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All-In-One Coffee Grinding Solution

The Capresso 560 Burr Coffee Grinder is just what the everyday coffee drinker needs to enjoy coffee without having to go through much hassle. The notable points of this coffee grinder include: grind timing options, pulse grinding, hopper holds 8.8 oz of beans, removable parts for easy cleaning, safety locking system, quiet operation level, coffee grinder dusting brush and 3-pack 35G Grindz Coffee Grinder Cleaner. The number of features is impressive, but most often it’s the quality of the features that’s important not the quantity.

How To Use This Coffee Grinder

The Capresso 560 can be used by either pulsing the grinding, or you can set a timer and leave it be. The timer can be set from 5 seconds all the way up to 60. Typically, a finer grinding setting will result in a lower rate of coffee coming through. Therefore, the timer is not directly related to the number of cups that will come out. It’s just there to figure out how many cups for a specific grind setting.

The Nature Of The Grind Mechanism

The Capresso Jura Infinity 560 uses steel burrs which are heavy duty, and that means the quality of the grind is going to be high. The rotations are quite slow, around 500rpm’s, but that is to allow for reduced frictional heating. This in turn retains the aroma of the coffee so that the quality of the taste is not sacrificed. Let’s face it you would rather wait a few seconds longer to get much better tasting coffee, than the other way around.


Design And Durability

The material that the casing and grinder are made from is of a high standard, and therefore this burr coffee grinder will last longer than most. The overall design is compact and has a clean look. There are no confusing buttons, and it’s ergonomic enough to allow for easy cleaning. Furthermore, cleaning is especially easy due to the accessories that comes with this, such as the dusting brush.

Quality Of Taste

The clever grind mechanism and quality of the grinder blades results in an end result that’s tasty. As long as you buy high quality beans you can expect their flavor to be retained once the grinding has been completed.


No Static Coating

The beans in this coffee grinder tend to jump around a lot because there is no static coating. This in turn makes for a nosier grinding experience that could have been avoided by simply putting in some simple design features.

Overall Review

The Capresso 560 Burr Coffee Grinder provides a grinding experience that’s simple and efficient. The quality of the grinding is very high, and because of the high durability you can expect that quality for a very long time to come. The only real drawback of this machine is that it cannot grind finely enough to allow for espressos. However, that’s not really a problem if you, or anyone in your home does not drink espressos. Overall the Capresso 560 allows for high retention of flavor from coffee beans at a price point that’s affordable.