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10-amp Hoover carpet cleaner with SpinScrub tech, MaxExtract nozzle, and pressurized water jet

The FH50220 has many of the carpet-cleaner features you would expect from the Hoover brand, like power and SpinScrub technology, which consists of counter-rotating brushes that are more effective at cleaning away dirt. Also included in this model are a MaxExtract nozzle which sucks up water fast, and a pressurized water jet which works on deep stains that the brushes can’t quite clean up.

10-amp motor

With 10 amps, this Hoover is a little less powerful than comparable carpet cleaners, but is still able to provide sufficient amperage to the brushes and nozzle, resulting in great suction and faster cleaning and drying times.

SpinScrub brushes

The SpinScrub technology on this carpet cleaner uses six rows instead of five, so you get up to 20% more cleaning coverage than the five-brush model. This results in faster cleaning without losing that SpinScrub-style of surrounding every carpet fiber and extracting embedded dirt.

MaxExtract Dual V nozzle

For picking up all that loosened dirt and water, you have the Dual V nozzle. This nozzle has a 13-inch mouth, which is wider than many other carpet cleaner nozzles, and is able to quickly suck up water and dirt so your carpets are totally clean and dry.


Pressurized jet for stains

When you come across stains that the brushes alone can’t seem to handle – like pet urine, wine, and so on – the pressurized water jet attacks the stain with a wall of water for deeper cleaning.

Has a rinse mode

With a rinse mode, you can quickly clean up the cleaning solution you’ve used without having to empty and refill your water tank. Using the rinse mode gets off any dried soap that might hurt pets or kids, and leaves your carpets completely fresh.

Automatic detergent mixing

You don’t have to worry about mixing and measuring soap with this Hoover. It has an automatic detergent system that provides the correct amount of detergent per water level, so you don’t have to experiment to see how much soap is most effective.


No brush speed options

The Hoover FH50220 does not have multiple brush head speeds. This means you can’t choose between a gentler brush mode for lighter stains and a more powerful one for hard jobs. It just reduces the machine’s overall versatility, though having the pressurized water jet is functioning as a more powerful scrub mode.


This Hoover is more expensive than other uprights, and lacking some options, like the brush speeds and hand tools. The advantage to paying more for a machine like this is if you don’t want to mess with modes and attachment, and just want a really effective, simple carpet cleaner that can handle floor stains.

Overall Review

Without multiple brush speeds or hand tools, the Hoover FH50220 Hoover FH50220 Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro carpet deep cleaner can seem like it’s too expensive for its own good, but it does come with a wider cleaning path thanks to the six SpinScrub rows instead of five, a rinsing mode, pressurized water jet for stains, and automatic detergent mixing. Combined with the 10 amps and wide nozzle for faster drying, this is actually a very robust carpet cleaner that has all the essentials and does them well.