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Affordable, powerful bagged vacuum for cleaning carpets with lots of attachments

The Kenmore Canister vacuum is an affordable, very powerful vacuum designed for cleaning carpets. If you own pets like cats or dogs that shed everywhere, leaving your furniture, stairs, and carpet embedded with hair, then the Kenmore is a great compact, convenient vac that will serve your needs.

Electronic Performance Indicator

One of the cool, convenient features on the Kenmore is the electronic performance indicator which lets you know when the bag is full, or if you need to check the vacuum for clogs. This takes out the guesswork about how many vacuuming sessions it takes for the bag to get full, or what types of debris will cause clogs.


The Kenmore comes with five attachments that will make cleaning more efficient and precise, especially when you’re going after pet hair or hard-to-reach areas underneath furniture. The five tools are the crevice tool, upholstery, dust brush, bare floor tool, and the Pet HandiMate, which makes getting hair a breeze.

6-foot, turning hose

A big part of convenience when it comes to vacuuming is having a good cleaning radius. The vac’s 6-foot hose makes above-floor cleaning easy and the hose turns 360 degrees so you don’t have to deal with tangling it up while you get around furniture and corners.


Easy use

The Kenmore Canister is incredibly easy to use. It’s lightweight, compact, and comes with fingertip controls so you don’t have to keep going back to the vacuum body to make adjustments all the time. It’s easy to carry around, like up and down stairs, and easy to store as well.

Great on carpets

The Kenmore is an excellent vacuum for carpets. The attachment are especially strong and designed to enhance carpeting cleaning, especially when it comes to pet hair with the Pet HandiMate air turbine which really digs deep. A lot of canister vacuums work better on smooth surfaces than carpets, but the Kenmore knows where all the dirt and hair really likes to hide.

Works on all floor types

Another plus with this vacuum is that while it is designed with carpets in mind, it works well on every floor type. The attachments allow you to switch to upholstery or dust brushes to vacuum more delicate surfaces like hardwood or sofa cushions.


Movement issues

One issue with the Kenmore Canister is that its design has some flaws. It has trouble following you around easily and the hose often pops out of the canister. This can get really annoying as you have to keep coming back and fixing this. To help deal with this problem, take full advantage of the hose’s 6-feet and keep the vacuum close to you so it doesn’t tug.

Overall Review

Overall, the Kenmore Canister is a very affordable strong-suction vacuum that is great for apartments or small houses that have lots of carpet. If you have pets, the Pet HandiMate is especially useful, and with the variety of attachments, you can also vacuum places like tiled bathrooms, ceilings, and furniture.