Baratza Forte Burr Coffee Grinder
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An All-In-One Coffee Grinder

The Baratza Forte BG is a commercial quality brew grinder that is built to last. The 54mm flat burr grinders can deliver consistent coffee through an advanced grind mechanism. There is a “Press Pot To Drip” button, and you can brew in batches or manually. Dosage can be chosen by either selecting a weight or time based approach. Therefore, getting your coffee right every single time shouldn’t be difficult.

A Unique Piece Of Kit

As the name suggests this is a brew grinder so you can grind the coffee beans and then instantly brew them. This allows for a hands off approach, because you don’t need to transfer the coffee grounds to a separate brewing unit. Consequently, less space will be required in your kitchen to create fresh coffee every single morning. There are a number of options to accommodate for coarse coffee to made, or espresso style if that’s what you prefer. The heavy duty machinery means that the speed of the grind will be quick and reliable.

Weight And Time Based Approach

The Baratza Flat Steel Burr Coffee Grinder provides the user the option of using a weight based or time based measurement approach. The flexibility that this allows for will please the sophisticated coffee drinkers – those that are very fussy about how their coffee will come out. The weight based approach is very accurate, to the order of 0.2g. You can input the directions that you would like the grinder to implement via a backlit LCD screen. The input controls are fairly simple to use, and there is a lot of flexibility in terms of how the end result comes out.


2 In 1 Appliance

The biggest attraction of Baratza Forte BG is that it gets 2 jobs completed in one go: grinds the coffee beans, and then brews them. This saves a lot of time and effort because of the efficiency with which you go from coffee beans to a hot cup of coffee.

Commercial Grade

This coffee making unit is suitable for both the home and coffee shops. The commercial grade build, which includes precision burr blades, is more than enough quality for it to be welcomed in any environment.


Expensive Unit

For what it does the price is a little bit on the steep side. You could buy two separate units: a coffee grinder and brewing unit, for a lot less. However, if you got the money to spare then this Flat Steel Burr Coffee Grinder is going to provide a lot of high quality coffee for a long time.

Overall Review

For a coffee lover the Baratza Forte BG is a dream product. It allows the coffee beans to be grinded down, and then brewed in a timely manner. The quality of the components ensures that the aroma of the original beans is kept, and the taste of the coffee is precise. Overall this coffee making machine is the ideal purchase if you want to make the most of high quality beans.