C1 Capri Vacuum
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Multi-floor, bagged vacuum with six floor settings, two brush heads, and tools

The Miele Classic C1 is a versatile, quiet bagged vacuum with multiple tools and multi-floor capabilities. It’s great if you are concerned about air quality and want a lot of options when it comes to suction power and getting the best performance out of your vacuum.

Rotary dial speed control

Laid out like a rotary dial, the C1’s speed control allows you to select suction power based on what kind of floor you’re cleaning. You can choose a stronger suction for carpets, and a more gentle one for smooth floors, so the vacuum doesn’t scratch.

AirClean filter

Vacuuming and dusting floors always blows up a lot of dust and dirt, in which allergens live. The C1 Capri is prepared to handle this with an AirClean filter that rids the air of 99.9% of allergens. The only thing that will hang around after you vacuum is clean, fresh air.

Turbo comfort and Parquet floor brush

When you buy the C1, you get two vacuum head brushes specially designed for both carpet and smooth floors. The rotating roller brush (Turbo comfort) loosens the ground-in dirt from carpets while also sucking up smaller debris like strips of paper, dust bunnies, and so on. The Parquet floor brush is for smooth floors and has soft bristles to carefully dust and sweep.


Wide cleaning radius

One of this vacuum’s strengths is its wide cleaning radius. With the telescopic wand designed to clean high-up places like walls and ceiling corners, you get 29.5 feet to play with.


In addition to the two brush heads, you get a crevice tool, upholstery brush, and a brush for more delicate vacuuming on curtains and drapes. Easily clean everywhere and at any height with the C1.


For a vacuum, the C1 is surprisingly quiet while still maintaining strong suction power. Most vacuums roar to life and often terrify sensitive pets or children, but with the C1, your life doesn’t have to stand still as you vacuum.


Short cord

One of the drawbacks of the C1 Capri is that is has a short power cord. You don’t have a lot of room when it comes to how far you can move the vacuum from an outlet, and if you have an older home that doesn’t have a lot of sockets, this can be annoying. However, when you hose the extension wand, you still get that nearly 30 feet of cleaning radius, so the power cord doesn’t really limit you.


The Miele C1 is a bagged vacuum and unfortunately, the bags are both expensive and small. This means you have to buy them frequently and possibly spend more money than you were planning to on vacuuming. Look for good deals and other bags that might work with this vacuum to save money.


The Miele Classic C1 Capri canister is a pretty versatile vacuum that has a lot of tools you can switch out to make cleaning more efficient and precise. It also cleans the air with an AirClean filter, so you can breathe easy while vacuuming all your floors, walls, and what else needs a good clean.