Bagless Canister SH40070
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Technologically-advanced, lightweight vacuum for multi-floor surfaces

The Hoover WindTunnel SH40070 is a bagless, lightweight vacuum designed for multiple floor types. It uses a cyclonic system as well as other designer technology to make vacuuming easy as well as efficient. If you’re looking for a sturdy, convenient vacuum that lets you vacuum everywhere with ease while cleaning the air, the SH40070 is an excellent choice.

WindTunnel 3 technology

A big part of the vacuum’s efficiency lies in its cyclonic WindTunnel 3 technology. The vacuum creates three powerful channels of suction so even the dirt that’s really ground into carpet gets sucked up.

Electronic On/Off brushroll

When you’re moving from the carpet to smooth floors (or vice versa), you want to be sure that the vacuum head won’t scratch the floor or be too gentle to work with carpets. The WindTunnel’s electronic On/Off brushroll allows you to seamlessly transition between floor types by just pushing a button.

Steerable technology

Whether you’re vacuuming hardwood floors or carpet, you want a vacuum that moves around easily. The WindTunnel has steerable technology which allows you to move smoothly around the legs of chairs, couches, and any other kinds of furniture so you don’t have to rearrange your entire house every time you vacuum. You just twist the handle and the vacuum will respond.


HEPA filter

This vacuum comes with a HEPA filter, one of the best vacuum filters out there that clears nearly 100% of the allergens found in the air. The filter is reusable and just needs a wash with water to stay in good shape.

Easy emptying

Since the Hoover WindTunnel doesn’t use bags, it comes with a simple dirt cup that opens from the bottom. Just hold the cup over your trash and release it so all the dirt, dust and hair falls out.

Great above-floor cleaning

Your floors aren’t the only things in your house that get dirty. The WindTunnel comes with super convenient attachments tool (3-in-1 tool, hard floor brush, wand) so you can clean your furniture, walls, and ceiling. With the telescopic wand tool, you can clean up to 11 feet in the air and reach those pesky dust clusters and cobwebs that appear in ceiling corners and above bookshelves.



At 20 pounds, the WindTunnel is a pretty bulky vacuum. This can become cumbersome when you’re trying to move around the house and go up and down stairs. This is not a compact vacuum. However, if you want a smaller vacuum that is more durable than some of the feather-light canisters, the WindTunnel is definitely solid and not flimsy.

Tends to overheat

Another issue with the WindTunnel is that it tends to have a problem with overheating. Thicker debris like hair and paper can clog the vacuum, which makes the motor work harder. Overheating causes a gross, burning smell and will damage the vacuum over time. To prevent this, pick up some of the bulkier items you know can cause a problem by hand before vacuuming, and keep an eye on how long is too long for the vacuum to be running.

Overall Review

The Hoover WindTunnel is a sturdy, strong vacuum with lots of convenient features like the three-channel suction and extra attachments. It’s heavier than some other canister vacs, but it makes up for that with a long extension wand and steerable technology, so moving the vacuum is easy. A HEPA filter deals with dangerous allergens that might be hanging around in your room, so if you have some carpets that need a serious clean, the WindTunnel is a good fit.