DeepClean Essential Carpet 8852
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Deep-cleaning, hot-water carpet cleaner with a superior brush, Heatwave technology, and extra tools

Using the power of hot water and a fantastic brush, the BISSELL 8852 DeepClean tackles stains and grime that discolor and dirty your carpet. The DirtLifter PowerBrush uses multiple rows of stiff bristles to agitate even the most embedded dirt, and the hot water helps dissolve the grime for a superior clean. Also included with this cleaner are tools especially designed for edges and stairs, so you can clean every inch of your carpet.

DirtLifter PowerBrush

A key part of a good carpet cleaner is an excellent brush. Brushes are responsible for working up the dirt and other dried stains that hot water can then dissolve easier. The BISSELL 8852 has a DirtLifter PowerBrush, which is made of 6 rows of bristles that dig deep into the thickest carpet to work out grime.

Heatwave technology

All carpet cleaners use water. The Bissell uses water kept warm using Heatwave technology which helps keep hot tap water at its optimal temperature as you clean. The cleaner does not actively heat the water in any way. Hot air from the motor is used to keep the water warm.

Large tank

The tank where the water resides is very large and does not require frequent refilling. It holds a gallon of hot, clean water and in a separate bladder, the dirty waste water. The tank essentially performs like a 2-in-1 tank and makes the cleaner more convenient.


Extra tools

The included extra tools make the 8852 more versatile and allows you to clean every inch of your carpet, even stairs and narrow edges. The Stair tool and EdgeSweep brushes make cleaning your stairs and carpet around baseboards and furniture simple.

Bissell formulas included for better clean

For soap and freshness, you get a Bissell DeepClean, and a Refresh + Febreeze Freshness formula when you buy this Bissell. You release these formulas using a pressurized spray trigger, improving the cleaner’s ability to clean up dirt and freshening your carpets.

Wide cleaning radius

The cleaner has a 22-inch cord, which means you have lots of space to play with when you clean. Going up stairs and working around furniture is easier with a long cord, and it’s especially useful if you have an older house that doesn’t have a lot of outlets.


No pet tools

The main downside to the 8852 DeepClean is that it doesn’t have tools designed specifically for pet owners. Carpets really clogged with cat or dog hair might be trickier, but the Bissell is equipped to handle pet stains, so even though it isn’t labeled as pet carpet cleaner, it can still do a pretty decent job.

Overall Review

The BISSELL 8852 DeepClean Essential full-sized carpet cleaner uses a 6-rowed PowerBrush, a big tank of water kept warm by the cleaner’s motor, and a combination of extra tools and formula to clean the filthiest carpets out there. Carpets that are matted with pet hair will probably need to be thoroughly vacuumed with a vacuum designed for pet owners, but pet stains shouldn’t be a problem for the 8852.