Baratza Preciso Coffee
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A Rich Coffee Grinding Experience

The Baratza Preciso 685 offers a range of interesting features that coffee lovers will be fond of. Firstly, there is a micro adjust system that allows the grind settings to be altered. In total there are 40 grind settings to choose from, which are executed via commercial grade conical burr grinders. Furthermore, you can grind your espresso hands free with this model, because there is a PortaHolder integrated into the design. The speed of the grinding is 1.5 to 2.4 g per seconds, and the hopper can hold 8 oz of coffee beans.

Flexibility Of The Design

A coffee drinking experience should not be rigid, and the Baratza Preciso has been created with that though in mind. For example, there are 40 grind settings which is more than most coffee grinders offer. And in addition to that each specific setting is broken down into a further 11 settings. That’s more coffee options than there are days in the calendar year! Finally, the speed of the Baratza Preciso 685 operates at 1g/second faster than the 40mm grinders.

Espresso Friendly

Due to the fact that there are so many settings to choose from at the fine level you have a lot of options for making espressos. Most coffee grinders might only offer you a handful of different espresso tastes, whereas this one offers much more. Additionally, there is an extraction unit for the espresso, which means transfer after grinding to the brewing unit is simple.


Professional Grade

The internal grind mechanism of this coffee grinder use professional grade technology. The stainless steel blades are precise enough to provide a consistent coffee drinking experience. And with hundreds of grind options to choose from you are simply spoilt for choice.

Simple To Operate

This is certainly one of the more simple coffee grinders to use. The Preciso 685 uses simple dials, and a pulse button for when you want to execute a manual grind. There are some coffee grinder models out there that complicate things for the sake of trying to attract attention. This one on the other hand gains an advantage via its simplicity, and uncluttered design.


Cleaning Difficulty

Unfortunately, the design of this coffee grinder does not incorporate any easy to clean features. For example, there could be a way of accessing the grind mechanism itself in order to get any build of dirt out of there. And there are no extra accessories such as a cloth, or cleaning brush.

Overall Review

The Baratza Preciso 685 is a good choice for anyone who seeks reliability and excellence from a coffee grinder. With 40 grind settings that get divided into a further 11, and commercial grade grind mechanism, the quality of this coffee grinder is advanced. This appliance can accommodate you on those mornings where you want the coffee just the way you like it without any comprises. Overall it’s a unit that is built to impress, and it does so via a variety of rich features.