Dyson Cinetic Big Ball For Sale
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Innovative, filter-free vacuum that runs smoothly and cleans the air

The Dyson 65024-01 is a highly-innovative vacuum that cleans the air without a filter and runs silky-smooth on all flooring surfaces, from carpet to tile to wood. It’s a great vacuum if you have pets who shed and really need to deal with the hair.

Dyson Cinetic tips

The secret to the Cinetic Ball Animal Canister’s filter-free cleaning is the fast-rotating tips. These 54 Dyson Cinetic tips vibrate 5,000 times per second and separate all the dirt/pollen/allergens so all that shoots back out into your home is clean air.

Ball canister

Navigating a vacuum around can be annoying. With the Dyson’s central steering mechanism, it’s easy. You can move around obstacles and floor surfaces smoothly. The vacuum’s low, stable center of gravity is due to the ball in which all the vacuum’s mechanics (including the motor) are built. The vacuum won’t wobble or fall over.

Tangle-free turbine

If you own a pet and vacuum a lot of hair, the 65024-01’s tangle-free turbine is an ideal tool. The counter-rotating heads with brushes get the hair off the carpet and furniture, but don’t get tangled or wrap around. With many vacuums, there is a brush bar, which the hair winds around. Pulling out the hair is really difficult and causes clogs, but that won’t happen with the tangle-free turbine.



This is a super health-friendly, clean vacuum. The tips clean the air without a filter, so you don’t have to ever take anything out and wash it. To dispose of the dust and what not, just dump out the cup. The Dyson tips clean the air just as well as a filter, and get rid of microns down to .5 in size.

Easy use

Using the Cinetic Ball canister is a breeze. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and has extremely smooth navigation. It glides around after you so you don’t have to be fighting with your vacuum as you clean your house. You can easily carry it up and down stairs, too.

Powerful suction

Having no bags or filters means this vacuum doesn’t lose suction. It has a lot of power and easily cleans up carpets with deep dirt and grime. With a lot of other canister vacuums, you need extra tools or really have to push with the hose. This Dyson can also be adjusted for smooth floors


Hard to store

The one major weakness with the 62024-01 is its physical design. It has a weird shape, which makes it difficult to store. The tangle-free turbine also doesn’t attach to the vacuum anywhere, so you might lose it if things get moved around in storage. Before purchasing, find a closet with a lot of empty space where you can stick the vacuum, and plan on putting the turbine in a box or other container close to the vacuum.

Overall Review

This is an unusual vacuum that keeps the vacuum clean and makes maintenance nearly effortless. With the Cinetic tips, the air is purified of allergens, and pet hair is easily sucked up by the powerful suction and tangle-free turbine. If you have pets and hate dealing with filters, but still want clean air, this easy-moving vacuum is for you.