0046034898978 Bagless Canister Vacuum
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Compact, bagless design with filter and on-board tools

The Dirt Devil Featherlite SD40100 has a compact design for easy portability, neat on-board tools, and an environmentally-friendly filter. Designed for smaller homes and apartments, the Featherlite uses cyclonic action to store dirt. Carrying it around is easy with the convenient handle.

HEPA filter

The Featherlite’s main feature is the air-friendly HEPA filter, which protects against 99% of dust and airborne allergens that can be a serious problem in your home. Children and elderly people are especially vulnerable to air-quality issues. With the HEPA, you can guard against the damage with a washable filter that will last a long time.

2-1 dusting brush and crevice tool

The filter isn’t the only convenient feature on the Featherlite SD40100. The 2-1 dusting brush and crevice tool combine forces to make reaching those hard-to-get-to areas a breeze. Dust up beneath kitchen cabinets, above windowsills, between couch cushions, and so on.

Bare floor nozzle and retractable brush

Other handy cleaning tools include the bare floor nozzle and retractable brush. Cleaning on bare floors (tile, wood, etc) can be a little tricky because you want a good clean, but don’t want to scratch the floor either. The nozzle and brush allow you to choose when to just use the nozzle to get in corner, and when to use the brush to dust right on the surface. This makes vacuuming before mopping very efficient and easy.


Easy storage

Regular vacuums take up a lot of space. Even some compact vacuums can be tricky to store and long cords can get tangled and messy. The Featherlite has an automatic rewind so your cord isn’t wound up like a bird’s nest while you’re trying to shove it into a closet. Storing is convenient, so you can find a place where the vacuum is easy to get to, but not crowding everything else you need to keep hidden away.

Works great on stairs

The Featherlite works wonderfully on stairs. It has a 7.5 ft. arm specifically designed for this purpose, so you can vacuum stairs without having to deal with a short arm and constantly moving the vacuum up and down.

Great with pet hair

A common problem with all vacuums is that they just cannot get pet hair. The Dirt Devil Featherlite, while being compact, has strong enough suction to pull it up and filter out any harmful particles. Keep in mind that with any vacuum, you have to push pretty hard to really focus the suction, but with a little elbow grease, dog and cat hair will be out of your carpet and in the vacuum.



One of the weaknesses of the Featherlite is that it tends to overheat when you’ve been using it for a long vacuum session. Overheating can lead to an unpleasant burning smell and will wear the vacuum down over time. This is not uncommon for smaller vacs; their motors just aren’t as powerful as larger vacuums. To help with this issue, don’t use the Featherlite as the only vacuum for a large house, maybe just use it to focus on problem areas. Another option is to let it rest when you’ve been vacuuming for a while, and then come back to finish.

Overall Review

This light, HEPA-filter Dirt Devil may be small, but it packs in a lot of cool features like 2-1 brushes, a bare floor nozzle, and long arm for vacuuming stairs. Ideal for cleaning up bare floors and pet hair, the Featherlite SD40100 is perfect if you are a pet owner in an apartment with lots of smooth, dust-prone surfaces.