Pro X3 Pet Pack
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Powerful, heavy-duty carpet cleaner with a vibrating brush, two tanks, and pet-specific tools

If you’re in the market for a more heavy-duty carpet cleaning than the cheaper options out there, the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack is a great option. It has a very powerful motor that controls the patented vibrating brush technology. These brushes are very effective at working out deeply-embedded grime from thick carpets. For more convenience, the Rug Doctor also uses a two-tank system for its clean and dirty water, which makes refilling and emptying easier. If you own pets, you’ll be very pleased with the included tools, like the 40-ounce bottle of Pet Formula carpet cleaner.

1.74HP motor

The motor on the Rug Doctor is very impressive. It has a 1.74HP motor and a 28 PSI power pump, which results in more effective stain-and-dirt removal. A strong motor and pump also mean a longer lifespan, so you can expect this carpet cleaner to last for years to come.

Vibrating brush technology

That high-HP motor powers the vibrating brush technology on the cleaner. The brushes shake all kinds of dust and grime loose from every fiber, even the most deeply-embedded dirt in the thickest carpet for cleaner carpets.

Two-tank system

The Rug Doctor uses a two-tank system – one tank for clean water and the other for wastewater. This separation makes them easier to empty and refill than 1-tank systems that use bladder systems for separation. With two tank, it’s much more convenient to refill one and empty the other, or just refill and leave the wastewater for later.


Uses hot water

For more effective dirt-dissolving, the water tank for clean water can be filled with hot water. The tank will keep the heat insulated so when you’re ready to use the water, it will still be warm and able to more effectively dissolve dirt and grime from your carpets.

Included tools

For more versatile cleaning, the Rug Doctor includes three extra tools, including an upholstery/stair tool. You can deep-clean your couches, rugs, armchairs, and stairs just as thoroughly as you do your carpets. For pet messes, you get a 40-ounce bottle for Pet Formula and a 17-ounce bottle of Urine Eliminator Trigger spray.

Adjustable handle

For your comfort and convenience, you can adjust the handle based on your height so using the carpet cleaner is as comfortable as possible. You can also fold it down when you’re ready to store it.



This carpet cleaner is significantly more expensive than upright cleaners and may be too pricey for many families. However, if you clean houses for a living, or have really bad carpets that you want to thoroughly clean before a move, this is the sort of carpet cleaner you’ll have to use. It’s more powerful and effective than cheaper models, and will last a long time, so it beats having to shell out more money to replace a cheaper, less durable carpet cleaner only a few years down the line.


Another downside is that the Rug Doctor Mighty is very heavy. It weighs 39 pounds and is pretty difficult to take up the stairs. However, it does have wheels, so moving it on a single level is relatively easy. It’s just stairs you’ll have to prepare yourself for.

Overall Review

Overall, the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 Pet Pack is several steps above more affordable upright carpet cleaners in terms of effectiveness. It has a very powerful motor and pump for a superior lifespan and dirt-agitation, and comes with a two-tank system that can use hot water. If you have pets, you get a large amount of pet-specific cleaning solutions so even notoriously difficult stains like cat pee are cleanable with the Rug Doctor. It costs a lot and is heavy, but that’s the way it is with more professional-quality carpet cleaners, and they do last longer, so that’s something to think about.