Electrolux UltraActive Canister Vacuum
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Two-motor, cyclonic-system vacuum has power and convenience

The ElectroLux UltraActive DeepClean EL4300B vacuum is designed to uphold its promise. With its two motors (one for suction, one for carpet agitation) and 12 amps of power, this bagless canister vac wants to clean carpets with even the most embedded debris. It also has features for smooth floors and upholstery.

DeepClean nozzle

To really get deep into carpets, vacuums need to have specially-designed nozzles. The DeepClean’s powerhead is made for strong suction and also gives you the option of upping your vacuuming game with the deep clean power nozzle for enhanced suction. Many vacuums don’t have strong enough nozzles included so they are not great for carpets unless you buy another tool separately.

Cyclonic separation with HEPA filter

Because you’ll be vacuuming up a lot of lung-harming allergens, a good filter is necessary. The DeepClean comes with a HEPA filter that clears the air of 99% of those pesky allergens hiding in dust, pollen, and pet hair. HEPA filters are top-of-the-line and with the vacuum’s cyclonic separation isolating the air from the debris, your home will have crystal-clear air.

Cleaning tools included

If you’re like most people, you’ll want to vacuum more than just your carpets and floors. The DeepClean comes with handy cleaning tools for detailed work: the crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery brush. You can easily get into corners, under furniture, and on furniture with the vacuum’s attachments.


Floor adjustments

Transitioning between floor types is easy with the DeepClean. By pushing a button, you can choose when to have the brush roll on or off. With carpets, simply turn the brush roll on and then turn it off when you move to smooth floors.

Easy use and storage

Using the vacuum and then storing it are not a problem. With the 180 degree swivel, you can move the vacuum around easily while you clean. When you’re finished, the Ergo Shock cord (which also doubles as a furniture guard) can be used as a hose wrap to keep everything tight and tidy.

Easy clean-up

When you’re ready to empty your vacuum, simply press a button and the dust cup releases all the debris into the trash. You don’t have to mess with replacement bags; just open and empty.


Short cord length

The Electrolux EL4300B’s major weakness is small, but after you’ve used the vacuum for a while, it can get bothersome. The power cord length is shorter compared to other vacuums or even previous models of the DeepClean. This limits your cleaning area and can make vacuuming take longer as you have to be aware of how much cord you have left. If you have a smaller house or apartment, and there isn’t much floor area to clean, the cord length should be just fine. You could also try using an extension cord and power strip to create more length between the outlet and the vacuum’s cleaning range.

Overall Review

The Electrolux UltraActive DeepClean is a canister vacuum designed for suction power. Using the cyclonic system and HEPA filter, you can vacuum up deeply-embedded grime from carpets as well as employing the cleaning tools for more diverse cleaning, like beneath and on furniture. If you have a lot of carpet in your home, but want a smaller vac that’s easy to store and clean, the DeepClean matches up.