Miele S6270 Reviews
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Quiet, six-stage suction vacuum with clean air filters works on smooth and low-pile carpeting

The Miele Quartz Canister vacuum is a surprisingly quiet, six-stage suction vacuum with bags that can clean anywhere in your house all while clearing the air of dangerous allergens. If you have both smooth floors and low-pile carpet, the Quartz is able to utilize its suction power and a bevy of tools to get an excellent clean.

Six-stage suction

A big part of getting a good clean is having the proper suction settings for all of your floors types. The Quartz has six, ranging from powerful suction to a more gentle one, for delicate cleaning, like on upholstery and wood floors. The stages are designed like a rotary dial and you simply choose the power you want (with the appropriate floor type label included) to get started.

33-foot cleaning radius

When you clean, you might need to reach some high-up or faraway areas. The Miele S6270 has a long power cord so you don’t have to hurry about accidentally popping the plug out, as well as a telescopic, stainless wand that can reach up to the ceiling or on stairs. All together, that gives you a 33-foot cleaning radius, which is more than enough for most rooms.

Air-Clean Filter and Sealed System

Your home has a lot of hidden dangers. You can’t see them, but they’re there. Most of them live in dust, pet hair, and pollen, so when you vacuum, you want to be sure you aren’t just stirring up a storm of allergens. The AirClean Sealed System has a 99.9% success rate of containing these pests while the Auto-Seal Closing FilterBag locks everything in so when you dispose of the bag, nothing comes flying out.


Easy floor transitions

Vacuuming both smooth floors and carpet is a breeze with the Quartz’s suction system, and also the combination AllTeQ switch. This allows you to simply flip a switch for carpets, rugs, and smooth floors, further enhancing your vacuum’s ability to clean a variety of surfaces.


The Quartz has three useful attachments included on the VarioClip. With the dusting brush, upholstery tool, and crevice nozzle, you clean everything in your home, from the couch, to under the fridge, to the marble flooring in the bathroom.

Quieter than other vacuums

A unique feature of the Quartz is that it is surprisingly quiet. This makes it ideal for you if you have nervous pets who are terrified of the vacuum, or want to vacuum when your kids are asleep. While it isn’t silent, it is still much quieter than most vacuums.


Not great for thicker carpet

The biggest weakness is that the vacuum really does not do a good job with thick carpet. It doesn’t have a power nozzle, so if you have lots of thick carpet in your house, you’d be disappointed. However, if your carpet is standard low-pile, the vacuum’s suction and tools are enough to get a really deep clean.

Overall Review

This vacuum does what it says it does: it cleans smooth floors and low-pile carpet. It’s quiet and offers a lot of control over suction settings, so you can safely clean everything from hardwood floors to your couch. It also has a filter to deal with air quality, so when you vacuum with the Miele S6270 Quartz, your house gets a complete clean.