1161 Floor Expert Vacuum
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Compact, easy-to-use vacuum designed for hardwood floors with suction adjustment

The Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert is perfect if you have a lot of wood floors in your home. It’s compact, easy to use, and designed to not scratch or otherwise damage smooth floors like wood, tile, and laminate. It also includes a brush head so you can vacuum carpets as well.

Non-marking rubber wheels

The Hard Floor Expert is designed especially for hardwood by employing non-marking rubber wheels with felt treads. Most vacuums use plastic or other scratchy materials that can easily damage wood and tile. The Bissell 1161 also has soft brushes that lightly dust so you can pick up dust bunnies and crumbs without having to worry about stiff, rough bristles that tear.

Fingertip control

Since you’ll be vacuuming some delicate surfaces, it’s important to have control over the suction power of the vac. Using fingertip controls for convenience, this vacuum allows you adjust the suction power for a variety of flooring types, like hard, smooth, and especially delicate materials like curtains or upholstery.

Easy Empty dirt tank

When you’re done vacuuming, you want to be able to dispose of all the gunk without getting it all over the place. The Easy Empty dirt tank conveniently opens from the bottom so you simply hold it over the trash and all the dirt pours out. No need to handle fragile bags that can tear.


Easy to use

The Hard Floor Expert is very light and even swivels for extra smooth mobility. It glides around the floor for fast, efficient cleaning and you can easily pick it up and carry it around from room to room if you want.

Super compact

Unlike a lot of canister vacs, this one is truly compact. It only weighs ten pounds and comes with automatic cord rewind for easy storage. You can use it frequently, even daily if you want, without feeling like it’s a huge chore to go get out the vacuum and then put it away when you’re done.

Useful attachments

The Bissell comes with three useful attachments that handle precise and versatile cleaning, so you don’t feel like all the vacuum does is dust floors. The included attachments are the soft brush, a crevice tool, and a telescopic extension wand. With these tools, you can delicately vacuum, get to hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, and expand your cleaning range.


Short power cord

One of the weaknesses of the Bissell 1161 is that it has a short power cord. With a short cord, you have a limited cleaning range and can accidentally unplug the vacuum when you go too far. It is frustrating to have to keep walking back and plugging in the vacuum when you’re in a hurry. The Bissell is aware of this shortcoming however, the cord has yellow warning stripes on it to let you know when you’re extending too far.

No power nozzle

Another issue with the BIssell 1161 is that it doesn’t come with a power nozzle and is not very good on carpets. While you can vacuum on carpets using the brush tool, the vacuum is just not equipped to deal with the more demanding work that carpets require. If you have short-pile carpet, you can probably get a pretty good clean, and the Bissell never pretends to be a carpet vacuum.

No filter

Unlike many other canister vacuums, the Hard Floor Expert does not include a good filter. It has a paper one, but if you are sensitive to dust or have some kind of allergen-caused condition, the Bissell is not a good choice for you.

Overall Review

If you have all or mostly smooth floors and want to be sure your vacuum doesn’t damage them, then this is an ideal vacuum. It’s compact, light, but still has good power to get all the debris off your floors. It also has adjustable suction so you can work on delicate surfaces easily.