Lindsey McLean. The blog features articles on the author’s home life, motherhood, culture, and design. Her blog entries are a worthwhile read, especially for mothers out there who balance their life between their kids and tending to the home.