MC-CG937 OptiFlow Canister Vacuum Cleaner
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Powerful vacuum with OptiFlow technology designed for smooth and carpeted floors

The Panasonic MC-CG937 OptiFlow is a multi-floor, bagged vacuum with 12 amps of power. It works to keep the vacuuming process as hygienic as possible without sacrificing suction. It also comes with a handful of attachments for precise, detailed cleaning on all kinds of floors and upholstery.

OptiFlow and HEPA filter

A big part of the vacuum’s cleanliness comes from the OptiFlow technology and HEPA filter. The OptiFlow ensures there will always be a strong flow of air through the bag as you vacuum up dirt and what not. The HEPA filter (which clears the air of up to 99.97% of allergens) sits behind the bag and makes sure that only clean air comes back out of the vacuum.

Variable power control

As you vacuum, you sometimes need to change power settings for more delicate cleaning (like curtains) or more powerful (deep-pile carpets). With the Panasonic MC-CG93, you have variable power control and can reduce or increase the vacuum’s suction based on what you’re cleaning. Conveniently located on the handle, you can adjust easily whenever you need to.

Handy on-board tools

When you’re switching up your cleaning style, it also helps to have cleaning tools like brushes and so on. On the OptiFlow, you can disconnect a telescopic wand from the vacuum’s power nozzle to extend your reach up walls or in corners, or select the floor brush, dusting and upholstery brush, or crevice tool.


Easy use

One of the OptiFlow’s biggest strengths is just how easy it is to use. The hose has a specially-designed swivel so you can rotate it 360 degrees without tangling, freeing you to clean at any angle. The mouth of the hose nozzle is also 14 inches, wider than many other nozzles, so you can suck up more debris at once and clean faster.


Combining the HEPA filter for allergens with a bag designed to not clog, your health is in good hands with the Panasonic. A lot of vacuums with HEPA are also bagless, which concerns some people who don’t want to be exposed at all to the debris when they open the dust cup. With everything sealed in a bag, you don’t have to deal with the dirt.


Having the power to control your vacuum’s suction really frees you up in terms of what and where you can clean. With a delicate setting, you can work on scratch-prone floors and tiles, and with a stronger one, you can tackle embedded dirt and hair in carpets. Having tools lets you clean inside furniture, beneath beds, on walls, on ceilings…anywhere you can imagine. Versatility is a very important feature in a vacuum.



One of the problems with the OptiFlow Canister is that it is pretty heavy for a smaller vacuum. This makes it trickier to carry around up and down stairs, or when you have to hold it and clean. However, because of the extension wand, you may not have to drag it to clean stairs or ceilings very often.

Hard to find bags

For some reason, the Panasonic doesn’t use the kinds of bags that a lot of other vacuums use, so finding replacements is hard. This can be a pain when you realize you’re out and can’t vacuum until you track down new ones. To handle this problem, buy a lot of bags at once and remember where you can find them so you aren’t searching for a new retail every time.

Overall Review

The OptiFlow seems to be designed with carpets specifically in mind. With a strong suction of 12 amps and a power nozzle, you can really get down and dirty with thicker carpets than with other vacuums. It’s also very easy to use, health-friendly, and gives you the option of switching to more delicate suction settings. If you want to clean every part of your home with your vacuum (furniture included), the OptiFlow is a great choice.