Surge SteamVac Cleaner
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Powerful, two-tank carpet cleaner with 3 SpinScrub brushroll speeds, fast-drying, and a compact design

With 12 amps, the Hoover F5914900 is one of the more powerful carpet cleaners you can get. This high amperage results in superior drying as well as fast-spinning brushes that are able to work out deeply-embedded dirt. The SpinScrub system on the cleaner adds effectiveness as well. For more convenience, this Hoover is lighter and more compact than many similar models, so you can clean faster and store it anywhere.

12-amp motor

The motor on the F5914900 is comparable to the horsepower on the Rug Doctor, but in a more affordable package. The 12 amps comes with three optional modes – one for normal cleaning, one for more gentle scrubbing, and one for picking up spills without the brushroll.

SpinScrub technology

The brushes on the cleaner are SpinScrub, which mean they move in multiple directions and spin instead of roll on your carpets. There are five of these brushes, and they are able to surround every carpet thread for more thorough dirt-removal on the floor or upholstery.

Two-tank system

The Hoover uses two tanks that separate the clean water from the dirty. This gives you more control over emptying and refilling than if the cleaner used a one tank system with a bladder that separated the water. Generally, two-tank systems are more hygienic and less messy.


Extra stain removal tool

One of the best features on the F5914900 is the Clean Surge feature. This clearly-labeled trigger shoots out an extra amount of detergent on especially difficult stains, so you can clean more effectively on really bad areas.


For all its power, the carpet cleaner is relatively compact. It weighs about 20 pounds and maneuvers well, and is also convenient to take up stairs when necessary. Its compact design also makes it easier to store.

Fast drying features

The Hoover has several features in place to speed up the drying process. The 12 amps help create very powerful suction that pulls up water very effectively, and the cleaner is also designed to navigate the heated air from the motor through the nozzle, so the carpet dries faster.


Water and detergent not separate

The main downside to this carpet cleaner is that the water and detergent tanks are not separated in any way. This means if you want to use detergent and water to clean your carpet, and then rinse them, you need to empty the tank and then refill it again with just water. This is an inconvenient step that can add more time to your chores.

Overall Review

With a comparable amount of power to much more expensive carpet cleaners, the Hoover F5914900 SteamVac Carpet Cleaner uses powerful, three-speed SpinScrub brush technology that work out the most embedded dirt from your carpet, as well as fast-drying features like strong suction and heated air. Though you do have to empty out your tank with detergent in order to get water for rinsing, having a step with detergent is especially useful because of the Clean Surge trigger spray which helps work out really difficult stains.