BISSELL 47A23 Proheat 2X
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Two-tank carpet cleaner with 7 amps, 10 cleaning rows, and Heatwave technology

As a smaller-amped carpet cleaner, this Bissell is also more affordable, but still provides a very effective deep clean for your carpets, stairs, and upholstery. It has 10 rows of PowerBrushes that work to loosen dirt, and with the water kept warm by the cleaner’s Heatwave technology, the dirt is quickly dissolved. The Bissell also features a long cord and attachments, so you have more cleaning freedom.

7-amp motor

Seven amps is less than some other upright carpet cleaners, but they are also significantly more expensive. For just a three-four amp difference, that price difference isn’t necessarily justified. This carpet cleaner is still able to clean on a deep level and powers very effective brushes.


The 47A23’s brushes are dual-rotating PowerBrushes, which are very stiff and designed in a way to get deep and all-around carpet fibers for a complete clean. There are ten rows on this carpet cleaner.

Heatwave technology

Hot water is more effective than lukewarm water at dissolving dirt and grime. The Heatwave technology on the Bissell keeps hot tap water warm by redirecting motor heat into the tank. Though there will be some cooldown, the water is still hot enough to be effective.


Big 2-in-1tank

Though it has its problems (which will be discussed in the “Weaknesses” section), 2-in-1 tanks do have their advantages. This tank in particular is very large, so you don’t have to empty or refill it that often, and single tanks mean one less tank to carry around.

Superior suction

The Bissell 47A23 has Surround suction, which helps the cleaner dry carpet faster and more evenly. Drying the carpet is often the hardest and longest part of the cleaning process, so having a feature specifically to speed it up is convenient.

Cleaning flexibility

You have a wide cleaning radius and flexibility with this cleaner. The power cord is 22-feet long, and you get a long hose and upholstery tools, so you can clean stairs, couches, and other non-floor surfaces that need deep cleaning.


No rinse mode

There is no rinse mode on this carpet cleaner, which means you need to empty the clean water/shampoo bladder to get just water to rinse. It is recommended that you rinse your carpets so no soap residue is left behind.

Tank issues

Whether the 2-in-1 tank is exclusively a strength or weakness depends on you. Some of the disadvantages of the bladder system is it is often less hygienic and messier, since you usually have to empty both tanks at once even if only one is full.

Overall Review

Whether you’re cleaning carpet, stairs, or furniture, the Bissell 47A23 ProHeat 2X Premier Carpet Cleaner has the necessary tools. The 2-in-1 tank system (which uses bladders to separate dirty and clean water) has the advantage of being large and allowing you to only empty one tank at a time, but it does tend to be messier and less convenient for many people. Depending on your tastes, you might want to go with a 2-tank system, though those can be more expensive. For positives, the cleaner comes with a long cord, long hose, and tools so you have more cleaning versatility, and the ten rows of PowerBrushes combined with water really work out dirt and grime. The Heatwave technology, while not a heater, does keep hot tap water at a high temperature for more effective cleaning.