BISSELL 36Z9 DeepClean Review
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Carpet cleaner designed for pet owners with PowerBrushes, Heatwave technology, and lots of extras

If you own a pet that creates a lot of stains, the Bissell 36Z9 DeepClean was designed with you in mind. It boasts 12 rows of PowerBrushes that pull out debris from thick carpet and Heatwave technology, which keeps hot water at a great temperature for dissolving grime. For pet-specific messes, the included extras are perfect, like the pet hair collection basket and Stain Trapper tool.


When it comes to cleaning carpets, a good cleaner needs excellent brushes to work up the embedded grime. The 36Z9 DeepClean has 12 rows of PowerBrushes with dual-rotation, so they are more effective at pulling up dirt from every fiber.

Heatwave technology

After filling the clean water tank with hot water, the Heatwave technology keeps this water at a consistent temperature so you can take full advantage of the grime-dissolving power of hot water. The technology works by diverting hot air from the motor into the tank.

Cleanshot trigger

For really bad stains like spilled wine or pet urine, the Cleanshot trigger allows you to shoot detergent and water right at the stain for more effective spot cleaning. You don’t have to clean around the stain, you can target it head-on and save time and energy.


Extra tools

The Bissell 36Z9 comes with a lot of tools. For cleaning up after pets, you get the pet hair collection basket which makes trapping and throwing away pet hair easy, and a Stain Trapper, which keeps pet messes (like dog poop) out of the machine. Other extras include a DuraStrength nozzle and a trial size sample of 2X Pet Stain and Odor formula.

Clean edges and around furniture

For cleaning in more narrow spaces like right up against walls and around furniture, you can use the EdgeSweep. You don’t have to miss any spots or take all the furniture out of a room in order to use the carpet cleaner, so clean-up is faster and more convenient.

Big water tank

The water tank is really big (1.25 gallons), so you don’t have to refill or empty it that often. This is ideal for large houses with lots of carpets, where you might have to refill halfway through a big cleaning sessions if you were using a smaller cleaner.


Messy to empty

This Bissell has one water tank for both clean and dirty water. They are separated by a bladder system, but it can be difficult to empty the tank out without getting water everywhere. There’s also more probability that dirty water might get into the clean water. Thankfully, the bladder system on the Bissell is very sturdy, so leaking is unlikely. Also, with less frequent emptying, you don’t have to worry about trying to not spill water everywhere that often. Just be sure to place the whole tank over the sink to avoid spills.

Overall Review

The BISSELL 36Z9 DeepClean Deluxe Pet Full Sized Carpet Cleaner is ideal if you own messy pets. Features like a Stain Trapper, pet hair basket, and targeted Cleanshot trigger for detergent make cleaning up after pets effective and easy. 12 rows of PowerBrushes work up both pet messes and regular dirt-and-grime, so even if your pets aren’t overly messy, you can still see great results in more general carpet cleaning.