Electric Burr Coffee Coffee
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An Elegant Coffee Grinder

The Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder is built for the everyday coffee user in mind. There are enough features to provide a rich overall coffee drinking experience, and they are as follows: 14 custom grind settings, borosilicate glass catcher – decreases the jumping of coffee grounds, timer for length of grinding, and a variety of colors. A true coffee lover knows how attention to detail is important in every part of the coffee preparation process. That’s why picking out the right coffee grinder is just as important as picking out the right type of coffee bean.

Entry-Level Home Use

Every home that has coffee drinkers should also use grinders in order to grind down fresh beans. It’s the best way to drink coffee, and a part of the taste will come from the quality of the grinder. This Bodum Grinder is an entry-level machine, but that doesn’t mean that all the essential features aren’t there. It has a quieter than most operation level, which is always handy when you don’t want to wake up the household in the morning.

Hopper Size And Material

The hopper in this coffee grinder can hold 7.8 oz of coffee beans, and the mechanism by which you remove the hopper in order to add more beans is fairly simple. The material used for the hopper is plastic and the lid ensures that the beans do not hop while grinding takes place. Furthermore, the borosilicate glass is one of the best design features because it reduces static, and that in turn makes for a cleaner grinding process.


Oily Beans Don’t Clog

With a lot of coffee grinders there is the issue of oily beans clogging up, but the Bodum Bistro avoids this problem altogether. This means if you are a fan of oily beans then you won’t find any resistance from this coffee grinder.

Quiet Grind

Relatively speaking the Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder has a low decibel operation level, and that is good news for those who hate noise equipment. You’ll receive fewer evil stares in the morning from other members of the household since there will be less noise to put up with.

No Static Problems

Due to the borosilicate glass you won’t experience much in the way of static while using the Bodum Coffee Grinder. Features such as this one add a lot of value to the overall grinding experience.


Low Grind Options

Unfortunately, this coffee grinder comes with only 14 grind settings which is a bit on the low side when compared with other options out there. Therefore, you might not have access to some of the flavors that you would like.

Overall Review

The Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder offers an elegant and affordable solution to coffee bean grinding. It works at a fast pace without making too much noise. The consistency of the grinded down beans is superb, and the build of the machine is thoughtful. For instance, the glass is made of borosilicate, which reduces static. This coffee grinder is truly a well-balanced machine, and at a price level that just oozes value.