751109690998 Dual Carpet Cleaner
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12-amp carpet cleaner with SpinScrub technology, two water tanks, and quick drying

The Hoover F7412900 is one of the more powerful carpet cleaners out there, with the 12 amps combining with SpinScrub technology for superior dirt-removing results. Two tanks – one for clean and the other for dirty – round out the construction of the cleaner and provide more convenience when it comes to emptying and refilling. When you’ve scrubbed your carpets as clean as new, features like direct heated air and a Dual V nozzle help speed up the drying process.

12-amp motor

The Hoover uses a 12-amp motor, which puts it on par with some of the more expensive carpet cleaner brands, like Rug Doctor. Having such a high amperage helps with both cleaning power and drying, so you’ll see results from start to finish. The motor powers three cleaning modes: power scrub, gentle, and spill pick-up.

SpinScrub technology

The motor powers the brushes, which on the Hoover, are very impressive. SpinScrub technology, with six brushes instead of the usual five, provides up to 20% more cleaning effectiveness with its multi-directional spinning brushes. This motion is better at agitating embedded dirt from every carpet fiber for a full clean.

Separate clean/dirty water tanks

Instead of a 1 tank with a bladder system for separation, the Hoover Max Extract uses a two tanks for clean and dirty water. There’s no risk of dirty water getting into the clean tank, and emptying out either tank is more convenient. The clean water tank holds about 1 gallon for longer cleaning sessions.


Superior detergent system

To get out really bad stains, you should use detergent. The Hoover F7412900 is great for this, because it has an automatic detergent mixing system that gives you the ideal ratio of detergent and water (no measuring required), and a separate area for the detergent so you can use just water for rinsing if you want. This saves you the step of having to empty out the tank filled with soapy water before rinsing down your carpets.

Quick drying

Carpet cleaners often soak your carpets and you have to wait a day or more for them to dry, even after sucking up the water. This Hoover uses direct heated air while you are using the nozzle to pull up the water, so the drying process is faster. The high amperage helps a lot here too, and the special Dual V nozzle has a wide mouth that pulls up more water faster.

Included Hand Power tool

For cleaning your furniture, you get the SpinScrub Hand Power tool which has the same SpinScrub action as the cleaner’s regular bristles, so you can deep-clean upholstery and stairs.


A bit pricey

There are other 12 amp carpet cleaners that cost less than this Hoover. However, this carpet cleaner boasts a wide cleaning path so you can clean faster, which is definitely an advantage. It’s also still more affordable than a lot of other upright carpet cleaners, so it won’t break the bank.

Overall Review

The high-amp, SpinScrub-tech Hoover F7412900 Max Extract Dual V WidePath carpet cleaner uses its power and scrubbing action to speed up the carpet-cleaning process from cleaning to drying. The impressive SpinScrub brushes (6 instead of 5) offer a wider cleaning path that works every fiber of the carpet, while the 12 amps provides great suction for drying. A fantastic detergent mixing system negates the need for any mixing or measuring on your part, so getting hard stains out is hassle-free.