Dash Bagless
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Cyclonic system, HEPA vacuum cleans every floor type with 3-in-1 tool

The Dirt Devil SD40050 Dash cleans every floor type you might have (tile, wood, carpet) with a handy 3-in-1 tool. It also cleans the air and filters out all the dust, pollen, and dirt that your home might accumulate. Vacuuming is easy with this machine, and so is cleaning up the vacuum.

Cyclonic, bagless system

This vacuum doesn’t use bags and instead employs the cyclonic system, where vacuumed-up debris is spun around very fast in centrifuges so allergens and other gross stuff is separated out from the air. Not having a bag also helps the vacuum keep its suction strong, so you get a really good clean on your floors.

Quick-Rinse filter with HEPA Media

As the cyclonic action separates out the dirt, the HEPA filter captures microns up to .3 in size. 99.97% of these allergens are captured, so your air actually becomes clean when you vacuum. The filter is removable and just needs a quick rinse to stay strong and effective.

3-in-1 tool

A convenient feature of the Dirt Devil SD40050 is the 3-in-1 tool designed for detailed cleaning. It converts into a crevice tool, lint roll, and brush so you can clean between cushions, under furniture, on furniture, and anywhere else.


Easy floor transition

Switching from smooth to carpeted floors and back is easy. There’s a convenient foot pedal you press when you’re changing it up, and the vacuum will be ready for its new location.

Easy movement

Whether you’re moving on hardwood or carpet, the Dash stays stable and smooth. It has three wheels (instead of the more common two), and the front wheel even rotates 360 degrees so your vacuum navigates easily around the room and obstacles. The power cord is 20 feet so you have lots of space and flexibility.

Easy empty

When you’re finished with your vacuuming job, clean up is easy. When you open up the top latch, you can rinse out the HEPA filter. The bottom latch is for the dust compartment, which you open up over a trash bin. The see-through canister allows you to know when it’s time to empty.


3-in-1 tools not great

Unfortunately, converting the 3-in-1 tool between its various functions (crevice, lint, brush) is not a super effective way to do really good, detailed cleaning. Having three tools would be better. However, storage is easier with the 3-in-1 and you don’t have to worry about losing a bunch of separate attachments.

Overall Review

The Dirt Devil Dash SD40050 could be described as a very good “beginner” vacuum. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and just has one attachment that can do a lot of different things. It would be a great choice as a first apartment vacuum or if you live in a smaller space without a lot of grime-causing factors like pets or kids.