F2037051 Grinder
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All-Purpose Spice & Coffee Grinder

The KRUPS F2037051 has the ability to grind coffee beans, and equally well a number of other items such as dry herbs and spices. It comes in at an entry level price, yet has enough features for the desirable end result. The features of the F2037051 include: ability grind a wide variety of items, stainless steel blade for uniform grinding, grinds 3 oz of coffee beans at a time and comes with a 200watt motor.

Why An All Purpose Grinder Is Needed

Those who like to make food from scratch, and this includes beverages, will find that this all-purpose grinder offers access to new fresh ingredients. You can enjoy freshly ground coffee which is significantly better that drinking pre-made coffee. Furthermore, if you like to make your own spices then this grinder gives you the option of preparing them with as little hassle as possible. With other coffee grinders you might struggle to grind anything other than coffee beans. However, the KRUPS F2037051 is built with versatility and flexibility in mind.

What To Expect From This Grinder

The grinder was built in mind with a “Jack of all trades, master of none” mentality and therefore don’t expect there to be advanced coffee grinding options. However, the 200 watt motor and the stainless steel blades are reliable enough for you to expect uniformly grinded down coffee. Furthermore, you only have to wait seconds for as many as 12 cups of coffee to be grinded. The design is compact at 3.93 by 4.13 by 8.27-Inches, and that means storage for this kitchen accessory shouldn’t be a problem.



Anytime you can buy a kitchen appliance to perform more than one job is a bonus. This grinder not only grinds coffee well, but it’s also suited to grind many different food ingredients. As a result of buying this product your kitchen will become a lot richer in the variety of flavors that it has to offer.

Uniform Grinding

The stainless steel blades provide the framework for grinding that’s going to be uniform every single time. And what’s more you can complete the grinding in a very short period of time because of the powerful 200-watt motor.


Low Coffee Grinding Functionality

Those looking for an advanced coffee bean grinding experience need to look elsewhere. The design here is only to accommodate simple grinding of coffee beans and a variety of food items.

No Easy Cleaning

There are no features on this grinder to allow for the easy cleaning of the internal parts. That means you’ll have to spend more time cleaning the KRUPS F2037051 than other grinders, and you might struggle to clean it thoroughly.

Overall Review

The KRUPS F2037051 is an all-rounder that will add a lot of value to the average household. The ability to quickly grind down coffee beans and a variety of food items via the 200watt motor is impressive. The design is simple, and the interface is straightforward. Unfortunately, sophisticated coffee lovers may struggle with the lack of options. However, those that aren’t too fussy with the lack of options will be bale to enjoy a versatile grinder that is set at a very affordable price.