EL6986A Canister Vacuum UltraSilencer EL6986A
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Super-quiet, lightweight vacuum with speed control and HEPA filter

The Electrolux UltraSilencer EL6986A canister vacuum is a versatile cleaning machine, lots of cleaning tools, and has a health-boosting HEPA filter. This is an ideal vacuum if you’re a pet owner or new parent who doesn’t want a loud vacuum disturbing everyone.

Quiet 65 dBA noise level

One of the more unique features of the UltraSilencer is just how quiet it is. Most vacuums, even smaller ones, are super loud and can terrify dogs, cats, and even infants. With its 65 dBa and sound-dampener, this vacuum is nearly silent, making it easy to vacuum at any time of the day (or night) if there’s a sudden mess or you just didn’t have time before.

HEPA filter system

As a pet owner or parent, you want to be sure that your home environment is healthy and safe. The HEPA filter system in the ElectroLux EL6986A deals with 99% of dust particles and allergens that can cause a lot of scary health problems. Pets and babies are especially vulnerable as they are usually close to the floor where lots of these allergens live. The HEPA filter gives you peace of mind and can be cleaned for a longer-lasting filter life.

Speed control

In addition to taking control of your health, the UltraSilencer lets you take control of the vacuum’s speed. Conveniently marked and located on the vacuum’s body, you can choose to have it running at either “Full Power” for deep, hair-clogged carpets or “Gentle,” for areas like curtains, blinds, and so on.


Light, but powerful

At twelve pounds, the ElectroLux still packs in 9 amps of power ideal for hardwood and low-pile carpet. A lot of vacuums sacrifice power for weight, but the UltraSilencer has found a good balance between durability and portability.

Special tools for hard-to-reach areas

The UltraSilencer has four special tools that allow you to clean everywhere in your house. The telescopic wand is great for stairs and giving you a wide radius of cleaning, while the wall brush helps you suck up spiderwebs that hang out in ceiling corners without scraping your paint. The furniture nozzle and crevice tool are great for getting between couch cushions and under beds. There’s nowhere you can’t go with these cool features.

Good for pet hair

When it comes to getting pet hair out of upholstery, stairs, and carpets, a lot of vacuums just kind of swirl the hair around without ever sucking it up. The ElectroLux’s special tools and suction work together to really deal with the hair problem and get your home really clean.


Uses bags

One of the disadvantages to the UltraSilencer is that it uses bags. Many vacuums with a HEPA filter also have a cyclonic, bagless system, so not having that with the UltraSilencer can be annoying since you have to keep buying bags. It can also be messier. However, throwing away a vacuum bag is not really a problem as long as you don’t spill or tear it, and with bagless systems, you do still have to replace dust cups after a while, which are more expensive than bags. It all evens out eventually.

Overall Review

The ElectroLux UltraSilencer EL6986A is a great vacuum if you’re a young parent and/or pet owner as the vacuum’s HEPA filter deals with allergens, the sound-dampening deals with loud noise, and the cleaning tools and suction deal with pet hair and lots of messes. It is a durable, versatile vacuum that can clean anywhere, including the walls and ceiling, so you can be sure you’ll get a full, deep clean every time you use it.