DC39 Vacuum
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Easy-steering, bagless vacuum with powerful suction and HEPA designed for pet owners

Dyson is one of the most famous vacuum brands out there, and with the Animal Canister DC39, you get a bagless vacuum that’s easy to maneuver, has powerful suction, and is made for pet owners who are dealing with lots of hair and potentially harmful allergens. This particular vacuum also has some really cool improved technology that makes it convenient to use.

Patented Radial Root Cyclone technology

One of those cool technologies is the patented Radial Root Cyclone. This cyclonic system has been adjusted so airflow is even better than in previous models. Air pressure is better preserved so the inner cyclones have an easier job of pulling out those dust particles, cleaning the air. All the dust, hair, and other gross stuff in your house is collected together to be thrown away.

Triggerhead tool

The Triggerhead tool allows you to control the vacuum brush right on the handle, so when you switch from smooth to carpeted floors, you just pop the brush back out to clean. The DC39 also comes with a special tangle-free turbine, so hair doesn’t get all matted up. Counter-rotating heads and brushes deal with all that.

Ball technology

Moving your vacuum around while you do all this cleaning should be easy. Instead of using fixed wheels like many vacuums, the Animal Canister moves on a ball. This makes swerving around furniture smooth, and you won’t have ugly heel tracks in your carpet. The motor, which is the heaviest part of the vacuum, hangs low so the vacuum has better overall stability.



Cleaning is a messy process. You can bring up a lot of dirt and dust that can cause coughing and aggravate existing conditions like asthma. The Animal Canister comes with a HEPA filter, which only shoots out clean air and keeps all the bad stuff inside the vacuum. You can choose when to empty your vacuum by looking through the clear bin on the Dyson. Simply push a button to release the dirt into the trash.

Super easy to move around

The Animal Canister is smooth and effortless. In addition to the ball technology, the DC39 has a central steering mechanism (the only canister vac to have this) so you have total control over your vacuum. Moving around obstacles is not a problem, so you don’t have to spend all day moving furniture around before you can clean.


For a small vacuum, this vacuum is powerful. It has a 275 a/w, which is higher than the recommended 220 a/w that Hoover recommends for canister vacuums. With this power, you never lose suction and cleaning goes very fast without the vac getting overwhelmed or burned out.


The most notable weakness with the DC39 is that its vacuum head is pretty narrow. This is a subtle problem, but if you’re dealing with large pieces of debris, you want a wide head that easily sucks up everything. With a narrow one, pieces can get clogged and slow you down. If you want to help your vacuum out, scout around for especially large pieces of trash and throw them out instead of trying to suck them up with the Dyson.

Overall Review

If you have pets that shed a lot, the Dyson DC39 Animal Canister was made with you in mind. Its powerful suction and included tangle-free turbine pull up clumps of hair while the HEPA filters out allergens for easy disposal. It’s also a very easy vacuum to use and rides very smoothly even around obstacles.