ZZ900 Sonic Hard
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Smooth-moving, carpet-and-hard floor cleaner with lots of included tools

For those with both hard and carpeted floors, the Shark ZZ900 encompasses the best of both worlds. It has two simple scrub modes for hard floors or carpet, and exceptionally-smooth maneuverability that makes using this cleaner a breeze. It also comes with loads of necessary extras like cleaning pads and solutions so you’re all set to make the most out of your cleaner the minute it arrives.

2 scrub modes

This Shark carpet cleaner comes with just two scrub modes – one for carpets and one for hard floors. This makes the cleaner extremely easy to use and also effective. Each mode gives out 1000 scrubs per minute for versatile and powerful cleaning, whether it’s on deep-pile carpet or tile.

AirGlide maneuverability

Many carpet cleaners are difficult to maneuver for a variety of reasons. The AirGlide maneuverability technology on the Shark includes swivel steering so you glide smoothly around obstacles like furniture. The ZZ900 is also extremely lightweight at only 9 pounds, so you can carry it upstairs with no trouble.

Washable cleaning pads

To protect both hard floors and carpet, cleaning pads are often necessary. The Shark Sonic Duo comes with a full set of color-coded pads that include 2 hard floor pads (Green), 1 carpet-and-rug pad (Purple), 1 hard floor polishing pad (Orange), and 1 scrub’n stain removal pad (Purple). The pads are all washable, so you can get twenty or so uses out of them.


Comes with cleaning solutions

In addition to the cleaning pads, you also get a full arsenal of cleaning solutions when you choose to buy this Shark. You get a 12-ounce hard floor cleaner solution, 16-ounce hard floor polish (for wood), a 12-ounce no rinse carpet shampoo, and a 10-ounce activating pre-treat carpet stain and odor remover.

Has headlights

For more effective stain removal, the ZZ900 is equipped with headlights. Even with the lights on, seeing stains can be tricky and you can often miss especially difficult ones as you clean. With the headlights, your cleaning path is completely illuminated so you can see any discoloration from dirt, pets, and so on.

Wide cleaning radius

The cord on the Shark is very long. It’s 35 feet and gives you a big cleaning radius for more flexibility and convenience. You don’t have to switch outlets all the time or use an extension cord for smaller rooms.


Have to vacuum afterwards

The main downside to this Shark cleaner is that you have to vacuum after you’re used the solution on carpet. This adds another step to the cleaning process, which not every carpet cleaner requires. However, if you forget every now and then, it’s not like leaving the solution in the carpet is dangerous; all the products are non-toxic and safe for pets and kids.

Overall Review

With it simple two-scrub mode design and included cleaning pads and solutions, the Shark ZZ900 Sonic Duo DELUXE carpet & hard floor cleaner comes ready to use right out of the box. It is exceptionally light and easy to move on both carpet and hard floors, so cleaning will go by very quickly and without any strain on your body. You do have to vacuum after you’ve used the solution on carpet, but this only takes a few minutes and leaves your carpet totally clean and fresh.