Weber 1401001 Performer Silver
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Higher-Priced Grill, Solid Performance

The Weber 1401001 is a higher-range grill that delivers a quality grilling experience for novices or masters alike. It has 363 square inches of cooking space, a built-in temperature gauge, foldable side table, and an enclosed ash catcher, as well as a self-contained lid catcher. It is suitable for most medium backyards and will perform admirably for cooking for a crowd.

Average cooking space

The Weber 1401001 has 363 square inches of cooking space, which is average for its price point and will please most users.


The Tuck-Away lid holder on this unit makes removing and replacing the lid easy throughout the grilling period. You simply slide the lid to the side when you need to check on your food or adjust charcoal, instead of having to hold it or lift it all the way up.


Foldable side table

The Weber 1401001 includes a side table that folds down for easy storage. This makes grilling easier, as you can keep condiments, tools, and other necessities within arm’s reach at all times. The fact that it folds down is especially nice, and saves a lot of space when you are done grilling and want to store the grill away. Its total dimensions are 42×28.5×39, making it a fine fit for a small to medium sized backyard. It also has a full-sized grate underneath for storage.

Enclosed ash catcher

The ash catcher on this model is fully enclosed, meaning that wind will not blow the ashes all over the place. This makes the One-Touch cleaning system built into most Weber grills even more helpful, as you can dump all of the ashes in one go without worrying about winding picking them up and creating a dust storm.

Temperature gauge on lid

The Weber 1401001 includes a built-in temperature gauge, which is an excellent feature that can make all the difference for some grillers. This saves you the discomfort of having to lift the lid and manually check the heat levels with your hand; not only will food cook faster when you can keep the lid down and not release heat, it also is safer and makes grilling a more pleasurable experience for the user.

Sturdy legs

Compared to grills of similar shape and size, the Weber 1401001 has a sturdy four-leg design that makes it easy to move around and comfortable to use.


Ash-catcher tricky to install

Many users report that the ash-catcher is difficult to attach to the device when first putting everything together. Once it has been installed, however, it is easy to take on or off for cleaning, so it is mostly the initial installation you have to worry about.

Overall Review

The Weber1401001 is one of the upper-range Weber models, but the added features are worth the investment. The side table and tray underneath make a big difference in your grilling experience, and the built-in temperature gauge is very useful. The enclosed ash-tray also makes a world of difference in terms of clean-up; in short, this model is ideal for anyone who wants a sturdier, more comfortable grill.