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Full-service carpet cleaner with SpinScrub technology, convenient features, and lightweight design

The Hoover FH50150 Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer completes the whole cleaning process using tools like a dual nozzle and SpinScrub technology, which has extremely effective counter-rotating spinning brushes to agitate dirt and grime. Cleaning is simple and easy with this cleaner, and includes convenient features like a quick-pour spout on the tank and a long power cord. The cleaner’s lightweight design also adds to its user-friendliness.

SpinScrub technology

The FH50150’s SpinScrub technology is exclusive to the Hoover brand and consists of multiple, counter-rotating brushes that spin at 360 degrees. This allows the bristles to completely surround each carpet fiber for complete, thorough cleaning.

Dual V nozzle

The nozzle on the carpet cleaner is responsible for pulling up water following the rinsing process. This isn’t a vacuum, but it functions the same way in that it’s pulling up dirty wastewater, leaving the carpet clean. The nozzle has a wide mouth for a bigger cleaning radius and uses forced heated air as well as superior suction to speed up the drying process.

Two-tank system

Unlike 2-in-1 tanks that separate the clean water from dirty with a bladder system, the Hoover uses two tanks. The wastewater tank has a quick-pour spout so getting rid of the dirty water is easy and doesn’t result in a big mess. Rinsing, filling, or emptying the two tanks separately from each other makes the whole process more convenient.


Simplifies the whole cleaning process

Using the Hoover Power Scrub is easy even if you’ve never used a carpet cleaner before. You just wash the carpets with clean water and soap (which is released directly from the cleaner itself), rinse with water, and then use the nozzle to pull the dirty water up. For more convenience, the cleaner also has automatic detergent mixing.


A lot of carpet cleaners can be really heavy and hard to use on stairs and multiple floors. This Hoover is relatively lightweight at about 18 pounds. Carrying it up a flight of stairs and then setting it down to clean won’t be too difficult, and since it’s smaller, storage won’t be a problem either.

Wide cleaning radius

The cleaning radius on this carpet cleaner is pretty good. The cord is 20 feet, which isn’t as long as some other cleaners, but the hose is really long at about 8 feet. This gives you a wide cleaning radius so you don’t have to be constantly moving the cleaner from outlet to outlet. You can extend your radius even further by using an extension cord if necessary.


Frequent emptying/filling

Since the Hoover is smaller, it means the tank is smaller as well, so you have to refill and empty pretty frequently. If you have a lot of carpet, this can get annoying and add time to the cleaning process. However, if you have a smaller house or even an apartment, you can get in a few cleaning sessions before you have to refill the clean water tank. For hygiene reasons, it’s best to empty the dirty water tank after each session, even if it isn’t full.

Wet carpet

The nozzle/forced hot air system doesn’t work very well on this cleaner. You might be left with soggy carpet which isn’t pleasant. If you’re left with a lot of water, you might have to spend more time with the nozzle, or try vacuuming over everything once with a separate machine once you’ve done.

Overall Review

The Hoover FH50150 Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer is a smaller-sized, but still very effective carpet cleaner. It uses Hoover-exclusive SpinScrub technology, which means the multiple rows of brushes spin – instead of roll – over the carpet fibers at 360 degrees for more thorough cleaning. A two-tank system separates out the clean water from the wastewater for simple refilling and emptying, while the lightweight design and long cord and hose make mobility more convenient. If you have a large house with lots of carpet, you might find yourself going to the sink pretty frequently to empty and refill, but if you don’t, this is a great size for an effective carpet washer.