Miele Complete C3 Kona Canister Vacuum Cleaner
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Powerful, six-stage bagged vacuum for big spaces with deep-pile carpet

The Miele Complete C3 Kona is an ideal vacuum for big homes with deep-pile carpet, as well as smooth floors. It has very powerful suction, lots of tools for detailed cleaning, and it gives you a lot of control over how to use the vacuum’s versatile abilities.

Electro Plus Electrobrush

One of those ways is through the Electro Plus Electrobrush. This is a vacuum head designed especially for high-pile carpeting with lots of dirt. The brush really pushes deep for an exceptional clean. It even has a five-level height adjustment so you can tweak based on the specific carpet. It also works on smooth surface.

Parquet Twister for smooth floors

The other vacuum head is best for smooth surfaces. The Parquet Twister rotates at 180 degrees so cleaning smooth tiles and wood goes smoothly and at every angle. The Twister won’t scratch or grind against the floor.

AirClean HEPA filter

The Kona’s HEPA filter is a very important feature if you worry about air-borne allergens. The filter catches 99.9% of the harmful bits of dust, dirt, and pollen, and the AirClean system seals everything in. All of those allergens stay contained so you just throw away the bag when you’re ready.


Wide cleaning radius

The C3 Kona has a wide cleaning radius of 36 feet so vacuuming large rooms, and/or areas without a lot of power outlets is easy. The telescopic wand helps with this radius and is great for above-floor cleaning on walls and in ceiling corners where cobwebs and dust tends to gather.

Good attachments

Another one of the Kona’s positives is the useful attachments that are onboard the vacuum for added convenience. The crevice tool, upholstery brush, and dusting brush help expand your cleaning range to beneath furniture, on couches and drapes, and extra delicate surfaces.

Very versatile

The Kona is a very versatile vacuum. With the six-stage suction adjustment that is easily controlled with a footswitch, you can choose the perfect power setting for any kind of floor and surface. While especially good on carpets, the Kona is also equipped to expertly clean smooth surfaces as well, so you get the complete package with this Miele.



The main weakness with the Miele Complete is that its bags are small as well as expensive. This means you have to be buying bags a lot more frequently than if the bags were bigger. With a big purchase like this, it’s annoying to have to add bags as another expensive. If you really like this vacuum and are ok with paying a little extra for bags in exchange for everything else the Kona offers. Look around for other bags that might fit or deals on bulk purchasing.

Overall Review

This vacuum does something not many other canister vacuums can: it works really well on deep-pile carpeting. Keep the air clean at the same time with the HEPA filter and AirClean sealed bags, and use the vacuum for every other project like smooth floors and above-floor. This vacuum is very versatile and perfect for you if you have a bigger space, but want a canister vacuum.