AirExcel Compact No Canister
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Powerful, lightweight vacuum with multi-purpose cleaning and multi-cyclonic system

The Eureka Air Excel can clean on any surface (carpet and smooth) and has special brushes for enhanced surface cleaning. It also uses the multi-cyclonic method of cleaning that Dyson vacuums made famous, but in a much more affordable package.

Carpet and hardwood floor brushes

Cleaning on smooth floors and carpet is easy with the included brush tools. You don’t have to worry about scratching your expensive hardwood floors or not having stiff enough bristles when it comes to getting hair and ground-in dirt from your carpets. Simply replace the brush heads when you switch floor types and you’re ready to go.

HEPA filter

The HEPA filter is one of the best air filters for vacuums available. It catches 99% of dust and allergens that can aggravate asthma and other lung problems, so you clean the air while you clean your house. Having the AirExcel 990A’s filter is especially important if you have pets or deal with a dry climate that has lots of dust and wind coming through the house.

Easy Empty Dust Cup

With the Easy Empty Dust Cup, it’s very easy to get rid of all the dust and dirt that the cyclonic and filter deal with. When you’re ready to empty the vacuum, you just pull out the dust cup and dump it out. They’re washable and you can get replacements as well, when it’s time.


Very light

The AirExcel is very light at only 8 pounds. This makes it very easy for moving it around the house and when you’re cleaning your car. It’s especially convenient for stairs where you have to either carry or continuously pick up the vacuum to move up and down. Some canister vacs can weigh as much as twelve pounds, and after a while, that 4 pounds makes a big difference.

Strong suction

Even with its lightness, the vacuum has some strong suction. With a little pushing on carpets with the carpet brush, you can get a good, deep clean. Carpet-cleaning is a problem for many smaller vacuums, so finding one that has special tools for the job (like a carpet brush) is important.

Cleans the air

With the Eureka AirExcel, you get a vacuum and an air filter. Not every vacuum has an air filter, and even fewer have HEPA filters. With it superior quality, you can rest easy that you are protecting your family and pets from dangerous allergens as well as making your house nice and clean.


Less amps than comparable models

With 9 amps, the AirExcel has less power than some comparable models. While it is only a few, it can make a difference as less amps mean less suction. Vacuums also lose suction as they get older, so the AirExcel might not last as long as other vacuums. However, it is only a few amps difference, and with proper care, the AirExcel should last just as long as other vacs.

Frequent emptying

Another weakness with the AirExcel is that it needs be emptied frequently. Vacs with filters can get clogged after a while, especially if you’re dealing with lots of hair, so that can interrupt the vacuuming process and require you get more filters sooner. However, if you’re vacuuming a smaller space, it shouldn’t be a noticeable problem and the Easy Empty Dust Cup makes the process pain-free.

Overall Review

The Eureka AirExcel Compact is a versatile, light-as-a-feather vacuum that uses top-notch filter technology at a reasonable price. Emptying the vacuum is also super easy and extras like the floor brushes help you get the best clean possible in every room of your house or apartment.