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Multi-purpose deep cleaner with SpinScrub technology, two tanks, and fast, effective cleaning

Effective on both carpet and hard floors, the Hoover FH50240 Max Extract has advanced SpinScrub technology complete with scrub modes for light and heavy carpet-cleaning jobs, as well as two tanks for clean water and the waste water. Features like an Auto Rinse help make the whole cleaning process convenient, so cleaning your carpets and hard floors isn’t an all-day, back-breaking chore.

SpinScrub technology

The SpinScrub technology on this multi-purpose cleaner consists of 77 counter-rotating brushes that tackle deeply-embedded grime in your carpet. You have the option to choose from different settings depending on the difficulty of the job: Gentle Scrub, Power Scrub, and Spill Pick-up (more on that later).

Smart Tanks system

The Smart Tanks system design is a two-tank system, so you have separate tanks for your hot and wastewater. This gives you more flexibility about when you choose to refill the clean water tank versus emptying and rinsing the waste water one. There’s also less chance of the waters mixing like in 2-in-1 tanks that use a bladder system.

MaxExtract Dual V nozzle

The nozzle on the cleaner is especially impressive. It has a wide, double-chambered mouth that is able to evenly suck up dirt water on both carpet and hard floors for faster drying.



In addition to the fast-sucking nozzle, the Hoover FH50240 has two features that really help speed up the cleaning process. The AutoRinse works when you are using detergent; the detergent comes out when you move the cleaner forward, and water automatically comes out on the backwards stroke for rinsing. The CleanSurge allows you to squirt out extra detergent on especially stained areas so you can more effectively get those harder areas cleaned quickly.


The Hoover FH50240 is very versatile and works on both carpets, couches, and every kind of hard floor from sealed wood to tiles. You get adjustable speed control depending on the surface you’re working on, and the Spill Pick-up mode lets you clean up spilled liquids without rubbing it into anything.

Fast drying

The motor has forced heated air, which is used to help dry your surfaces once they’ve been rinsed. Hot hair is more effective, so drying everything out is fast and you can get back to the rest of your day without dealing with soggy carpet.


Rinsing a bit sloppy

When the cleaner is rinsing, the water kind of flies around everywhere, so there’s a lot of water, resulting in especially wet carpet. Using the nozzle to pull up the water can be tricky and take a while as a result. However, the hot air from the motor does help speed up the drying process, which is something to bear in mind.

Overall Review

Most of the cleaning features on the Hoover FH50240 Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Carpet & Hard Floor Deep Cleaner might appear to be exclusive for cleaning carpets (like the SpinScrub brushes), but that’s just because carpets do tend to be more difficult to clean. There are lots of ways the Hoover Max Extract is also effective on hard surfaces, like the Spill Pick-up mode, nozzle, and adjustable brush speeds for different surfaces. Whether you have lots of carpet and few hard floors, the other way around, or you’re about even, this cleaner is able to handle stains and dirt on all of them.