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Moderately-priced, Durable Hibachi

The Lodge L410 is a mid-price hibachi grill that is perfect for anyone with little space for storage, or someone who enjoys hibachi grilling but wants a sturdier model. It features cast-iron grates and construction, two adjustable heights, and a draft door for controlling temperature. It is a heavier model, but still very compact.

Hibachi-style grill

As a hibachi-style grill, the Lodge L410 is small and lies low to the ground; it is best used for thin, quick-cooking foods made in small quantities. Hibachi grills in general are more efficient than kettle or other styles of grills, but have their own unique grilling tips and tricks, so anyone trying a hibachi grill for the first time should do research in advance on how to get the most out of it.

Adjustable heights

The Lodge L410 has two optional heights to give you a more comfortable hibachi grilling experience.

Cast-iron grates

The cast-iron construction of this unit ensures that it is very durable and made of high-quality materials that will last a lifetime when properly cared for. Cast-iron grates also give you a uniquely flavorful and authentic grilling experience. However, you do need to take extra care to prevent rusting and degradation as opposed to steel or aluminum models. If you do not consistently wash these grates heavily, using a stiff nylon brush, after every use, they will rust and get covered in residue. You must also be sure to oil the grill regularly when not in use.

Not for indirect grilling

As with most hibachi grills, there is no cover for the Lodge L410, so you cannot do any smoking or indirect grilling. Some users have found independent covers that work for this model, but they are not sanctioned by the manufacturer, so use at your own risk.


Draft door

Many hibachi grills do not have additional vents, which makes it difficult to control the temperature when grilling. The Lodge L410 includes a draft door that acts as a vent and gives you more control over the grilling process, so you can cook food at lower or higher heats depending on what your particular needs are.

Compact size

This short, compact model is ideal for storing in a closet or other small space when not in use. Apartment dwellers or people with small homes and small yards, without garage space, will especially appreciate its small size.



At about 33 pounds, the Lodge L410 is too heavy to feasibly bring on an overnight hiking trip or even for hiking a small distance. It is best used for car camping or in your backyard.

Overall Review

For its price point, the Lodge L410 is one of the best hibachi style grills on the market today. While other models can boast portability, the Lodge L410 makes up for its weight by being supremely functional and well-made. It should last as long as you take care of it properly, and the draft door is an excellent function lacking in many similar models. It’s a great investment for its lifespan and its quality construction.